Incredible India is known for many things - her rich cultural flavors, old-worldly charms, and lonely monuments speak of a heritage past, a past with a penchant for larger-than-life historical figures, legendary works of art (the drainage at Fatehpur Sikhri, hello!), and thrilling mysteries (the scattered skeletal remains under the Roopkund Lake, 5000 meters above sea level).

And our history is not just about the larger-than-life kings and queens who fought big battles and lived in even bigger monuments. A huge part of India’s ancient and modern history has a lot to do with fabric. India’s fabric history dates back to around 4000 BC. From 2500 BC, dyed fabric from the Indian subcontinent was documented. 

In fact, India’s identity across the globe in those days was all about her cotton. In Babylon and ancient Greece, the name ‘India’ was a typical shorthand for ‘cotton.’ Global trading systems were formed based entirely on the export of Indian textiles. 

Naturally, 21st-century India continues to inspire the world at large with its beautiful fabrics, textiles, and, most importantly, readymade clothes! 

And while there are hundreds of great shopping and local businesses spread across the whole country, there’s one place you HAVE TO CHECK OUT if you love shopping - your trip to north India will remain incomplete without one visit to the very famous Sarojini Market, especially if you are going to spend time in the Indian capital city of Delhi. 

About Sarojini Market:

About Sarojini Market

So, where is Sarojini Nagar market? Sarojini Market is located in the plush Sarojini Nagar locality in South Delhi. Famous for its affordable prices and HUGE collection of accessories and clothes, Sarojini is one of the best shopping destinations in North India, especially if you love shopping for daily wear.

On a regular basis, the lanes of Sarojini are crowded with buyers and sellers, everyone flocking to the streets from not just different parts of Delhi NCR but the whole country. The affordable price range of everything that you can buy here makes a visit here almost an irresistible idea. 

The quality you get for the bare minimum you are paying for these clothes can match nothing else - we haven’t come across anything better yet, but if you do, then don’t forget to let us know in the comments…only after you have done reading the blog, tho!

You will find tees for only 100 INR here - and not just tees, but there are never-ending shops with an infinite collection of every single thing that you can possibly need in your wardrobe. Just a tip - it’s always best to hit the market early when it opens. 

The shopkeepers are open to negotiations early in the day since, in India, your first sale is important, and business owners look at it like a tradition. So, the point is to make the sale happen - and if, for that reason, the 100 needs to become 50, then be so!



Naturally, you are wondering about the Sarojini Nagar market timings. The Sarojini Market opens at 10 a.m. every day and closes by 9 p.m. On Mondays, the market stays closed. And obviously, just in case you were also wondering about any entry fee, there is no entry fee for shopping at Sarojini!

So when you are in Delhi, you don’t need to look up ‘Sarojini Nagar market open today’ on Google - just remember that if it is a Monday, then the market is closed. On any other day, the market definitely stays open.

Places To Go Near Sarojini:

A trip to Sarojini will definitely exhaust you. But don’t give up on the neighborhood yet - there are a handful of stops that you must check out! 

1. Pottery Market

Pottery Market

If you love shopping for home decor and that too sustainable stuff, then you must head over to Pottery Market on the AK Roy Marg road close to the Sarojini Nagar Bus Depot. The products here have great quality and affordable prices - from earthen pots and wind chimes to showpieces and lamps, there’s so much to see and hopefully buy!

2. Nehru Park:

Nehru Park

Once you are exhausted at Sarojini, shopping for your favorite stuff, take some time and cool down at one of the cleanest and biggest parks in Delhi. It's only 2 km away from the market - plus, if you are lucky, then you will find locals hosting some kind of fun art or food festivals. 

3. Safdarjung Tomb:

Safdarjung Tomb

Nobody ever talks about this monument which is precisely why you should visit this spot! The intricate details and ornate architecture of the Safdarjung Tomb make it an offbeat monument - interestingly, there is a hidden stairway that makes this spot an ideal place for photography! And who doesn’t love taking photos, especially on vacation?  

What Makes Sarojini Market So Awesome?

Sarojini Market Delhi is practically a big loot. You can grab a pair of denim from American Eagle for only 200 INR! Basic shorts and tees for daily wear will cost you only a hundred bucks. Also, bargaining is huge here - you can go as low as one-third of the quoted price. 

We bargained so much - from T-shirts for 100 bucks, denim for 200 bucks,  shorts for 100 bucks, fancy tops for 200 bucks, and so many types of palazzos, long skirts for 250 bucks or even less, they are so trendy. When we hit the market recently, we were also able to get hold of some comfy, cute tees that cost me around 17o bucks each. 

Sarojini Nagar market is primarily known for its seasonal clothing. You can land the best deals every season, especially towards the end. Yes, the market has its own end-of-the-season sale. Apart from the great clothes, you will also find a wide range of sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes - both Western and ethnic.

Additionally, this market also happens to be a hub for some lip-smacking delights, such as momos, fresh juice, bhutta (corncob), and shakarkandi (sweet potatoes). Also, there’s a mall nearby where you will find outlets for Pizza Cones, Dominoes, and Haldirams. Since the market is always crowded, pickpocketing is pretty common. So, you have to be careful!

How To Reach Sarojini Market?

