Nowadays, solo traveling is gaining a lot of prominences as people from all corners of the world choose it. Moreover, the fun part is solo travelers are coming up irrespective of age and gender. Well, solo travel trips might seem challenging for most tourists, but it is always a burning desire for travelers.

Are you a traveler who desires to go solo? Are you bored of living the life of a tourist and want to put on the traveler’s shoes? This article explores places where solo travelers can spend quality time in the US.

All you need to do as a solo traveller is proper planning and knowledge about solo travelling. So calm down and read this article and you can choose the best place for your next trip. Take a look at the following points:

Solo Travel: What Is It All About?

Solo Travel

In simple words, solo traveling means going on a trip (planned/unplanned) alone. In the case of travelling solo, the traveler goes on a trip all alone by choice. There are a few challenges in the case of a solo trip, but they are the pillars that make it more adventurous.

Here, you can learn about ten places where you can visit for a solo trip. Have a look at them and choose a destination according to your choice. If you are traveling alone for the first time, try not picking an extremely daunting place. Take a look at the following list:

Ten Best Places To Go For A Solo Trip In The US

There are numerous places in the US worth visiting for a solo trip, but the list contains all the information. A trip in the US would be simpler than solo travelling Vietnam. All you need to do is know the basics of a specific place and execute proper planning.

1. New York City, New York State, US

New York City

A solo trip to New York City is one of the easiest solo trips one can think of while in the US. This is a world-famous city that can provide fun and luxury to trippers at any time. If you are travelling to New York solo, make sure to complete all the bookings earliest.

The best activities you can do as a solo traveler in NYC are visiting the museums, dining out at the luxurious restaurants, and visiting the parks all over the city. Remember that the good part of NYC is it is always safe.

Yet another desirable thing about NYC is its nightlife. You can stay up a night or two and visit avenues like Fifth, Hello, and Broadway.

How to reach:

  • There are three airports in NYC, namely the LaGuardia Airport, Liberty International Airport, and J.F Kennedy International Airport.
  • Several train services are also available in NYC.
    NYC is also connected to all parts of the US by road.

2. The Florida Keys, Florida State, US

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is known to travelers because of its laid-back atmosphere. The best region you can visit as a solo traveller is Key West. If you are a beach lover, there are chances for you to desire to settle down in the Florida Keys forever.

When packing for a solo trip to the Florida Keys, do not forget to keep the swimsuits, flip-flops, and shots. Moreover, you can explore the Old Town and Shipwreck Treasure Museum. Also, do not skip visiting Key Largo while on vacation.

How to reach:

  • The nearest airport to the Florida Keys is the Miami International Airport.
  • Florida has a rich network of roads and railways.

3. San Diego, California State, US

San Deigo

If you desire to make the Pacific Ocean your partner for a solo trip, visit San Diego in California. It is a log beach in the west coast of the USA.

Make sure you have at least four days while out for a solo trip. Then, you can visit the beaches like Del Mar, La Jolla, Mission Beach, etc. Also include Balboa Park in your itinerary.

How to reach:

  • San Diego has an International Airport that welcomes flights from all parts of the world. 
  • You can even take a car or bus for San Diego from any part of the US. 
  • The railroad is also there for San Diego. 

4. Portland, Oregon State, US


Portland City in the Oregon state is heaven for solo trippers. The locals here are always eager to welcome the solo trippers. You can visit Powell’s City Of Books as soon as you reach Portland.

Moreover, you can hike through Forest Park to give you a taste of the wilderness of this part of the US. Furthermore, there are a lot of galleries that you can visit in Portland and interact with the local artists. These would surely turn your solo trip into a memorable one.

How to reach:

  • The Portland International Airport is present in the place to welcome flights.
  • You can also take the light rail connection to Portland.
    You can also take the Flixbus service or the Greyhound to visit Portland, depending on the place. 

5. Moab, Utah State, USA


If you are a solo traveller desiring to go camping in a daunting place, choose to visit the Moab in Utah. The Moab can always give you a chance to come closer to nature. During the day, you can hike and explore the marvelous rock formation of this place.

You can lie down beside your tent at night and fire and chase the constellations. Places worth visiting in the Moab region are Canyonland National Park and Dead Horse Point Park. You can take breathtaking pictures of the Colorado River. Check for Covid-related restrictions before you set out.

How to reach:

  • The Moab Canyonlands Regional Airport is there to welcome you on availing of an airplane.
  • The roadway to Moab, Utah, is excellent and fit for driving.

6. Nashville, Tennessee State, US


A solo trip to Nashville, Tennessee, can be a classic solo trip that you can think of. This place is known as “The Country Music Capital of The World”. So, if you are a country music lover, try to check the weather conditions and Covid restrictions before reaching this place.

Some exciting things you can include in your trip are visiting places like Music Row, Nashville Parthenon, and the Grand Ole OPry. Also, do not forget to mix with the locals while on the trip as one of them can turn to your guide.

