Overflowing with color, quirk, and vibrancy, Roma Norte CDMX is one of the best neighborhoods the city has. 

With delightful green parks, some fun speakeasy-style bars, and some of the best places to dine in, you will always find something or the other to do in Roma Norte. Moreover, it will never give you the feeling of getting rushed. 

In the middle of the continent’s largest metropolis, this part of Mexico City gives you the vibe of a tranquil oasis. It is definitely worth giving this place a visit. If you are planning a trip to Roma Norte CDMX (which is Ciudad de Mexico, Spanish for Mexico), you are definitely not going to regret it. 

In this travel guide to Roma Norte, you will be introduced to some of the best places to stay, the best things to do, and some amazing places to eat. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with this travel guide to Roma Norte CDMX. 

Looking Back At The History Of Colonia Roma 

Back in the day, Roma Norte and Roma Sur used to be neighbors. In the 19th century, wealthy locals were searching for a new area to relocate outside the Centro Historico city center, and that is when the area started to develop. 

Governmental leaders and businessmen together saw the actual potential of what could actually become the Roma neighborhood and then started to invest in it. The area was named after Eduardo Orrin. He was a wealthy European who ran the Orrin Circus successfully in Centro Historico. 

The name “Roma” actually came from Circo Romano of the Roman Circus, and many of the close streets were named after the cities where the circus toured. Porfirio Diaz, the Mexican president, also invested heavily in this new neighborhood. 


He added the running water lines and the first sewers of the city. Both Eduardo Orrin and Porfirio Diaz drew a lot of inspiration from European cities like Paris. You can see that in the tree-lined streets, Art Deco mansions, art nouveau architecture, and the vibrant parks of the neighborhoods. 

For decades, Roma has been a wealthy neighborhood, but it started to decline in the 1950s. However, in the last few years, Roma Norte has transformed itself into a very trendy hipster neighborhood. It has attracted visitors along with digital nomads from all over the world. 

Roma was introduced to the entire world through the Oscar-winning film Roma by Alfonso Cuaron. It was set in the 1970s with an indigenous housekeeper who worked for quite a wealthy family in the Roma neighborhood. 

It was in 2011 when Roma was classified as a barrio magico or a magical neighborhood because of the historical significance of the place and its undeniable charm. 

Where is Roma Norte CDMX? 

Roma Norte is located in Mexico, which is the largest North American city. This small yet charming neighborhood is exactly in the southern part of Av Chapultepec, north of Roma Sue, west of Highway 1, and east of La Condesa. 

Where is Roma Norte

Roma Norte is very close to the Centro Historico neighborhood of Mexico City. It is just a short walk from the nearby Chapultepec Park and the iconic Parque Mexico. The central location of this neighborhood makes it a perfect place for staying in Mexico City.  

There are some amazing Roma Norte Mexico City hotels that will provide you with the perfect amenities and give you an amazing experience. This is an absolutely safe neighborhood for making it a base and exploring everything that CDMX has in store for you. 

Best things to do in Roma Norte CDMX 

While it is easy to spend a whole weekend in Colonia Roma, it is also a very convenient base for going through all the attractions of this historic part of Mexico City. All of these together make Roma Norte CDMX a perfect palace for staying for any first-time visitors as well as for people who are revisiting.  

The people here are friendly as well, and they welcome you with open arms. There are some of the best restaurants in Roma Norte, which will give you a taste of their amazing cuisine, and some will get you to your confort zone with their multicuisine menu. 

But apart from that, there are a lot of things that you can do in Roma Norte CDMX. There are plenty of museums you can visit and plenty of sights to see, and their nightlife is something that you should definitely experience. Here are some of the things that you should do in Roma Norte CDMX. 

Stroll the Streets of Colonia Roma 

The simplest yet best thing to do in Roma Norte CDMX is to take a stroll on the amazing streets. Back in 2011, it was designated as a magical neighborhood, barrio magico, to be precise. 

Even though it is more edgy than trendy and close to La Condesa, it gives a feeling similar to Europe. You will find hipsters, along with a lot of well-to-do Mexicans. Tourists and expats are a familiar sight in the tree-lined streets. 

There are a lot of neoclassical mansions that have been converted into museums, upscale restaurants, boutique hotels, coffee shops, wine bars, vintage stores, and bookstores. All of this makes up the picturesque streets. 

Soak Up Into The Colonia Roma History 

When you go sightseeing, you soap up a lot of the historical background of the neighborhood. Roma Sur and Roma Norte CDMX used to be one single neighborhood. Today, this place is considered to be the northern part of Coahuila Street. 

This six by ten blocks in size, small, and easily walkable neighborhood was planned in 1902 as an upscale Porfirian-style neighborhood. The investment group had Edward Walter Orrin, the British circus owner; Ricardo Bell, the famous clown; Cassius Clay Lamm and Sons, the  

American engineer, and Pedro Lascurain, the Mexican politician. 

However, they made plans to form a residential subdivision that would be designed with Parisian boulevards for upper-class Mexicans to leave the center of the city.  

Explore the Street Art of Roma Norte 

Even though it is gentrified, Roma Norte is successful in maintaining the avant-garde spirit, and this neighborhood is filled with contrasts. You will find elegant buildings with juxtaposed pop-up art installations along with street art. 


