The idea of a perfect vacation is different for all people. Some like the idea of an adventurous trip, and some like to enjoy and relax during their vacation. If you are the second type of person, then Sanur Bali is one of the ideal places for you to visit.

Sanur in Bali is located in the eastern part. It is a lot different from the noisy beaches and away from the hustles of the. This is a very peaceful part of Bali and has a more laid-back atmosphere. But is it worth it to visit this place? Let's see the ten best reasons why you should visit this place.

1. Easy To Reach

The first reason to stay in Sanur Bali is that it is just by the airport. The Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airport is right along the corner and is the best place to stay if you have got down from a flight or have one to catch in a while. It would just take you about 15-20 minutes to get there in a taxi. 

Apart from that, Sanur also has its own port itself. This is among the most important ports for traveling around and in Bali and to its neighboring islands. You can take a boat from the popular Nusa Penida rock, which is home to the coral of Manta Point and the twinkling white sands of Crystal Bay.

You can also pay a visit from the absolutely mesmerizing Gili Isles. It would take around 2.5 hours to reach, which would cost around 42 dollars per person.

2. Perfect Place For Relaxation

Perfect place for relaxation

Sanur is a discreet coastal town that is located in the southeast part of the island and is among the oldest tourist places in Bali. if you are looking for a quiet holiday, just for relaxation, this is your best shot. 

This is a very serene place, not known for the party scenes, so there is no place for the backpacking crowd. The visitors who stay in Sanur Bali are actually attracted to the place because of the stronghold they have with the conventional Balinese culture.

3. The Beaches

The beaches

There are seven beaches that thread down to the coast of Sanur. Each one has to offer a different vibe, along with some adventure sports and a range of fun activities. This is a place where you will get to witness white and yellow sands here, which is a rare sight for volcanic islands.

The local people mostly prefer Pantai Indah as it is in the central location and has got soft, gold sand. There are a lot of local restaurants in this area, which is an added bonus. The other beaches that you should know about are Pantai Segara Ayu, Sawangan Beach, and Taman Inspirasi Nertasari.

4. Central Location In Bali (All Day Trip Options)

Sanur is in a location which is very convenient for the tourists who come to visit. It is centrally located in Bali, which makes all the other places easily accessible. This is a perfect base for exploring the island.

  • Kuta (southwest) – 30 minutes
  • Nusa Dua (southwest) – 1 hour
  • Legian (southwest) – 45 minutes
  • Amed (north) – 3 hours
  • Seminyak (southwest) – 45 minutes
  • Canggu (southwest) – 1.5 hours
  • Ubud (north) – 45 minutes
  • Candidasa (northeast) – 1 hour
  • Nusa Dua (southwest) – 1 hour

Due to its central location, it is also a great base for going on day trips. So, this is a perfect option for people who are looking for an adventure or for people who want to explore the fields of Sanur. Here are a few recommendations.

The Bukit Peninsula

The Bukit Peninsula

This is the southernmost peninsula of Bali and an undeniable surfing spot for adventure lovers. Witness the big waves and visit the captivating temple at Uluwatu, and, of course, do not miss the sunsets at Bingin Beach.



This is the place if you want to witness the electrifying nightlife and the culinary genius of Bali’s most high-end hotel pub.

Tanah Lot

Tanah lot

This is probably the most-photographed temple in Bali. Tanah Lot is located on an uneven rock above the Indian Ocean. This is a must-visit and within a day's trip distance from Sanur.



You can spend a day here in hipster Canggu to visit the col eateries and dulcet surf breaks.

5. The Culture

The culture

The culture in Sanur is a bit different from tourist hotspots that there are in Bali, like Seminyak, Canggu, and Kuta. Sanur has somehow held to its tradition and is honoring its Balinese heritage. 

The Hindu culture is strongly pursued in this place, and you will find women walking to the temples for their daily rituals with a tower of offerings. The Balinese tradition is also seen when the fisherman returns to the shore in their bright fishing boats after their daily catch. This place is also popular for sorcery and black as well as white magic.

6. Food And Dining Options

Food and dining options

The restaurants have grown significantly so that you will have a variety of cuisines along with a lot of dining and drinking options, no matter the budget and food preference you have. The local warungs are widely spread and can be found all along the way, and the entire beachfront is lined with restaurants, ranging from mid-range to more expensive options.

The Sindhu market is busy with locals surfing around to get their daily items and groceries. This is during the daytime. But in the evening, this place turns into the Sanur night market. This is the best time to try the local delicacies from the food stalls.