How to reach:

  • The city of Nashville is well connected through roads and rails.
  • You can also visit the place with a flight by landing at any airport in Tennessee.

7. Grand County, Colorado State, US

Grand County

As an experienced solo tripper, you can visit Grand County for your next solo traveling. However, this place might not be the right one for novice travelers as there are rough stretches of mountains and jungle. You can also witness a lot of rugged mountains and valleys in this place.

Grand County is a bit remote as you have to move about 70 miles out of Denver to reach here. It is also known as the Ranch Capital of the US.

You can indulge in events like swimming, yoga, and rafting sessions in Grand County as per the activities.

How to reach:

  • Denver City is well connected by air, train, and flight. 
  • Once you reach Denver City, try driving to Grand County. 

8. Boston, Massachusetts States, US


Boston can serve as yet another city for a solo trip destination. You can visit this city if you have time constraints. A couple of days in Boston can provide you with ultimate rejuvenation. There are some places you can visit while in Boston, like Fenway Park and Freedom Trail. Moreover, you can spend an evening in the Boston Harbour.

How to reach:

  • Boston has its airport and railway station.
  • You can take a connecting flight or an Amtrak train to reach Boston. 
  • The highway from all major cities connects to Boston. 

9. Denver, Colorado, US


Denver City in Colorado can be the right solo trip destination if you are craving a simple one. There are a lot of parks, lakes, malls, and amphitheaters in Denver City that can give you a chance to rejuvenate. If you are a music lover, consider visiting Denver City for your next solo trip.

How to reach:

  • Denver has an international airport and proper air connectivity from all parts of the US and the world.
  • The city is also connected with a rich connection of roadways.

10. Honolulu, Hawaii State, US


The city of Honolulu in the Hawaii Islands is an exotic solo travel destination. You can visit this place if budget is not a significant factor. The Hawaii Islands can give you peace amidst the tranquil blues of the Pacific. You can spend time in Honolulu with good food, music, and many water activities. The places worth visiting in this place are Oahu and Waikiki Beach.

How to reach:

  • Directly visit the Honolulu International Airport with a connecting flight. 
  • Direct flights from Kona International Airport are also available. 
  • Ships and cruises can be the best medium for local transportation. 

Advice From Travelers On Tripadvisor

“August is going to be very hot and, in the east coast and the South, very sticky. It is also the time that US schools are out and families travel.

However, you are going to some great cities and so long as you don’t abandon your Geordie city smarts you should be fine.

Public transport is good in Boston and New York, less good in LA.

If you can drive, you may want to consider renting a car to drive up Highway 1 along the California coast to San Francisco. It is very beautiful and the trip takes you through some interesting places.(Although make certain your petrol tank is full. There are not a lot of stations in the stretch my Big Sur.)

And stop at Nepenthe bar and restaurant in Big Sur. One of the last authentic hippy sunset experiences.

If you don’t drive, there is a train that does the coastal run. It costs more than the plane, but has a top viewing deck and looks rather wonderful.”


“Seeing that you are 21, you cannot rent a car. The only place that you could use one would really be SF…and that is just to do what Leagle said. In NYC, SF and Boston, public transportation is pretty good and so much is within walking distance.

You should have no issues checking out the 9/11 Memorial as well as Central Park. I saw you want to hit a Yankee game…assuming you are staying in NYC, you can take the Metro North from Grand Central right to the Stadium. You can also take the subway there which is very common on game days. Both are pretty safe. Those rides are pretty short, usually under 30 minutes, and sometimes under 10 or 15, depending on where you are staying.

Be aware that most “eats” in and around Times Square are a little pricier than a few blocks away. I imagine you would take a gander in that area along with the other things you mentioned. What other things do you like? Museums? Outdoorsy things?I was recently in Europe alone (February) and I found that the easiest way to meet people was being in a hostel. Doesn’t sound like you are taking that route, but there will be no shortage of people. Shoot me a message if you have any questions, as I live pretty close to NYC and can probably help you out with any questions.’


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Is Solo Travelling Good?

Yes, traveling alone is always good if the traveler has proper planning skills. Whether you are traveling solo in Vietnam or the US, everything can be a good experience.

Q2. How Do You Start Solo Travelling?

Well, to start solo travelling, you would just need to have some planning skills and dedication. Moreover, a decent budget is also necessary.

Q3. Is Travelling Alone Weird?

No, tarvelling alone is not wired. It all depends on the preference of the traveller.

Q4. Is Travelling Alone Boring?

No, travelling alone is like a habit that can turn into an addiction quickly. But, as a result, travelling alone might not be boring to solo travelers.

Final Words

Planning for a solo trip should always start to form the basics. If you are a traveller, always give importance to your inner instincts. The best you can do is begin solo travelling to a less-challenging destination near your place. It can increase your confidence and give you a chance to understand whether you like it or not.

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