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Get To Know About Portage Bay Cafe South Lake Union: Reviews, Pricing & Menu!

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The Portage Bay Cafe is located in Seattle, United States. The exact address of it is: 391 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States. Keep reading to find out more information on portage bay cafe south lake union!

Their tagline means serious business. It states – eat like you give a damn™, quite compelling. Isn’t it?

Their website states they promote local, organic and sustainable items.


The official website of Portage Bay Cafe South Lake Union states that they have been in business since 1997.

They are a busy and bright South Lake Union cafe that serves local, seasonal, and organic breakfast, lunch, and even brunch dishes.

Portage Bay  website

Their website interface is very easy to navigate. They have several options to select from, like: order online, home, locations, menu, reservations, large parties to go to, partners, jobs, shop, and gift cards.

  • Order Online – This option lets you choose the location for your order from their already available outlets, namely: South Lake Union, Sixty-Fifth, Roosevelt, and Ballard.
  • Home – Selecting this option shows their home page (which you see first upon opening their website). Currently, it also displays the message that they are opening a new branch in West Seattle on January 2023 as they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.
  • Locations – It shows the number of locations of theirs other than portage bay cafe south lake union.
  • Menu This option displays the portage bay cafe menu (the dishes that they offer).
  • Reservations – This option takes you to the OpenTable website, where you can reserve a table by first searching for vacancies on a particular date(the day you will be going there) and then providing your self details.
  • Large Parties To Go To – This option is for catering service. If you have a party at your house or some other suitable occasion where you might need to order large amounts of food, you can choose the service of portage bay cafe south lake union. They offer deliveries to the home.
  • Partners – This option shows the associated partners with Port Bay Cafe, which are mostly local people who deliver fresh ingredients to the cafe for the food to be prepared daily.
  • Jobs – This section is for people who want to work with them. Their website states that they are open for all positions.
  • Shop – This option lists all of their official merch that is available for people to buy online.
  • Gift Cards – You can even buy gift cards exclusive only to portage bay cafe south lake union shop and gift them to your friends or family members who love to frequent that place.


Portage Bay Cafe South Lake Union are open 7 days a week.

  • From Monday to Thursday, they are open from 8 AM to 1 PM.
  • From Friday to Sunday, they remain open from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Menu & Pricing

Menu & Pricing

The current menu of portage bay cafe south lake union for Autumn 2022 on their website shows :


Under Benedicts, there are :

  • Carnitas – $17.5
  • Seattle – $25
  • West Coast – $16
  • Dungeness Crab Cake – $25.5
  • Pepper Bacon – $16.5

So under Sandwiches & Bowls, there are :

  • The Breakfast Sandwich – $15
  • BLT & maybe a – $15
  • Farmer’s hash Bowl (v) (gf) – $15.5
  • Buddha Bowl (gf) (v) (v+) – $16
  • The Farmer’s Daughter (v+) (gf) – $16.5

Under House favorites of portage bay cafe south lake union, there are :

  • Migas (v) – $18
  • Shakshuka – $16.5
  • Mole Verde Burrito – $16
  • Huevos Rancheros (gf) (v) – $16
  • Biscuits & Gravy (v) – $16

So under Breakfast Bar, there are :

  • Swedish Pancakes (gf) (v) – $15.5
  • Pancakes (v) – $14.5
  • Pumpkin Pancakes (gf) (v) – $17
  • Vegan Pancakes (gf) (v+) – $17
  • French Toast V – $15.5
  • Gluten-Free French Toast (v) (gf) – $17
  • Oatmeal Cobbler French Toast (v) – $17.5

Under Omelets & Scrambles of portage bay cafe south lake union, there are:

  • Phil’s Breakfast (gf) – $14.5
  • Uli’s Spicy Scramble (gf) – $17
  • Joe’s Scramble – $16.5
  • Goat Cheese Omelette (v) (gf) – $15.5
  • Rancher’s Breakfast – $22.5

Under Grains, there are:

  • Granola and Yogurt (gf) – $10.5
  • Organic Steel Cut Oats (v+) (gf) (v) – $11.5



Under Beverages there, are:

  • Fresh Squeezed Juices from colombia Gorge – $4.25 / 5.75
  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite – $2.75
  • Fonte Coffee – $4
  • Espresso – $3.5
  • Fonte cold Brew – $4.75
  • Watson & Barnes Teas – $3.5
  • Pellegrino Sparkling Water 375ml – $3.5

Under Libations there, are:

  • Mimosas – $9 glass/ $38 pitcher
  • Cider – $6
  • Beer – $6



Under Sides of portage bay cafe south lake union, there are:

  • Honey Wheat Toast – $4
  • Gluten-Free Toast – $5
  • Side of the Stiebrs Organic Eggs – $5
  • Yukon Gold English Muffin – $4
  • Hills Pepper Bacon – $5.5
  • Herb- Roasted Organic Potatoes – $3
  • Rosemary Chicken,Uli’s Sausages or Maple Pork – $4
  • Side of Organic Berries alongwith whipped cream – $6
  • Side House-Made Salsa – $2.50
  • Side Organic House Salad – $4.50
  • Side Fresh Hollandaise – $2
  • Side Half Avocado – $3.5

For The Kids

Under For The Kids, there are:

  • The Mini Phil – $7
  • Kid’s Grains – $7
  • Kid’s French Toast – $7
  • Kid’s Pancake – $7
  • Kid’s Grilled Cheese$7


The following reviews have been taken from the Yelp site:

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How To Reach?

The South Lake Union location of Portage Bay Cafe Seattle is in the centre of Seattle’s tech and retail districts.

Portage Bay Cafe South Lake Union which is a short stroll from the city centre, provides convenient access to MOHAI on South Lake Union as well as pathways for a wander around the lake after breakfast.

Enjoy ingredients that are sustainably produced locally by PNW farmers and distributors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Is Portage Bay South Lake Union Rated?

Ans: The food over there is rated 4.5 stars, service – 4 stars, Value for money – 4 stars, and Atmosphere – 4 stars.

2. Does Portage Bay Cafe Offer Takeaway?

Ans: Yes, this particular cafe does provide takeaway services.

3. Is Portage Bay Cafe Currently Accepting Reservations?

Ans: Yes. One can make a reservation at this cafe by selecting the date, time, and party size on OpenTable.

4. Does The Portage Bay Cafe Offer Delivery?

Ans: Yes, the Portage Bay cafe does offer delivery services.

To Wrap It Up!

I hope the above-given details about Portage Bay Cafe South Lake Union gives some clarity into whether or not to choose their services.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful.

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