Are you an adrenaline junkie whose heart goes racing whenever you watch adventure enthusiasts dive from the sky – tens of thousands above – with nothing but just a parachute strapped on? If you are already nodding in your head in excitement, then you are ready to explore and experience skydiving in India.

When you are ready to strap on and dive, these details will come in handy. Stay tuned to find out more about skydiving in India.

Types Of Skydiving To Try Out!  

If you are already googling ‘sky diving India,’ then stop right now – before you find out where you can practice the cheapest skydiving in India, let’s check out the types of skydiving you can practice. So without wasting time, scroll down to find out about the different types of skydiving you can check out!

1. Tandem Jump:  

Tandem Jump

Before worrying about skydiving in India prices, figure out whether you want to opt for a Tanhem or Static Line Jump, or something else.

In the case of a tandem jump, these are connected via a harness to an instructor. Both you and your instructor will be required to use the same parachute; only your instructor will be responsible, however, for pulling the cord. This is perhaps the most simple type of skydiving to practice in India – and it requires minimal instructions.

Perhaps, the best thing about doing a tandem jump is the entire experience is recorded – that way; you can actually re-live the adventure again and again for the rest of your life.

2. Static Line Jump:   

Static Line Jump

If you have already tried bungee jumping in India, then you might as well give skydiving a chance – you can definitely opt for a static line jump.

Static line jumps are made from 3000 feet, and it usually asks for mandatory training of six hours. During this skydive, you will be connected to the aircraft with a cord – the parachute automatically opens after three seconds have passed post the jump. This way, zero action is needed by the diver.

3. Accelerated Free Fall:   

Accelerated Free Fall

The Accelerated Free Fall is the REAL DEAL! In the case of this jump, you will be jumping without any kind of attachment – it is basically a free fall. This is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences in the world of skydiving.

Doing a freefall is pretty challenging since it requires both practical training and classroom instructions, considering the really serious nature of this particular type of skydiving. Also, let’s not forget this kind of dive is done from 1300 feet at the very least.

This one is the real deal, where you jump without any attachments and free fall. It is one of the most challenging experiences of sky diving in India. It requires both classroom instructions and practical training, considering the serious nature of this dive, and is done from at least 13,000 feet.

Top Places To Try Skydiving In India:  

If you are already typing ‘skydiving in India cost’ or ‘parachute price’ on Google, then we won’t stop you! Here we are instead with the best places to do skydiving in India – without wasting time, scroll down to find out more about skydiving in India!

1. Mysore (Karnataka):  

Mysore (Karnataka)
Cost➼ INR 35,000 for 3 Hours (Tandem) | INR 2,25,000 for 5-7 days and 10 jumps (Accelerated Free Fall)
Timings➼ 7 AM – 9 AM
Booking➼ Skyriders, Mysore

While people have been talking too much about the thrill of experiencing skydiving in Bangalore, we say skip Bangalore and instead go to Mysore!

Mysore is perhaps of the best places to try out skydiving in the country. Located at the base of the beautiful Chamundi Hills, Mysore is a skydiver’s paradise – is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s you!

Familiarize yourself with the details related to skydiving in Mysore before you can embark on this adventure.

2. Narnaul (Haryana):  

Narnaul (Haryana)
Cost➼ INR 27500 (Tandem) | INR 18,500 (Static Line Jumps)
Timings➼ 10 AM – 1 PM (Morning Slot) | 2 PM to 5 PM (Afternoon Slot)
Booking➼SkyHigh India

Skydiving in Narnaul is an enthralling experience that was started for promoting adventure tourism in Haryana by the State Government.

The Bachhod Airstip, situated at Narnaul in Haryana, offers a thrilling skydiving experience. If you are in Delhi or visiting the national capital, you might as well head over to the neighboring state of Haryana and skydive at Narnaul.

You can book directly from the Sky High website and not via any Skyhigh Delhi.

3. Deesa (Gujarat):  

Deesa (Gujarat)
Cost➼ INR 33,500 (Tandem) | INR 16,500 (Static Line Jumps) | INR 37,500 (Accelerated Free Fall)
Timings➼ 7 AM
Booking➼ Indian Parachuting Federation

Deesa is a gorgeous lakeside city in Gujarat and one of the best places to do skydiving in India. You can try out all three different types of skydiving at Deesa.

Indian Parachuting Federation and Gujarat’s Sports Authority host multiple skydiving camps in Deesa regularly. You will get to witness some of the most surreal views from here because of the city’s beautiful landscapes.

The cost of skydiving in the country varies from location to location, and Deesa is definitely one of the most cost-effective skydiving options in Gujarat.

You’ll surely be treated to some surreal views from up there owing to the gorgeous landscapes in this city. The skydiving cost in India varies depending upon the destination, and Gujarat definitely has some of the most affordable options.

4. Aamby Valley (Maharashtra):  

Aamby Valley (Maharashtra)
Cost➼ INR 20, 000 (Monday – Thursday) | INR 25,000 (Friday – Sunday) – for tandem jumps
Timings➼ 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Booking➼ 360global

While you might be a fan of skydiving in Goa, you must try out skydiving in Aamby Valley.

Aamby Valley is located in Maharashtra – if you live in Pune or Mumbai and want to do skydiving in India, then forget about the whole Goa skydiving scene.

Instead, head over to Aamby Valley and lose yourself in the beauty of the stunning landscapes. While soaring towards the city, you will be able to enjoy absolutely gorgeous views.

Dream And Skydive: A Journey To Remember!

Skydiving in India is relatively new, but at the same time, it is truly an unforgettable experience – If you haven’t done it yet, then what is stopping you really? Tell us what your thoughts are. And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to tell us about your experiences with adventure sports in the comments below.

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