Whenever you think about the most haunted place, you often might picture a lonely shack or a dilapidated cemetery. Well, these notions are far from the truth, and America’s most haunted place is actually a bustling hotel, Hotel Stanley. Keep reading, and you might find some new information that you do not know. 

The History Behind The Hotel.

Stanley Hotel, Colorado, was originally built back in 1878 by a man named Windham Thomas Wyndham Quinn. He was the fourth Earl of Dunraven and an Irish baronet. The hotel faces the picturesque expanses of the beautiful Estes Park. This adds an extra layer of eerieness to the location.

Lord Dunraven wanted to build this luxury hotel in an attempt to capitalize on the newly opened Western territory. His primary aim was to introduce the people of the West to fine living. 

The History Behind The Hotel.

Stanley Hotel was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest. As a result, Magistrates, business magnates, politicians, etc., and people from all other walks of life flocked to the hotel with the expectation of experiencing the good life. In fact, people from across the sea flocked to this hotel in order to experience the opulence and grandeur of the hotel. 

Things were looking great, until one incident changed the very course of history for the hotel. On a fateful August day, a terrible fire blazed through the main lodge of the hotel.

This provided an opportunity to a Vermont-based investor named Freelan Oscar Stanley. Stanley bought the land in 1909 and followed in the footsteps of his predecessor. He wanted to bring quality living to the wilds of Colorado. The Stanley Hotel re-opened its doors again on 4th July 1909. 

The hotel became quite a premier organization as soon as it opened its door to the general public. However, as years went by, guests started noticing that some things were just off about the location. 

Is It Haunted?

Hotel Stanley is one of the premier living accommodations in Colorado. Every year, millions of tourists make their way to this idyllic location to experience opulent lifestyle and period architecture.

Over the years, people started noticing that there was something about the location. Eventually, employees, historians, and guests started agreeing that their feelings and experiences were real. And that they are not imagining things. 

Is It Haunted

The hauntings of Stanley Hotel are so prominent and famous that every major ghost-hunting show in America has sought out this hotel as a subject. With each passing day, the list is just growing longer and longer. In fact, several established organizations like NESPR or the New England Society for Psychic Research have claimed that this place is one of the most haunted places in America. 

The hauntings also inspired Stephen King to create his famous literary work called The Shining. The hotel featured in the story had a dimension and story similar to that of the Hotel Stanley. As a result, people often mistake that this story is a real representation of what happened at the real hotel. 

Hauntings Of Stanley Hotel

Hauntings Of Stanley Hotel

Haunting in Stanley Hotel is not a random event. In fact, many ghost hunters believe that there is a pattern. This pattern is one of the most important aspects of Stanley Hotel because it tells us that the spirits are not residual spirits. As a result, the hauntings in the Stanley Hotel are not like you might experience in Bowery or Lincoln Park Zoo

The Vortex

The Vortex

The Vortex is one of the first paranormal hotspots that you need to know. Ghost hunters believe that Vortex is a portal for the paranormal. People have identified the location of Vortex near the stairway that connects the hotel lobby to second-floor suites. People claim that they have seen a female figure running at them at full speed. This is often accompanied by a smell of ash and smoke in the air. Also, people have said that they felt the presence of a young girl. 

Concert Hall

Another hotspot for activity that people have observed is the concert hall. Freelan Oscar Stanley himself built this hall. Sources suggest that Stanley built this hall for his beloved wife, Flora. In the concert hall, there is a huge Steinway piano that seems to be the hotspot for all the activities. Historians claim that Flora was an ardent music-loving person, and she loved the Steinbeck piano.

Concert Hall

People claim that they have heard this piano being played. In fact, a team of Ghost hunters used thermal imagery to see that certain keys of the piano showed signs of heat. Furthermore, several guests felt that they were lightly tapped on their shoulders, like somebody was asking them to move. The Spirit of Flora is believed to be a benevolent spirit haunting the concert hall.

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor

While many people will tell you about the concert hall or the Vortex, the fourth floor is also a hot spot for activity. In fact, it is one of the most active spots for paranormal activities. In fact, this place has one of the most consistent sightings of recent years. Several guests claim that they have seen multiple figures on different accounts. One of the most famous sightings of fourth floor is the twins. People have often said that they saw two girls running around in the corridors of the fourth floor. In fact, Stephen King included these sightings in his work as well.  

End Note.

There you have it. This is all the information you will need in order to understand and record the hauntings of the famous Stanley Hotel. This hotel is popularly claimed to be one of the most active paranormal spots in the whole of America. Keep following our page for more such content. 


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