Solo trips for women in India.

Solo trips. For women in India.

Solo trips. For women. In India.

I have been putting off writing this article for a long time. The primary reason behind my procrastination was my conflicting thoughts about solo traveling as a 27-year-old woman in India. 

The idea, on the surface, is tempting. And if you ask people who have already done it, they are even more conflicted with their opinions. 25-year-old Sarmind told me, “it was one hell of a trip. I didn’t feel unsafe at all,” but 30-year-old Ankita doesn’t quite agree. She said, “it was a memorable trip for real, but it was super unsafe.

Choose Tourist-Friendly Destinations

In fact, we asked 50 solo female travelers two very important questions:

  1. How did traveling alone feel?
  2. Is it safe?

While a solid 98% agreed that it was memorable and something everyone should do at least once in their lives, only 5% said solo traveling in India is safe for women. 

Moreover, India’s own National Records Bureau1 says that in 2019 alone, 409  foreigners filed multiple cases – out of which 55 cases talked about kidnapping, assault, and rape. The data certainly speaks for itself.

So, we only have one question – is it safe for women to travel on their own in India? Let’s find out – shall we?

But First, Why Should You Go On At Least One Solo Trip In Your Life?

Before I look at the safety angle, let me make one thing very clear – solo trips for women are a must! If you have never done it, you MUST – it is somewhat life-changing, TBH! 

Here’s why you should opt for at least one solo trip in your life:

1. It Will Boost Your Confidence:

Women who travel alone learn how to do everything on their own – from ordering meals from foreign menus to hailing taxis, you will know how to take care of yourself without depending on anybody else.  

Yes, that also includes other stuff, like exploring a foreign city at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. In fact, women who travel on their own are so much more confident about themselves. Plus, they are so positive – and what is not there to love, really? 

2. It Will Help You Experience True Freedom:

When you travel alone, you don’t have to depend on anyone. In fact, you are in charge of your schedule. Moreover, your vote is literally the only vote that matters. You can legitimately wake up as early or late, for that matter, as you feel like with the rest of your becoming free like the beginning. 

It is one of those days when you don’t have to think about anyone – you don’t have to care about what others are planning. It is total freedom, and you will get to have the most exhilarating experiences of your life. 

3. It Will Help You To Adapt:

Traveling is typically filled with opportunities and moments that nobody can actually control. Flights get delayed, rerouted, and canceled regularly, just like other modes of transportation. 

Help You To Adapt

Moreover, reservations can not work out. Also, if you get the chance to travel on your own, you can learn how to go with the flow, adapt, and make things work out. 

4. It Will Teach You About Yourself:

When females travel on their own, they are pretty quick to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, you will see what you can easily handle and, more importantly, how you can deal with hurdles. Moreover, this is a kind of self-discovery in itself.

Also, when you are not in your comfort zone, it becomes so difficult to explore new experiences. But that is exactly what solo travel does – it offers opportunities to try out new things every day and figure out so much for yourself.

5. It Will Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

Solo trips are perhaps the best way to step out of your comfort zone and do everything that you have never done. In return, your comfort zone becomes big – you learn to become more comfortable and be at ease in different situations and circumstances. 

Also, you will see that it is easy and comfortable for you everywhere – your living room as well as some dirt hut deep inside a rainforest. 

6. It Will Help You To Meet New People:

When you choose to travel in a group, it is too convenient to be lazy and not interact with the people and culture around you. In fact, it is always a better idea to depend on people you know already. 

Help You To Meet New People

However, women who like traveling on their own get plenty of space to meet new people and interact with others who stretch their mindsets, boundaries, and ideas. Besides, who doesn’t love making new friends in distant lands? 

7. It Will Teach You To Budget Well:

When you are on a solo trip, you are in control of your energy, time, and, most importantly, finances. Yep – you are the only one responsible. As a result, you will learn how to budget in different aspects of your trip – from figuring out your daily budget to negotiating good deals. 

So, it is no surprise that solo trips can teach you many tricks and techniques about traveling the world, even without any money. TBH, I think this is a vital life hack for everyone, no matter their age or career. 

Solo Trips For Women: Is It Safe To Travel Alone?

Within the bigger leisure travel market, experts are anticipating solo trips for women to experience the most growth by 2027, as per Astute Analytica’s2 market research. Moreover, as per’s 2014 survey, American women were on top of the list in solo travel, with 72% frequently going on solo trips.

Meanwhile, more and more businesses are in the process of identifying opportunities to target solo female travelers. 

For instance, Greether is an application that pairs women with a female guide or ‘greeter’ when they arrive at a certain tourist spot and helps them feel safe. Moreover, Greether’s founder, Vanessa Karel, likened the guide to a best friend who will show you around a new place. 

Interestingly, Karel was stranded in some Moroccan city in 2020. The incident inspired her to launch Greether. She later talked about how she was worried about exploring a country alone without knowing much about the local culture or even speaking the language. 

Moreover, since there weren’t any kind of greeting services available at the time, she had several highly anxious moments about her safety. 

Obviously, Karel is not the only one worried about her safety. As per Greether’s survey that included 500 regular female solo travelers, 90% said that their biggest concern is safety. Fortunately, the app is not accessible in over 90 countries and 500 cities across the globe. 

