San Fernando Cathedral is one of the most haunted places in America. But what made this sight of worship a safe haven for tormented spirits of the past? Well, read more to find out everything there is about this church that has a bloody history related to colonization and murder. 


The story of San Fernando Cathedral dates back to 1731. Back in 1731, 56 Canary Islanders made a difficult journey from the coasts of Spain across the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Back in 1731, this journey was not an easy one. Life on the sea was one of the toughest challenges these islanders faced. Subsequently, journeying across Mexico proved to be a bigger challenge. 

These Islanders made their way to this unknown land in hopes of wealth and the title of Hidalgo, which stands for nobility. The problem was that there was no government or officials to do any of these. Instead, the Spanish King sent these men as first settlers in an effort to claim the lands before the French did. All there was just some broken promises and a mission to build a cathedral which later on went on to be one of the most haunted cathedrals of all time. 

The Architecture

After Settling down, the Canary Islanders faced another challenge. Dealing with the warring Apaches, who saw them as trespassers. It took nearly 20 years of intense warfare between the two factions and a peace offering to calm things down. Once the dust settled, the project of building the cathedral started in full force.

The church beautifully reflected the Spanish aesthetic sense of the time. The primary stylization of the church belonged to the Colonial style. The oldest feature of the Cathedral, the baptismal font, is said to have been a gift from King Charles the Third from Spain. Since then, the church has undergone several renovations. The latest set of renovations was just as recent as 1987.

This historic church is one of the most important monuments of the state of Texas. This is the oldest church in existence in the Lone Star State. Every year several tourists come to visit this ancient cathedral. However, some even remain after they are long gone. 

Shadows Of San Fernando Cathedral

The history of the church is a very interesting subject to dwell on. But In reality, we all know why you are here. San Fernando Cathedral is one of the most haunted churches in the USA. Every now and then, people have claimed that they felt something that is beyond human explanation. Some of the most common claims are that of shadowy figures walking the long corridors of the church, or they felt something crawling up their backs, or a strong smell of rotten eggs. As a result, this place has become one of the hotspots for paranormal research. Here is a list of all the significant hauntings of the San Fernando Cathedral.

Dark Figures

Shadows seem to be one of the most common forms of haunting that this site is famous for. On several occasions, people have come up with stories of shadowy apparitions following them. On one particular occasion, several tourists even witnessed something similar while they were on guided tours. One woman claimed that while the group was making its way from the exterior to the interior, she noticed that a shadowy figure was trailing them. And suddenly, the figure was nowhere to be found. Later on, when she confirmed with the group, at least six people agreed with her. 

Ghostly Monks

Apart from dark shadowy figures, the halls of the cathedral are also plagued by the essence of ghostly monks. Several tourists have come up with stories of seeing hooded figures lingering at the back of the cathedrals. Paranormal researchers claim that these are the ghosts of the Monks who helped build this cathedral. Unlike shadowy figures, these monks seem to be more sentient and seem to pick and choose the time they want to come out of the shadows. Meanwhile, demonologists have claimed that these are dark spirits that trespass as monks. Either way, do not follow any shadowy figure, as that can lead you to your disappearance. 

The Halloween Orbs.

Over the years, this cathedral has earned a reputation to be one of the most haunted places in America. Experts believe that the paranormal activity in the cathedral is particularly high because of its innate spiritual ambiance and unrest that followed the colonization. Back in 2007, a tourist experienced something that cannot be explained to this day. While touring the cathedral, he captured the image of a shadowy figure. This left the man frazzled and hyperventilating. Meanwhile, the workers who were working in the cathedral at the time experienced a chill down their spines and saw three balls of light hovering near the entrance of the cathedral. This is one of the most credible hauntings of the San Fernando Cathedral

Some More Haunted Cathedrals

San Fernando Cathedral is easily one of the most haunting places on the planet. However, it is not the only haunted cathedral in the world. In fact, examples of haunted cathedrals are just dotted across the globe. Here are a few. 

Oradour Church, Oradour-sur-Glane, France

Witness to one of the bloodiest massacres of the last century. The Oradour Church of France is one of the most active hotspots in Europe. On June 1944, Nazi soldiers entered the town of Oradour-sur-Glane and started brutally massacring everyone. Approximately 600 people died that fateful day.  

Chernobyl Abandoned Nuclear Fallout Church, Chernobyl

Nothing could have matched the widespread destruction caused by the Chornobyl nuclear fallout. Close to a million people died due to the nuclear meltdown. People claim that they have heard choir music being played in the church, even though it is deserted. 

Closing Note. 

With that, we have reached the very end of our list discussing the haunted San Fernando Cathedral. A place that is known for ghostly apparitions and shadowy figures of monks and colonizers that the Spanish King sent. Keep following us for more such content. 


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