To experience the best street art, you should definitely visit the Plaza Luis Cabrera area. However, this park is popular for street art, a lot of it is political. You will find a lot of cars and buses painted as well. 

Hang Out with ‘David’ at Rio de Janeiro Plaza 

One of the landmarks in Roma Norte CDMX that you cannot miss is the Plaza Rio de Janeiro. It is a tranquil park that has a statue of Michelangelo’s David statue as a replica. It is the place where you will find people hanging out from the morning till late afternoon.  

Street vendors, balloon vendors, musicians, and shoe-shine boys add to the lively atmosphere of the park. 

Discover Roma Norte’s Cool Café Culture 

With the fabulous view, enjoy Cafe Toscano’s amazing coffee. There are various spots that you can explore in Roma Norte CDMX, but their cafe culture has a lot of amazing cafes in store for you. But one of the best cafes is Cafe Toscano. 

They have a similar menu to the sister location they have in upscale Polaco. You will get some delicious breakfast that they serve daily till 1:30 pm. Aand after that, they serve a traditional Italian menu in the evening. 


They have a collection of amazing baked goods, and their coffee is to die for. Moreover, the tasty meals, along with the quick service and price range they have kept, are amazing for the location and quite reasonable as well. However, the view you get is something no other place can beat. 

Panaderia Rosetta is another place where you are going to get amazing coffee. But here. You have to go prepared, keeping the queue in mind. There is word out about their fresh-pressed espresso, guava pastries, and French flaky croissants. 

Visit La Sagrada Familia Church 

La Sagrada Familia Catholic Church is one the major landmarks of this neighborhood. Most of the time, tourists overlook it, but it is worth adding this place to your itinerary. It is located just a few steps away from Plaza Rio de Janeiro.  

The ribbed vaulting, the pointed arches, and the rose windows are some beautiful examples of Gothic and Neoromantic revival architecture. 

Pay Respects to the Jesuit Martyr at Museo Padre Pro 

While you are at La Sagrada Familia Church, make sure that you stop at the important Mueso Padre Pro inside the church. However, It is also known as Blessed Miguel Pro and is dedicated to Father Miguel Pro. 

He was a martyr and Mexican Jesuit priest, born in 1891. He is remembered for the faith and courage he showed during the anti-catholic period of religious persecution that happened in Mexico. It is also known as the Cristero War. 

He was arrested with false charges of assassinating a former Mexican president. And was executed on November 23, 1927, by a firing squad. He is now remembered in the museum as a symbol of resistance against religious persecution as well as a testament of faith. 

Sip Cocktails on a Beautiful Terrace 

When you are around the neighborhood of Plaza Rio de Janeiro and Cathedral Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia, you can stop for an early cocktail at Bottega, a quaint Italian-inspired wine bar. 

With some stylish wooden patio furniture and lively music, it calls out to the passersby. Moreover, they have an extensive wine cellar that features whites, reds, orange wines, and sparklings, which you can pair with the dinner menu. 

You will get jars of antipasto, along with some delicious pasta on their menu. Filigrana is another terrace popular for its cocktails, it is also among the best restaurants in Roma Norte CDMX. 

Shop at a Street Market For Some Vintage Clothes 

Shopping is always fun, no matter where you are. So, why not go on a shopping spree near Plaza Rio de Janeiro? There is a mini skateboard park that is hidden between the manicured hedges. Get some amazing deals on books, small wares, and vintage clothes on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Follow the Footsteps of the Beat Generation 

When you are out roaming the streets, try to drop in at a shop at Krika’s for some drinks or whatever they have on their specials for the day. This particular building used to be the former home of the Bounty Bar.  

This was the favorite hangout spot for Beat Generation figures back in the 1950s, like Allen Ginsburg, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac. Tragically, this is also the place where William S. Burroughs shot Joan Vollmer, his wife. 

Stock Up on Some Gourmet Goodies at Mercado Roma 

Even though the 3-story food hall was initially treated as a symbol of gentrification in Roma Norte CDMX, it has evolved a lot now. It is now a hub for the locally-made artisanal product sale. However, you will find a wide range of products here, starting from hot sauce to kitchenware.  

These are amazing souvenirs, so just drop them, and it will be worth it. The artisanal Mexican chocolate is made from high-quality cacao beans. So, just stock some of those chocolate bars, chocolate-infused products, and hot chocolate mixes. 

What Are The Other Places You Can See? 

Roma Norte CDMX is an amazing base for having a trip around Mexico and exploring everything the city has to offer. However, there is a lot left to explore even after you are done visiting this neighborhood; there is still a lot to see.  


Some of the things that you should definitely try in Mexico include: 

  • Visit the Anahuacalli Museum and Frida Khalo Museum in Coyoacan. 
  • Take a cable car ride over Mexico City. 
  • Try looking over the Teotihuacan Ancient Ruins from a hot air balloon. 
  • Wander through the Chapultepec Park. 

I am sure you are going to love everything that Roma Norte CDMX has to offer. And it doesn’t just end there. You will love the entire Mexico City as well. 


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