Fan of anything scary or spooky? You don’t have to wait for Halloween – and instead, just pack your stuff, and let’s hit the road for a spooktacular summer adventure. Ghost towns are the perfect holiday spot for anyone looking for a thrilling vacation, and we have the perfect destination in mind – Portlock Alaska, a remote village on the Kenai Peninsula’s southern tip.

But how did this remote village become a ghost town? Once upon a time, Portlock used to be a vibrant village, but now it is inhabited by a handful of rotting houses, and the entire village has somehow disappeared in the state. 

While the Aleut people have resided on the Kenai Peninsula’s southernmost tip for hundreds of years, nobody has literally established any settlement in the area near Portlock until the 1780s. It was a thriving area until everybody abandoned the area in 1950, with most locals moving to villages nearby.

Today, you will only spot a mine tunnel, rusted cannery equipment, and house pilings. So what happened here? 

Local history says a hairy creature assaulted and stalked the residents continuously, murdering people and leaving behind their bodies. This forced everyone to abandon the area. Stay tuned to read about the terrifying history of Portlock. 

The Arrival Of Big Foot In Portlock Alaska: What Happened?

The Arrival Of Big Foot In Portlock Alaska

The history of Portlock Alaska, is pretty interesting. If you look up ‘Portlock Alaska history’ on Google, then you are bound to come across Big Foot and the terrible tragedy surrounding this vibrant place in Alaska.

Portlock was a thriving, vibrant, and definitely active community known for its salmon canneries at the beginning of the twentieth century. The name of this place is inspired by Nathaniel Portlock, an English fur trader and naval captain.

It was believed that Nathaniel Portlock had come ashore here. However, there are some reports that mentioned how Nathaniel might have skipped Portlock and anchored upstream close to Cook Inlet.

Unfortunately, this is the only simple mystery to have plagued Portlock. Another mystery had such a haunting impact on the village that all its residents were either murdered or fled to save their lives.

So What Happened In Portlock?

So What Happened In Portlock

In the 1940s, Portlock Alaska, was waking up to multiple unexplained events, and that too very often – dismembered bodies in the lagoon, lady-in-black sightings, giant footprints (18 inches) in the snow, and disappearing dall sheep hunters. 

Alaska is considered to be Nantinaq or Sasquatch land, as Bigfoot is known locally in and around Portlock. This half-beast, half-man creature is blamed for nearly everything bad that happens to the whole community. The initial victims had wounds that made no suggestion of a bear attack. This was followed by stories about haunting events in the mine in Chrome and in Chatham Bay. 

By 1949, residents in Portlock had settled in villages close by, leaving behind only the postmaster to handle the threat. But by 1951, even the postmaster had given up, and the post office in the village was closed officially.  

Where Is Portlock Alaska?

Where Is Portlock Alaska

So, where is Portlock Alaska? Portlock is situated in the Port Chatham Bay. Approximately it is located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, 16 miles from the south of Seldovia. Seldovia is a small fishing town that is accessible by air or boat only. 

The closest city is Homar, located on Kachemak Bay. There is a ferry that you can take from Homer to go to Seldovia. Plus, a bush aircraft can also land on the beach in Portlock.

Can You Visit Portlock Alaska?

Can You Visit Portlock Alaska

Now the question is, does anyone still live in Portlock Alaska? Or rather, can you visit Portlock Alaska today? 

Not really – nobody as such lives in Portlock at the moment. Then how can you go to Portlock? It is definitely not easy. Portlock is beautiful but very remote. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the stories about Bigfoot – you are kinda alone here. In mid-summer, the weather is good, but it’s accompanied by heavy coastal rains. 

Before making any major decision, you can binge-watch this reality show that was recently filmed in Portlock – yep, we are talking about Alaskan Killer Bigfoot! 

The former residents of Portlock are mostly settled in the villages nearby, like Nanwalek and Port Graham. There is some talk of ongoing currency about reviving the village of Portlock. 

Then, does anybody live in Portlock Alaska? 

Even today, Potluck is mostly uninhabited. The remote town was simply dissolved as a census-designated area in the 80s and has not been talked about much since then. However, the village does get visitors occasionally. 

As per reports, in the 70s, a fisherman had to take refuge here during a storm, but something strange was walking around their camp on two feet. This terrified the fishermen, and they left as soon as possible. It’s been 70 years since the place became haunted by terrifying events, and to date, people say it’s going on when they visit the area. 

Visiting Portlock Alaska: A Guide

While Portlock remains largely inhabited even today, the place is not entirely inaccessible. It doesn’t matter how skeptical you might feel due to the unnerving reputation and remote location of the town. But like we just said – the place is somewhat accessible, and if you are up for it, why not?

Here are a few ways to visit Portlock in 2024!

  1. By Ferry:

You can easily take a ferry to Seldovia from Homer. This also includes Portlock in Alaska.

  1. By Bush Aircraft:

Yep! You can take a bush aircraft – LITERALLY, FOR REAL, right on Portlock’s beach.