Apart from offering safety, it also makes sense for travel businesses to target female travelers primarily. After all, women typically make decisions about travel budgeting. Moreover, research says that women are more interested in becoming travelers and not tourists, supporting local culture, and promoting sustainability. 

With several businesses working to make solo travel safe for women, it is becoming super easy to feel like an actual traveler. 

India is incredible – there’s no doubt about that! The ancient culture, its significantly different altitudes, and its massive population of 1.38 billion come together to create one of the most fascinating destinations in the whole world. 

But the question is – how safe is India for female sole travelers? 

In 2005, when solo travel first emerged in India, especially for female travelers, safety wasn’t much of an issue. For foreigners visiting the country at the time, India wasn’t an easy place to travel to – but instead of safety, the issue was more about not coping with the heat or the extreme weather conditions in different parts of the country. 

A trip to India is ambitious – each part of the country is different in terms of weather, culture, people, and, of course, safety. Moreover, with changing times, things are different in 2024 – safety for female solo travelers is a hot topic. 

And why won’t we consider safety a hot topic while planning solo trips for women? As per research, in 2017, India was in the bottom 20% of gender inequality. 

To make matters worse, in 2018, India became the most dangerous country in the world for women, as per a perception poll conducted by Thomas Reuters3 in 2018 featuring 192 countries. Ironically, India was the fourth most dangerous country in 2011, only to bag the top spot by 2018. 

Moreover, as per a 2017 poll4, 70% of women in India are scared of reporting complaints about sexual harassment – the reason being their lack of faith in the Indian justice system. 

Looking at the data and listening to countless personal experiences, it is easy to understand that solo trips for women in India are no easy feat.

Traveling Alone To India: How To Stay Safe?

To cut a long story short, it is not safe to travel in India for women. As a result, solo trips for women in India might sound a little farfetched. But that doesn’t mean it is completely impossible. 

Here are some of the strategies to stay safe in India when you are traveling alone to this diverse country! 


1. Do Your Research Well:

Do some solid research and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the Indian culture before you embark on a solo trip. For instance, everything is still very traditional in India, with genders interacting differently. 

You cannot interact with the opposite sex in India in a way you would in any Western country. It is possible that your friendly and casual approach could be seen as an invitation. 

2. Dress Appropriately:

Apart from some pockets like Goa and South Mumbai, India still has a traditional society. This indicates that visitors should abide by society’s rules, like ‘dressing modestly.’

You can also choose to dress like an Indian – this will help you to blend in with the locals. 

3. Be Polite:

It is only normal that you are going to be polite if you are visiting a new country such as India. But as a female solo traveler in India, it is vital to be more polite than confident. Also, it is best that you trust your gut. 

So, if you think that someone could be a potential threat or is harassing you in any way, just walk away. In such cases, don’t think about being polite. Instead, just ignore people who beg, stare, and are overly intrusive. 

Moreover, if you get into any trouble, don’t be scared of asking for help. FYI, social shaming is a big deal in India – chances are Indian uncles and aunties will crowd around you, defending you and heaping shame on the people who were bothering you. 

4. Choose Tourist-Friendly Destinations:

As a part of your research, discover which areas of India are more welcoming to tourists and which parts are safer. 

For instance, if you are in Delhi, the southern part of the city is safer and more welcoming to tourists. South Delhi is an upscale residential area. Here, it is less likely for shady people to prey upon you. 

Similarly, states like Rajasthan and Kerela, where you will see plenty of tourists, are typically a better alternative for female solo travelers. Also, Goa is a pretty cool destination – India’s party spot. But it is safer to stay away from Goa’s drug culture since the state is also a location for crimes against female solo travelers. 

5. Opt For Safe Modes Of Transportation:

Commutes in India can be tiring, confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, or all at once. It does feel like nothing is easy at times – even something as simple as booking a train ticket. As a result, it is possible for women to experience potentially risky situations and unwanted attention. 

To keep things safe, it is better to avoid arriving in the country late at night, specifically at bus and train stations. Also, ensure that someone comes to pick you up. 

Most importantly, don’t put your faith in random people at airports and railway stations for a ride to the hotel. Instead, depend on apps like Uber or Ola or even prepaid taxi options. 

Incredible India’s Not-So-Incredible Safety Precautions For Female Solo Travelers:

While solo trips for women are on the rise, so are safety concerns, especially for destinations like India. That doesn’t mean you can’t travel on your own – you can! You just have to be careful and take adequate precautions before planning a solo trip to the Indian subcontinent. 

It is a truly incredible country but not entirely safe. But you gotta do what you gotta do – so do your research, get in touch with the right people, and have a fantastic trip. 

After all, we all know who runs the world! Girls, obviously!



  1. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is an Indian government agency responsible for collecting and analyzing, crime data as defined by the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Special and Local Laws (SLL).” ↩︎
  2. Astute Analytica are a team of experts with scores of years of experience, determined to help you connect with ever-evolving landscape of information. ↩︎
  3. Reuters is one of the world’s largest news agencies. In 2018, they conducted a perception poll featuring 192 countries on gender inequality and the danger each country poses to all genders. ↩︎
  4.  The Indian Bar Association conducted a survey in 2017 featuring 6,047 respondents. The results showed that 70% women don’t report cases of sexual harassment because they fear repercussions. ↩︎

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