If you are in Mauritius and love adventure, you cannot return home without having water sports. Refreshing you thoroughly and energizing your soul, water sports will relieve you from all the stress.Here are the most popular watersports in Mauritius that deserve your attention:

Water Skiing

Believe us, there are not many water sports that provide the same levels of adrenaline rush as delivered by water skiing. Water skiing could initially seem challenging, but you will soon get the hang of it.The first thing that you need to do is stay upright on the skis and skim at the water's surface. Try it first when the water is calm, as that will be easier when compared to doing it on rough and choppy seas.Always wear a life jacket. Before you start, ensure you have some energy drinks with you because while it is much fun, water skiing is also quite exhausting. Two great places to do water skiing are Grand Baie and Trou d'eau Douce.


If you want to have immense fun, you need to try windsurfing. The best spots for windsurfing in Mauritius are in the Small Reef and Le Morne peninsula. If you are a beginner, sign up for a few classes to learn the basics of the sport before hitting the water.


Water sports in Mauritius are incomplete without snorkeling. Dive deep underwater and explore gorgeous coral reefs and various forms of marine life. Pte aux Piments, Ile aux Cerfs, Belle Mare, Blue Bay Marine Park, and Flic en Flac offer great snorkeling experiences.This reasonably easy water sport is super fun, and you can also take spectacular pictures with an underwater camera.


If you wish to glide across pristine lagoons, parasailing will thrill you for a lifetime. Go parasailing over the blue waters around Mauritius and discover the adventure that this water sport has to offer.The actual duration of the sport varies depending on the location, but usually, it is between five and fifteen minutes. The best places to go parasailing are Trou d'eau Douce, Grand Bay, and Ile aux Cerfs.

Scuba Diving

When you are holidaying in Mauritius, especially around the Cathedral dive site on the west coast or Ile Rhonde, going scuba diving is a must! Plunge into the sea and explore the abundant marine life, corals, and shipwrecks that make up the fascinating underwater scene.You do not need to be an expert to enjoy scuba diving, but make sure you go with accredited centers to ensure your safety is not compromised.

Underwater Scooter

This unconventional water sport is super exciting. While it is similar to scuba diving, diving into the water in an underwater scooter is much more comfortable. It is the perfect idea for a romantic yet adventurous date.Trou aux Biches and Grand Bay are the best sites for trying underwater scooters.

Cave Sea Kayaking

If you are not fond of adventurous water sports, cave sea kayaking is lovely. Cave sea kayaking is not a difficult water sport; you can take a single or double kayak.The sport will help you explore intriguing islets and sea caves. The cliffs of Albion off the west coast are a great place to start kayaking. From Point Aux Sable, you will see the beautiful basalt rock gardens.

Sea Hover

You can enjoy the joy of high-speed roller coasters while cruising over the ocean on a sea hover. While this water sport is moderate, it is recommended only for those who love the thrill of speed. You can ride a sea hover on Benitier's island, Flic en Flac, Le Morne, and La Balise Marina.

Deep Sea Fishing

Game fishing or deep sea fishing is an unusual water sport. Go for a fishing expedition and return with all the fish you have caught for dinner! The Grand Bay and the Black River are the prime locations for deep-sea fishing in Mauritius. The best season to go fishing is between September and April.

Underwater Sea Walk

Under the gorgeous sapphire waters of Mauritius, there is a whole world of marine life worth exploring. The best way to do this is to go for an underwater sea walk at a depth of around 3 to 4 meters. Walk along the sea bed and discover beautiful corals and shoals of tropical fish. All you need to do is wear a helmet with a transparent visor, and you are good to go. Grand Bay and Belle Mare are the ideal places for an underwater sea walk.

The Next Steps

Get ready and explore all the water sports that Mauritius has to offer! What is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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