If you’re a keen surfer, you probably get a little bored of the routine of visiting the same surf spots time and time again. Although surfing is a lot of fun wherever you do it, sometimes it’s time for a change of scenery, and finding some remote waves that are a little more off-grid is a great way to rekindle that excitement. 

If you want to avoid the crowds or try somewhere completely new, we thought we’d tell you about five surf spots you may never have thought about visiting, but that have waves that are well worth checking out. 

1. The Severn Bore

The River Severn in the southwest of England is the longest river in the UK and may seem like a bit of an odd spot to go surfing. However, this river is one of only 60 in the world with a tidal bore, and the tides travel upstream rapidly, with waves reaching heights of up to 7 feet. 

The Severn’s tidal range is the third-largest in the world, and locals often surf the tides, with Steve King holding the Guinness World Record for the longest surfing ride on a river bore, surfing up the river Severn for 7.6 miles straight! 

You can find out more about the Severn Bore on this website that has all the info you could need if you’re planning a trip. 

2. Oman


A reasonably new spot to gain popularity for surfing opportunities, Oman offers an extensive coastline to discover, and the water is warm all year round. Since not many people head there as a surfing destination yet, you’ll probably have the beaches to yourself. .However, you will also need to fend for yourself as there aren’t many facilities. 

Monsoon season is the best time to visit Oman for surfing, as you’ll find constant southwest swells. The most well-known spot in Oman is Joe’s spot, so it’s great for beginners or the more experienced surfer alike. Rides can last up to 40 seconds, and it features a sandbar on the right and a rock bottom on the left. 

For more spots in Oman worth checking out, take a look at this post from Ann’s Cottage. The post features some more secret surf spots from around the world. 

3. The Black Sea 

Not many people think of Eastern Europe when they think of surfing. However, the Black Sea has a unique charm. There are several spots where people have been surfing for years and years. 

The local fishermen in Turkey have been enjoying a form of bodyboarding called Viya since the Ottoman Empire, a tradition that continues to this day. 

Bulgaria and Romania also offer favorable conditions for surfing. The east coast of the Black Sea exposed too high winds and sea storms. These factors contribute to powerful and fast waves that many don’t think to check out. 

4. The Isle of Man

Very few people associate the Isle of Man with surfing, even those who live there. However, there are, in fact, real waves to be surfed. It just takes a bit of dedication and learning about different waves, the wind, and the tides. 

The best spot to head to is around Port St Mary, which is on the southwest of the island. In this place, you can find 3 to 4-foot waves and is probably the most consistent spot on the island. 

You can read more about the Isle of Man’s grassroots surf scene and what it’s like to surf there from a local in this post from the Surfing Sumo. 

5. Eisbachwelle, Munich 


If you don’t mind your waves being human-made, then you may want to check out this unique standing wave in Munich, Germany. The spot in the river became popular in the 70s.   

Local surfers have ‘hacked’ the tide by adding underwater ropes and planks to give it a better shape. 

Yearly surfing competitions are hosted, and this unusual surf spot in the middle of the city is trendy. However, it is only suitable for experienced surfers, and beginners could run into trouble. 

6. Cortes Bank California 

If you were so quick to judge California, then you are very wrong. California is, in fact, a surfing mecca. However, the Cortes Bank is nowhere near the shore. The spot is located a whopping 100 miles of the San Diego coast.  

If you are a big fan of high waves, this is the right place for you. The spot produces waves that go up to 80 feet high. The waves from the Cortes are among the world’s biggest readable waves. If you are a big wave suffer, you need to visit this spot. 

7. Jackson Hole, California 

Jackson Hole

This spot has gained its fame for several things. The region is famous for mind-blowing parks and white water rafting. Not so many people can imagine that the place is also a surfing destination. Jackson Hole is one of the many hidden surfing spots.  

The spot has been attracting suffers from way back in 1970. Many people who visit the area find the Snake River the best and charming surfing spot. The river has barreling rapids that produce standing waves. 

Most suffer find these waves so surprising and worth giving a stuffing trial. However, the region is very famous for wolves and bears. This makes it a little bit dangerous, especially during the winter period. 

However, immediately, the snow disappears many people flood the area for a surfing moment. If you are planning to visit the spot, then you need to be very prepared. You need to note that surfing on rapids is a bit different from oceans.  

Most people who try to surf end up giving up on their first attempt. If you wish to surf these rapid, you have to know that it a tiring exercise.  

8. Liberia Africa 

Well, Liberia has not had an excellent reputation in recent times. For the past few years, the country has had to put up with constant civil wars. These civil wars have left so many dead, while others have fled the country for safety.  

It is because of this reason that many people try to avoid this country. However, the country is fast recovering and healing from the civil war wounds. The recent times in the country have been marked by an increase in the number of tourists.  

Most of these tourists head to the country’s coastline for a surfing moment on the country’s untouched waters.  

9. Severn River England 

Severn River England 

If you are afraid of long rivers, then you need to forget about surfing on this river. This is the Longest river in the United Kingdom. This river is rightly one of the most unlikely places one would think of surfing.  

The river forms part of the 60 estuaries in the world that have a tidal bore. The waves on this river travel for miles. If you need to catch up with the biggest waves on the river, you need to visit the spot during the spring season.  

10. Namibia 


Whether going on a surfing expedition or not, you need to visit Namibia. The country has some of the best shores you will ever find anywhere in this world. The fantastic dunes and the wilderness appearance make the place stand out. 

For surfing lovers, you will enjoy the best surfing moments in the deep green waters of the country’s ocean. If you visit the country between June and May, you will interact with a massive number of suffers. 

These suffer come from all over the world to enjoy a surfing moment on the country’s coastline. However, if you intend to visit the country, you need to make sure you carry your warm clothing along with you. 


With this information, you know the best places to spend your time and money when it comes to surfing. It is good to so your homework well so that you can make an informed decision. The most important thing is to get the best from your vacation.  

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