“It's not always about the journey to Louisiana with a banjo on your knees!’

If you are in Alabama and you do not have your true love in Louisiana, just stay back and enjoy!

Well, that is the best you can do. In this article, you can check the ten things to do in Alabama.

It is one of the happening states of the US that has a coastline and several beautiful locations that attract tourists from different parts of the world. So, you should plan for a trip to Alabama soon. For now, spare some minutes and check out the activity list while you are on tour.

Top Ten Things To Do In Alabama- 2023 Full Travel Guide

The following entries are of the activities in Alabama that you should not miss. Even if you cannot cover everything in a single trip, make sure to plan repeated ones. So, it is now time to check out the entries:

1. Go For A Dolphin Safari At The Gulf Coast


You can consider going for a dolphin safari to be one of the vital things to do in gulf shores, Alabama. There are a lot of tour operators who conduct these types of tours. You can expect to get cruise boats and even luxury yachts for your trip.

The group size varies on the size of the boat. However, you can always expect to successfully spot a dolphin.

2. Enjoy An Excursion To The Orange Beach

Enjoy An Excursion To The Orange Beach

When you are thinking of things to do in Alabama, do not forget about the Orange beach. It is one of the main and most happening beaches in Alabama.

Here you can get a chance to catch a tiki boat and enjoy a ride in the open sea. You can consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to enjoy the vibrant blue hues on a sunny day. From sunbath to fishing, there are many things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama.

3. Experience The Birmingham Ghost Walk

 Experience The Birmingham Ghost Walk

Birmingham is a notable city in Alabama, and you can indulge in a unique ghost walk here. So, if you have a strong heart or do not really believe in ghosts, this can be one of the things to do in Alabama that you should never miss. Just talk with your travel agent and set a night walking trip through the spooky roads of the city.

4. Witness The Theme Parks

Witness The Theme Parks

There are a few alluring theme parks in Alabama state. You can spend a lot of time in any of them. In case you get a chance to have a zipline ride, try not to miss it. You can book the tickets quite early. Just consider it as one of the things to do in mobile Alabama. As per the location, you can choose to go to The Raptor.

5. Do Not Miss Going To A Food Tour

Do Not Miss Going To A Food Tour

A food tour is a vital activity that you should not miss when going for a tour at a new place. You can always take some time out and taste some food and wine in Alabama. It can be during lunch or dinner time but request your guide to accompany you. You can visit places like Marty’s PM, Upside Down Plaza etc.

6. Check Out The History And Beauty Of Birmingham

Check Out The History and Beauty Of Birmingham

There are a lot of historical places in Alabama. They mostly carry the messages from the past. So, you can consider it one of the things to do in Alabama to witness them. The main location among them can be the Legacy Museum.

Apart from it, you can also be a part of the Montgomery Civil Rights Walk. This can also be a unique experience if you are on your first trip to the state.

7. Be Wonderstruck Witnessing The Architecture Of BCRI

Be Wonderstruck Witnessing The Architecture Of BCRI

If you are concerned about things to do in Birmingham, Alabama, do not skip witnessing the BCRI building. It is actually the Birmingham Civil Rights Institue. Well, you can get some access to the place and spend a few good hours knowing about the history of the city and the state.

8. Spend Some Time In The Dothan Tour

Spend Some Time In The Dothan Tour

If you are interested in something paranormal, you can go for the Dothan Tour. Have a good guide who can tell you the authentic tales about the past of Dothan. This can be one of the best things to do in Alabama if you are out for a solo trip.

Always expect the roads of Dothan to be quite spooky at night. Now, you can take the challenge to hold your guts up for two hours as the trip commences.

9. Check Out The Farms


There are a few wonderful farms in Alabama to which the tourists have access. Well, they are Smith Farms, Alabama Barn Quilt Trail, and Reeves’ Peach Farm. You can consider spending some time on any of these farms and observing the process of agriculture.

10. Do Not Skip The Adventure Island

The Adventure Island

Adventure Island is an amusement park in Alabama, and it can be the best place for you to visit while on a family trip. You can expect your kids to have a good time on Adventure Island. The only thing you need to do is keep children under proper supervision.

Even you can enjoy the amusement ailments at this place. So, you can think of including this place on your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Is The Number One Tourist Attraction In Alabama?

The US Space and Rocket Center can be the best tourist attraction in Alabama.

2. What Is The Coolest Thing In Alabama?

Orange Beach and the Parks are the coolest things in Alabama.

3. What Is The Prettiest Place In Alabama?

Smith Lake and the Cheaha State Park are the most beautiful places in Alabama.

4. Is There Anything Worth Seeing In Alabama?

You should witness the BCRI when you visit Alabama State.

Final Words

Alabama is situated in the south-central USA, and it is adjacent to Florida. So, you can expect the state to be quite happening. Now, you can get the best vibe of the trip if you include the right things to do in Alabama.

So, start searching for an excellent travel agent who can set your trip with ease. Moreover, you should check the climate and the touring season of Alabama. It is yet another important thing to remember. The best you can do is pre-book all the packages and then set out for a trip.

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