Adopting a plant-based diet has become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are various reasons for doing so, including concerns over animal welfare and the impact of animal agriculture on global warming.  What is the meaning of vegan-friendly?

According to research, becoming vegan means significantly reducing the number of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere as a result of your activities.

Since more and more people have adopted plant-based diets, consisting largely or even entirely of plants, there has also been a significant increase in vegan options in supermarket aisles and restaurants.

Do Vegan-Friendly Destinations Often Available? 

Do Vegan-Friendly Destinations Often Available? 

While being in control of what you buy and eat is relatively straightforward at home since all you have to do is read labels and menus carefully, it’s a little more challenging to be vegan when traveling.

For some, this conundrum has meant approaching the social omnivore lifestyle: not eating meat or animal products at home but doing so in social contexts, such as dining in restaurants or with friends and family.

However, if you feel more comfortable remaining plant-based through and through, here are some of the places in the world that offer a wide variety of vegan-friendly eating options.

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Tel Aviv, one of Israel’s largest cities, has been widely dubbed as “The world’s Vegan Food Capital.” The city has the highest per capita population of vegans in the world, so there’s naturally no shortage of options.

The vegan-friendly alternatives in Tel Aviv are widely varied, including large-name brands, international restaurant chains, and locally-based traditional eateries.

The local cuisine already has a large number of traditional foods that are either vegetarian or vegan and for the remaining ones, plant-based substitutes are not challenging to come by. Baba ghanoush, falafel, and many soups and desserts are just some of the things you can try.


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Similar to Israel, the traditional cuisine of India offers multiple vegetarian and vegan options. Roughly 24% of the population, or 574 million people, follow a vegetarian diet.

Not only can you find many restaurants that don’t even have meat on the menu, but numerous food stalls and marketplaces serve dairy-free options.

Given the fact that India is such a large country, its vegan-friendly cuisine is also incredibly eclectic. Dal, masala dosa, rajma, Palak tofu curry, and pakora are some of the most popular vegan dishes you must try when traveling to India.


Singapore is one of Asia’s most vegan-friendly nations. There are well over 1000 restaurants where you can try many healthy plant-based options.

Noodles, burgers, sushi, desserts, and traditional recipes will make Singapore one of your favorite places in the world to visit. Some of the foods are so tasty that you’ll want to replicate them when you return home.

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Taiwan has a large number of vegan friendly countries in Asia. The long Buddhist tradition has meant that the country has had plenty of plant-based options throughout history.

Recently, however, large numbers of locals, concerned about the health implications of unhealthy diets, have begun adopting vegetarian diets in large numbers.

There are many traditional foods that you can try that fit vegan requirements, so you’re not stuck eating the same things you could easily eat back home as well.

Dougan is a popular, vegan street food consisting of tofu that is served cubed and flavored with star anise, licorice, soy sauce, and cinnamon. Scallion pancakes are also very common; you just have to look for the type that includes no eggs.

They are easy to find in breakfast shops and are also sold from pushcarts and in Taiwan’s many night markets. Grilled mochi, mock meats, veggie burgers, buns, and dumplings are some of the other options you can try.

There are also many popular vegan desserts, including Aiyu jelly, which gets its texture from the seeds of the awkeotsang creeping fig, shaved ice, and many ice cream flavors.


One of the best vegan friendly restaurants in Japan to visit as a vegan is Kyoto. The beautiful, historically-rich city will charm you with its sites and landmarks. After all the sightseeing, however, you’ll want some refreshments.

Japan’s traditional Buddhist cooking techniques and practices, referred to collectively as shojin ryori, are made without animal products and are based on seasonality and naturally-blending flavors.

Many Japanese staples are vegan by default, including miso, tofu, seaweed, rice, umeboshi, ramen, sweet potatoes, and dumplings.


Korea has one of the best examples of vegan friendly restaurants and cuisine that is not only fully vegan but also heavily based on sustainability and zero waste.

Originating nearly 2,000 years ago, Korean temple food appeared in the country alongside Buddhism and has maintained a strong presence ever since.

Some of the most popular dishes include sang chu scam, lettuce wraps, cooked rice, juksun kimchi, made with bamboo shoots and hang, traditional Korean confectionery, whose common ingredients include honey, ginger, cinnamon, fruits, and roots.

Some of the other recipes you can enjoy include zucchini dumplings and pancakes, spicy salads, and vegan noodles.

Wrapping Up

Traveling when you’re vegan can be challenging, as some vegan friendly restaurants don’t include plant-based options that you can try. However, that doesn’t mean you must choose between your dietary requirements and your love for traveling. A little careful planning will allow you to do both, and you are likely to discover some new recipes in the process as well. All you have to do is look around a little bit, and you can make your next voyage overseas a veritable culinary experience that you’ll remember for a long while.

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