7.  The Uber-Relaxed Atmosphere

The uber-relaxed atmospher

This place doesn't have many party places, but it is a peaceful place in comparison to the busy streets of Kuta and Cabguu. This is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a relaxing, laid-back holiday or trying to explore the traditional Balinese culture without all the fuss.

In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, the people here are the friendliest. They will welcome you with open hearts and genuine warmth. This is a very safe place if you are traveling alone, and the locals will strike up a conversation with anyone.

8. Nightlife


Sanur is not a place that has a very happening nightlife. But you will find a few bars open if you want to pay a visit. They also have small live-music sessions. One such bar is the Linga Longa Bar, which has its own resident band, which plays from 8 pm till late, and there is another bar, Casablanca, that showcases different bands every evening.

9. Weather


Even though the weather in Bali changes in some places, the weather in Sanur remains constant. The weather is relatively warm here, and it doesn't change much over the whole year. The optimum temperature here is from 23 degrees to 30 degrees Celcius or 73F to 86 F. From April till October, the weather gets a bit dry, and it rains and has a higher humidity during the months of winter, that is, from late October to early March.

10. There Are Lots Of Things To Do 

This is not just a place for relaxation; it will also provide you with a few adventure sports as well.

Beaches And Water Sports

Beaches and water sports

In Sanur Bali, you will find a lot of beaches, but the best one here is Pantai Indah. This is one of the cleanest beaches that you will get here, and this also offers a lot of water sports. The golden sand and the gentle breeze will put your mind at ease, but if you are looking for some activities you can take part in, then this will provide you with that as well. 

Beaches in Sanur also offer a lot of water sports like jet skiing and snorkeling. This is also a popular place for windsurfing, paragliding, and kite surfing as well. You will also find a few surf sports off the sports. Scuba diving is also a popular water sport in Sanur. 

Le Mayeur Museum 

Le Mayeur Museum

This museum used to be the home of Belgian expat artist Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres. Until 1958, he lived in Bali, and after his death, the house was turned into a museum that showcased all his art as well as classic Balinese architecture.

Taman Festival

Taman festival

Now, this is something interesting if you are keen to visit haunted theme parks. This park was created with a vision to give Disneyland a bit of competition. After opening the park in 1997, within less than a year, they had to close it off. 

On Friday the 13th, their 5 million dollar laser equipment was struck by lightning. It was the time of recession, and nobody could afford to bear the loss and rebuild the whole thing again. Since then, the Taman Festival Park has been left as an abandoned piece of land.

Blanjong Temple

Blanjong temple

This temple is located in the Intaran Village and is the home of the oldest pieces of artwork in Balinese history. The pillars of Blanjog are curved with Sanskrit inscriptions that date back to the 10th Century. This temple is among those designated sites which have been marked as a National Heritage site.

The temple has sculptures of the Hindu God Ganesh, made from sandstone, and images of other animals as well. This is a heritage monument that is open to the public throughout the year. Visitors come here to often witness the one-of-a-kind environment that it has to offer and just to observe the locals as they come here for spiritual offerings. 

Orchid Garden

Orchid garden

This is approximately 3 km away from Sanur and displays a wide spectrum of orchids n different colors. The admission price that you pay includes a garden tour with an explanation of all the varieties of plants that you see there.

Kite Festival

Kite Festival

This one began as a seasonal festival to thank the Gods for providing with harvests and abundant crops. Now it has become one of the major tourist attractions in Bali. You will find a lot of international kite flyers taking part in this festival along with the locals.

Guwang Art Market

Guwang art market

This is a typical art market in Bali which is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Sanur Bali. you will find anything you need from here, be it beachwear, sandals, Balinese handicrafts as well as cotton shirts. The best place to visit this market is early in the morning when they are just setting up their shops.

You can bargain your way to get the things at your choice of price, but the price here is quite reasonable if you choose a shop that has been recently opened. This market is also known as Pasar Seni Guwang, and this also offers an alternative to travelers who are looking to shop but want to avoid the crowd.

Wrapping Up!

I think I have answered the question that was asked in the begging. Is Sanur Bali worth visiting? I believe it is. It is a less visited side of the south coast of Bali. this is the best option for people who are seeking luxury and looking for a relaxing vacation. 

The beautiful beaches, along with the white sand affairs as well as the coral reefs, will make your visit worthwhile. The place is very well connected by roads, and the accommodation in Saur Bali is pretty amazing as well. If you are searching the internet for “Sanur Bali accommodation,” “accommodation sanur Bali,” “accomodation in Sanur,” “Sanur accommodation” then you are not going to be disappointed.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels near the beaches that will suffice to your needs.

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