  1. By Jet:

Of course, you can also fly to the outlying parks and villages in the area. 

  1. By Air Taxi:

You can opt for an air taxi to the wilderness lodges. 

The Portlock Alaska Murders: 15 Facts That Will Creep You Out

The Portlock Alaska Murders

The Portlock Alaska history is downright bone-chilling for anyone planning to visit here. Some of these stories are so creepy and terrifying. The tales all talk about a huge hairy beast, some small hairy devils moving around in packs, several unsolved murders, and the tale of a wailing spirit that wanders around in the wilderness. 

During the 1930s, peculiar stuff started happening in Portlock. A logger was out doing his normal duties when he was hit by logging equipment that could have never been carried by one person. He was discovered dead a few days later, only meters away from that equipment. 

Then there were some other mysterious murders that acted like a catalyst for a majority of locals, forcing them to flee and abandon the village. Here are some of the creepiest facts about the Portlock Alaska murders that will give you goosebumps. 

1. The First Victim Was A Lone Logger:

The Portlock Alaska murders started in the 1930s when the first victim was killed on the spot. Andrew Kamuck was doing his daily logging duties when something strange happened to him – he was hit by someone or something peculiar in the head. 

Andrew Kamuck was hit by a piece of logging equipment that was huge. It was believed that this equipment could have never been lifted by a single person. The mystery of Portlock was born here.

A huge piece of logging equipment hit Andrew Kamuck. It was believed that this equipment could have never been lifted by a single person. The mystery of Portlock was born here. 

2. Andrew Kamuck’s Head Was Bashed:

When locals reached the murder scene of Andrew Kamuck, the mystery was clear. What was more shocking was how Kamuck’s head was simply bashed by the huge logging equipment. This discovery led to so many more questions and had almost no answers for anyone. 

3. The Logger’s Body Was Discovered Only 10 Feet From The Equipment:

When the locals discovered Kamuck’s body, they were shocked. There was blood all over the equipment, and it was impossible to lift the equipment alone, let alone strike the logger with the same. What was more shocking was that the logger’s body was lying only ten feet from the equipment. 

This made it clear that the logger did not slip and fall down, hitting his head on the equipment in the process. It was obvious that someone had picked up the equipment first and then hit the logger with it. 

4. Locals Blamed Big Foot:

Fear started gripping the Portlock Alaska, locals. Only a decade ago, in the 1920s, another man was murdered by some mysterious creature. 

Fear had started gripping the local natives of Portlock Alaska. In the 1920s, there was a murder of a man by a mysterious creature. Several locals back then had balmed only one creature. This creature was described as a Yeti monster, a hairy Big Foot kinda creature also known as Nantiinaq.

5. The Lady In Black Could Have Also Been The Murderer:

Apart from Big Foot, locals did have another theory about the murderer. Some natives began blaming the spirit of a lady dressed in black for the Portlock Alaska murders.

As per legends, the lady had appeared from a cliff located above town, dressed in a long back dress that dragged behind her. This woman was described with a white face and an uncontrollable scream as well as a moan. 

6. The Man Who Received A Fatal Blow From A Mythical Creature:

During the 1920s, the locals heard a story about this man who received a dangerous blow from some mythical monster. This man was called Albert Petka, and it was believed that he was the first victim, even before the logger was killed. 

Apparently, he had scared off the creature with the help of his dogs. However, the creature was successful in giving him a fatal blow in the chest. 

7. Albert Died A Few Days After His Encounter With A Mythical Creature:

After receiving a fatal blow from a mythical creature, Albert did not actually die on the spot like the next victim did in the 1930s. Instead, Albert actually survived the blow and actually lived to tell the tale. However, after a few days, he died from the fatal blow. 

8. Hunters Found Giant Footprints And Blood Tracks:

After the lone logger was murdered, a bunch of hunters was busy stalking a moose when they came across something shocking. They were able to find huge footprints and dismissed the same as the footprints of some big animal.

But things turned a little shocking when they discovered how the footprints had destroyed tree branches and were accompanied by tracks of blood. However, there was no sign of the moose nor what really took it or killed it. 

9. The Local Who Came Face-To-Face With The Beast:

As time passed, the creature that was killing people in Portlock Alaska, was sighted and reported. One man even spotted this huge hairy creature was destroying their equipment. He described this creature as someone who looked just like a devil. The witness had rushed to get hold of his weapon only to return and find out that the creature had left without harming him. 

10. Several People Had Gone Missing:

Over time, residents of Portlock Alaska, started worrying about their predicament. Most men in the village of Portlock would work as loggers, trappers, and miners on the cliffs. However, multiple men who went about their regular duties were never spotted again. People would go missing under peculiar circumstances.

More often than not, these disappearances were typically accompanied by unfortunate outcomes. And then, several bodies began appearing in and around the village, bringing more fear to the residents. 

