It is evident from the travel patterns that Thailand gets a lot more visitors than its neighboring south-Asian country Cambodia. But now, it is time to shift the focus from Thailand to Cambodia if you were having a debate in your mind about Thailand vs Cambodia.

You must have researched the topic, which one you should visit, but we have a verdict ready for you. It is Cambodia that you should visit this time. Why? We have the reasons listed as well, so you have a clear idea and choose the place without any doubt.

Even though Thailand holds the official title of being the Land of Smiles, Cambodia is the clear choice between the two. Not taking it away from Thailand, but Cambodia has outgrown its neighbor with its kindness, generous hearts, and the way they welcome their visitors.

Thailand vs Cambodia: No Doubt About It, Visit Cambodia

Thailand vs Cambodia

Thailand used to be a cheaper option for the crows, but why not spend some extra and have an even better experience? Isn’t that what we are looking for? Experiencing the joys of life even if it costs us something extra? But now, Cambodia is not far away from Thailand, and you will get an amazing luxurious experience if you visit, and not at a very high cost.

But why are we saying that Cambodia is your best shot? Read below to find out.

It Is Less Explored

I am sure it must have happened to you; you told someone you were planning a trip to Thailand, and they told you they had already visited. But if you tell someone you are visiting Cambodia, they will be keen to know about your travel details, as they have not visited. 

The place is becoming popular every day, but still, it has the edge over Thailand, and you have a lot more to talk about when you come back from Cambodia.

Beat The Crowd

It is tough to run from the maddening crowd at the Angkor War. But you can obviously enjoy the quietness if you shift the location from Thailand to Cambodia. Fancy a desert island? Cambodia has got you covered. Take a boat and move to one of the smaller islands in Sihanoukville for one day. Want some private time in the forest? You have the Cardemoms, and if you want to visit a temple, then go check Preah Vihear.

It Is Visa-Friendly

If you are out with a long travel plan or if you are a backpacker, then Cambodia is the best option for you. It is easy to get visas. And you can stay here for a longer period of time when compared to Thailand. As for Thailand, you get the visa on arrival and get that for 30 days. But in Cambodia, you can extend the visa to one to three months, or even 12 months for that matter.

Visit The Angkor Wat

Cambodia is actually the home to Angkor Wat. It is one of the world’s largest religious structures. This place might get a little overcrowded from time to time, but the view itself is enough to capture your heart. The quiet ambiance is something that you will not find anywhere else.

Communication Is Easy Here

It is a lot easier to communicate here in Cambodia. The younger generation here speaks English, so it is easy to call a cab or a tuk-tuk, ask the locals for information, or order your food. Everything’s a lot simpler than it is in Thailand. A lot of things change when you get out of the province. But you will still find a lot of young people eager to help you out when you need them. Or help you translate when you don’t understand their local language.

You Will Get Some Of The Best Deals Here

For people who like to take out their haggling hat, this is their place. Here you will get a lot of things at a low price. Foreigners always pay a little more than the commoners, but they are always eager to get the local things with them as a souvenir. 

And Cambodians are happier to keep the prices low and get you the things you want than their hard-selling neighbors. Even if saving money is not your priority on the trip, why not take advantage of the low prices at the market and get some things for yourself and your loved ones?

It Is Random

Cambodia is called the Kingdom of Wonder, and it does justice to its name as well. There are a lot of sights that will get you confused, you will end up thinking, what is wrong with the world in this place?

You will often witness a family of five or six in one motorcycle, bizarre signage, some cringy adverts, or a dozen chickens that you will find tied to the back of a boto. A lot of things are happening together that will blow your mind off.

It Is More Adventurous

If you have a heart for adventures, then pick Cambodia over Thailand any day. Be it taking the bumpy road with some locals traveling through the forest on a motorbike through skin-deep water or chatting with the local tribes, Cambonia is the winner when adventure is considered. Walking alongside the Elephants through the jungle is also a possibility in Cambodia.

There is nothing in particular, but everything in general, that makes Cambodia the winner in a debate of Thailand Vs Cambodia. There is something unique and special about Cambodia that leaves people looking for more and coming back again. Whatever the reason behind it, Cambodia will win your heart.


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