If you think the only way to reach this shopping paradise is via the Sarojini Nagar market metro, then you are absolutely wrong! There are a bunch of other routes you can definitely take while traveling to Sarojini if the metro is not your primary mode of commute. 

So without wasting time, here are all the ways you can reach Sarojini once you are in Delhi NCR!

By Metro:

The nearest metro station to Sarojini market is Dilli Haat - Ina! The metro station is located on the pink line - remember to exit from Gate No.2 - since it makes the perfect starting point. However, if you are a fan of the yellow line, you can just get down on Dilli Haat and take an auto to the main market. 

We recommend that you take any metro station near Sarojini market, considering it is the best way to actually reach the market. 

By Bus:

If you are a fan of taking a bus, then the closest bus stop to Sarojini is only a 7-minute long walk.

By Car:

In case you are planning on doing a whole lot of shopping and prefer bringing your own vehicle so that you can carry everything you are going to buy, there are several park and pay stops available in and around the entire market, open between 10 AM to 10 PM. 

Perhaps, the most easily accessible parking is the multi-storied MCD parking - this building is also home to McDonald's and Haldiram. Since it is too crowded inside the marketing, parking can be a very long wait. 

Tips And Tricks You Need To Master Before Reaching Sarojini!

Yes, this is very important - and FYI, Sarojini market online shopping is completely a scam because it's nothing like the real market. The real deal is so much better. Here are some tips to make your Sarojini experience better. 

  • Carry a huge tote bag since carrying several poly bags can turn out to be complex. This makes the process both environmental-friendly and convenient. 
  • Carry cash. There aren’t any ATMs nearby, and it is most likely you will find a pretty long queue if you do manage to find an ATM. Shops do not have swiping machines, nor do they accept any type of online payment (a few shops might accept online payment, but they get really angry about it). 
  • Carry a water bottle. Whether you are shopping in winter or summer, it doesn’t matter because it will definitely get exhausting. A water bottle will keep you hydrated for a long time. 
  • Whatever price anyone quotes you, just bargain with them - you can go as low as 1/3rd of the quoted price. Stay adamant, but if the shopkeeper does not agree, then you can definitely reach a middle ground. If the shop has a ‘FIXED PRICE’ board, then definitely don’t bargain since those shops will not reduce the price under any circumstance. 
  • While shopping, never get very excited. That way, your chances of bargaining drastically reduce since the shopkeeper finds out you will take the product no matter what. 
  • Don’t dress up in fancy stuff. Shopkeepers overcharge when they see people dressed up. 
  • Definitely go early - the streets are not crowded, and the shops are all excited to make their first sale. 
  • It's always best to go with a local since they can help you not just with the streets but also with the bargaining. 

What Are Real People On The Internet Saying?

Sarojini Market is very famous - so much so that most people visiting Delhi have their hearts sealed on visiting the market at least once. This is precisely what people on the internet are talking about in the Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi.

Review By MJ G:

It is a must-visit for first-timers to Delhi. The delight of shopping and bargaining is next level at Sarojini Nagar market. There is something to shop for all. Along with shopping, the place is a hub for lip-smacking street food like shakarkandi (sweet potatoes), momos, fresh juice, and bhutta (corncob). Also, the mall next to the market has outlets like Haldirams, Dominos, and Pizza Cones.

Review By Tushita:

Sarojini Nagar Market is a popular and bustling shopping destination located in South Delhi. The market is known for its trendy fashion apparel, accessories, footwear, and home decor items, all available at incredibly low prices. Visitors can enjoy the bargaining culture of the market and find great deals on high-quality merchandise. The market also has a variety of food stalls and street vendors offering delicious street food at affordable prices. The market's lively atmosphere and affordable prices make it a must-visit destination for fashionistas and bargain hunters. Sarojini Nagar Market is a great place to spend an afternoon shopping and enjoying the local culture of Delhi.

Review By JastiGrl:

I had heard a lot about the market on social media in the past, so I definitely wanted to check it out before flying out the next day. I went on a weekday, and there was still a crowd, but it wasn’t too hard to navigate. Also, I would suggest going early or late to avoid the sun. And make sure you have stamina! I only shopped for an hour and a half because I was simply too hot & tired to keep going.” 

Review By Prashant Verma:

Sarojni Nagar is one of the famous markets in Delhi, crowded with people even under the heat of the scorching Sun. This is not only a good place to shop for clothes but you can also get beautiful accessories and bags at a very cheap price.

Dream And Travel To India’s Capital City: Shop Till You Drop At Sarojini

As we were saying, there is no way the whole Sarojini Nagar market online thing can even come close to the real Sarojini Market. Delhi is not just India’s capital city - Delhi is one of the oldest cities in the Indian subcontinent, making it a top tourist destination for people across the world. 

21st-century Delhi might be mostly about fancy flyovers, malls, and its famous metro - but what about the old flavors of Delhi that reeks of the grandeur of the golden days? 

For some strange reason, Sarojini is one of those few places in Delhi that still latches onto the past - you will find yourself shopping for corporate fits, but strangely, everything around you will remind you of a time gone by, and that my friends are the beauty of this shopping destination nestled in the corner of Delhi! 

And if you never go, you will never know - so what are you waiting for? 

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