11. Bodies, Bodies, And More Bodies:

As more discoveries were made by locals, the horror of Big Foot spread. In fact, the bodies of missing people were getting discovered in different spots in the village. While some bodies washed into the bay from the rivers that fed them, other bodies were just left in plain sight. Plus, the bodies were often left in devastating conditions. 

A majority of the bodies discovered in Portlock were found to be badly dismembered, leaving behind horrific murder scenes for both the natives and local authorities. These discoveries began to influence the locals to move out and start settling down somewhere else.

12. The Badly Mutilated Missing Hunter’s Body:

In 1940, the local natives of Portlock Alaska, were absolutely shocked by another discovery. A hunter had gone on a hunting expedition in the area, but when he did not return, it worried everyone. A search team was immediately appointed and sent to search for the missing hunter. The search team found the missing hunter’s body in a creek.

The body was entirely mutilated first and then torn apart in a random way that was not really consistent with the bear attack theory.

13. The Departure Of The Russian Aleuts And Other Residents:

Most people who resided in Portlock were basically Russian Aleuts. With the horror and terror going in and around Portlock, multiple people decided to do something major. The Russian Aleuts took the decision to leave the village for a whole year since the devastating events were rising in the area at the time. 

Some locals were convinced to return after a few years with the promise of increased security. But when the murders failed to stop, the whole area was abandoned completely, and it became a ghost town entirely. 

14. Three Dozen Murders In Portlock Alaska:

The Portlock Alaska murders were very shocking to the authorities and the locals. Several theories came up about the murders, which made the whole thing very sensational, especially considering how the number of victims kept rising. In the two decades or so, the total number of murders was over three dozen. 

15. The Unsolved Murder Mystery Of Portlock Alaska:

Over time, since the very first murder in the village of Portlock, investigations have taken place, but without any success. 

The murders taking place in Portlock continue to remain unsolved. Historians and former locals of the area have their own theories, but obviously, nothing has received any confirmation. The stories are so chilling, especially for people planning to visit the area. 

Reddit To The Rescue

A reddit user has come up to talk about the reality of the town. Going by the name Pocket_Weasel_UK, the user wrote, As part of my ongoing mission to dispel some of the myths surrounding cryptids, I need to talk to you about Portlock, Alaska. Portlock, also known as Port Chatham, is an abandoned town on the Alaska coast. Folklore says that the town was abandoned due to bigfoot attacks. People went into the woods and turned up later as mutilated bodies. One was discovered killed by a blow to the head.

About Port Chatham

Residents found enormous tracks and saw a huge, hairy man-beast in the woods. Eventually, the locals had enough of this bigfoot aggression and in 1949 they left, all of them, and they never came back. He continues, “That’s the folklore. It paints a scary picture of an aggressive and violent bigfoot. It’s the basis for TV shows like ‘Alaska Killer Bigfoot’, numerous Internet articles and YouTube videos, and at least one (not very good) book. The trouble is, none of it is correct. Well, yes, the inhabitants did leave town. That’s true. But not because of bigfoot attacks and all the deaths and maimings. The truth is, there were NO mysterious deaths in Portlock.”

“The town closed down because a new highway offered better transportation links and took away the need for a port for sea traffic. Without a reason for its existence, the town just withered and died. It’s sad, but that’s economics. All the bigfoot stories came from just one person many years after the event, with no corroborating evidence,” the user concluded.

In an effort to slow down the matter from being over-sensationalized, he wrote, Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet or see on sensationalist TV shows. Follow the evidence. That’s the unhappy story of Portlock. No scary bigfoots, just the even more frightening and unstoppable reality of economic cause and effect.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Portlock, Alaska, mentioned below in detail.

1. Are There Many Abandoned Towns In Alaska?

Yes, there are several abandoned towns located in Alaska. In fact, there are several towns left to be reclaimed. 

Right after the Gold Rush happened, miners abandoned small towns to follow the multiple gold claims of other areas. This, in turn, left so many villages that came to be known as ghost towns – these towns are located everywhere around the state. 

2. Are There A Lot Of Haunted Areas In Alaska?

There are several haunted areas in the state of Alaska. This state happens to be massive, with terrains and animals that have not been entirely explored. There are several areas that witness strange events, including thousands of spooky tales or even people who disappear.

3. What Is The Most Inhabited Place In Alaska?

The biggest municipality in terms of population in Alaska is not Portlock but Anchorage, with around 291,247 residents. The number is nearly 39.7% of the entire state population. 

Dream And Travel: A Bone-Chilling Trip To Portlock Alaska!

So, the question is – can you visit Portlock Alaska? Yes, you can visit this spooky town in Alaska!

Just get hold of a Portlock Alaska map, pack your bags, and drive to this abandoned village in Alaska. It seems so empty that even the bravest of us will get scared. So, if you love everything spooky, then this is the road trip you need right now, but it is always better to go with a big group instead of heading to Portlock alone. 

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and plans about visiting Portlock or any other ghost town for the matter in the comments below.

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