Schengen region is the foremost achievement of the European Project.  It began in 1985 between 5 EU countries and further expanded to become the largest travel area in the world.

The Schengen region covers an area of 4 million sq. Km and includes 27 countries. Moreover, it allows individuals worldwide to travel in any Schengen Country.

Schengen allows more than 400 million people to explore any country here. Furthermore, individuals can visit any member country without going through border countries.

The Schengen Flight Reservation Unlocked

The Schengen Flight Reservation Unlocked

More than 3.5 million people join Schengen for diverse purposes such as study, work, or tourism. Furthermore, more than 1.7 million people work in different countries of Schengen.

Besides, Schengen allows numerous tourism, work, and, study opportunities to people globally.

If you belong to any country and desire to join Schengen for any purpose you are at the right place. Here, we discuss the term Schengenflightreservation.

Moreover, its significance in the visa application processing. How the flight reservation simplifies the whole visa process.

How To Book An Appointment For Schengen Visa?

Individuals can book their appointment for a Schengen visa directly at the embassy. Furthermore, they can consult through any reputable visa application center.

They can schedule their appointment at the embassy and visa application centers online. Moreover, they can also email or call them.

Benefits Offered By Schengen Regions For Non-Eu Citizens

  • The non-EU citizens living in any Schengen country can explore any country here on a single visa. Whether, they are a student, employee, or tourist, they can increase the limit of visas for a further stay.
  • For tourists, the EU has established common visa rules for short stays in Schengen.
  • The common visa policy of the EU is essential as it facilitates visitors during their entry into the EU. Moreover, it also provides them security during their stay in any Schengen country.

Basic Visa Requirements For Schengen Visa

Basic Visa Requirements For Schengen Visa

There are some legal documents that an individual requires for visa application processing. The visa application can`t processed further if any one of them is missing.

These documents are:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport
  • Photograph
  • Schengen Travel Insurance
  • Cover Letter
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Flight Itinerary

Schengen Visa Application Form

The visa application must be filled out and signed properly. This application is submitted to the embassy which means you are applying for a visa. Moreover, the validity of the visa will be for 3 months in the Schengen region.

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Visa Application Form

The visa application form consists of 37 basic questions. These questions are mandatory and must be filled correctly by the applicant. Make sure you are providing correct information with sincerity.

Moreover, the form is available in different languages and easily understandable for individuals. You can also consult to embassy for guidelines about the application form.

If the applicant is younger than 18 years, the application must be signed by the parents or guardian. Furthermore, the visa application form is divided into four sections, for the following information.

  • Personal Information
  • Date and Signature
  • Travel Information
  • Invitation Information


A passport is the basic need of any visa application. Moreover, the passport is updated and no elder than the last three months.

Furthermore, the passport has two blank pages for visa approval. it should be valid beyond the date of your exit from Schengen. There is less chance of visa approval in the expiry of a passport.

Two Photographs

Attach two photographs to the application form. However, the photographs were recently clicked and must meet the requirements of the embassy. Some embassies only need 1 photograph with the visa application.

  • 80% of the photo is covered with faces and the remaining 20% is the background.
  • The standard size of the photo is 35mm*45mm
  • Photos must have been captured in the last 6 The background of photos must be blank and have a solid color.
  • Photos must show the natural color of the individual and be captured in high resolution.
  • There will be no damage or mark on the photos
  • The facial expressions of the individual must be neutral. There will be no smiles or anger on the face.
  • The eye color of the individual is visible.

Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance Policy

An authentic travel insurance policy is necessary before applying for a Schengen visa. It covered all the medical and health expenses during your stay in Schengen.

The individuals can get the travel insurance policy online. Moreover, it must fulfill the following requirements of the embassy.

  • It covers the maximum amount of 30,000 Euros, to bear medical and health expenses.
  • It is valid during your stay in the desired states of the Schengen zone.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is written proof of your intended stay in Schengen. Moreover, it is a flowchart that provides information about

  • The reason for your travel
  • Brief introduction of Yourself
  • The dates of your Arrival and Departure
  • Schengen states you will visit during your stay
  • The place of stay in Schengen (may be any hotel, hostel, restaurant, or house of a family member)

Proof Of Financial Means

It is a written proof or bank statement that tells about your financial resources.

It provides information that you have enough financial resources to stay in Schengen. Moreover, you can bear your expenses during your stay and never become a burden on the government.

The proof of sponsor is also required which ensures that he will support you in Schengen.

It includes the following

  • Credit card of individual
  • Evidence of employment
  • A bank statement (that clears your financial resources)

Proof Of Accommodation

It is the clear evidence about your place of stay in Schengen. Moreover, it confirms that you have a proper place to stay during your visit. It would be a hotel reservation or residence of any of your relatives.

It includes information about the name of the hotel, the location of the hotel and, a valid code. Furthermore, your arrival and departure dates and your contact number are also mentioned.

Flight Itinerary

The embassy required proof of Schengenflight reservation. However, it may be one side or a round-trip flight reservation. Moreover, it includes the details about the route of the flight and the name of the flight.

Besides this, it also provides details about

  • Reservation number or Booking ID
  • The dates of entry and exit from Schengen
  • Cost of ticket
  • IATA codes of airport

The individuals can reserve their flight and can buy the ticket after receiving the visa.

Verifiable tentative flight reservations, hotel bookings and travel medical insurance, which you can obtain from the SchengenFlightReservationVisa website. All their documents will be trackable and this is what the diplomatic officers require for your visa application process.

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