Are you a travel enthusiast and currently looking for a place to visit that has enriched history and scenic beauty? Well, then you can choose to visit Armenia. It is a small country in the middle-east. It falls in Asia and shares its borders with Turkey.

This country can allow you to visit a lot of places that are important to tourists. However, in this article, you can get a glimpse of some activities that can make your trip to Armenia memorable. Check out the entries in this article and select the things to do in Armenia on your next trip.

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Top Ten Activities To Do In Armenia In 2023

The current year has bought a fresh spell of air in the minds of most trippers. Armenia is also ready to welcome tourists in the post-Covid era. So, you can indulge in the following activities.

1. Go For A Day Trip To Geghard Monastery

Go For A Day Trip To Geghard Monastery

When you reach Armenia, plan up for a day trip to the Geghard Monastery. There are a lot of tombs and churches in the monastery. Moreover, you would be amazed to witness the outstanding sculptures present in this place.

Consider this to be one of the important things to do in Armenia. The monastery is a world heritage site as enlisted by UNESCO. So, you can check that the place is well-maintained by the authority. The best you can do is find an affordable restaurant nearby and have your lunch. Remember, it would be fun staying at the monastery till the evening.

2. Do Not Forget To Witness The View Of Mount Ararat

Do Not Forget To Witness The View Of Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is not only a mountain but something that symbolises Armenia. While on a tour to Armenia, you can witness the breathtaking view of this mountain. All you have to do is reach out to Khor Virap.

Now Khor Virap is an easily-accessible place and the best way you can reach the place is by car driving. The 30 km long road is buttery and you would even be able to drive on it while having a memorable ride.

3. Visit The Republic Square

Visit The Republic Square

Witnessing Republic Square is quite important and one of the best things to do in Armenia Colombia. As per an alarming fact, it took approximately fifty years to build Republic Square. However, the main construction took place during the 1950s.

You can consider this to be one of the main things to do in Yerevan Armenia. When exploring Republic Square, you should not forget to visit the History Museum, Government House, and the National Galaxy.

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4. Watch The Breathtaking Heights From The Karahunj Observatory

Watch The Breathtaking Heights From The Karahunj Observatory

The world-famous Karahunj Observatory is locally known as Zorats Karer in Armenia. It is located in the southern part of the country. The best you can do is a stopover at this observatory when heading towards Tatev.

The Karahunj Observatory is located at an elevated point and you can witness some outstanding views from this place. Apart from the observatory, you can find some ruins that date back to 3500 BC. So, you can touch some stones that have been present since the Neolithic Age. This yet another outstanding things to do in Armenia.

5. Explore The Yerevan City On Foot

Explore The Yerevan City On Foot

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and you can indulge in an activity of exploring it to the fullest on foot. As a result, you can witness the culture and history of the place. You should remember that Yerevan is a big city and you can get a lot of things to see as you walk through the streets.

While walking, you should make sure going through the billboards and street notes in Yerevan. The best you can do is to take a local guide. You can ask for one in the hotel you are staying.

6. Take Your Time To Climb The Cascade

Take Your Time To Climb The Cascade

The Cascade is located nearly to the centre of the Yerevan City. Here you can find the city monument. So, the best you can do is climb up the stairs and witness the outstanding view. Well, you should never feel guilty if you cannot make it to the top. There are certain levels of the cascade to where you can climb’.

You can even expect to get a glimpse of Mt. Ararat from the top of the cascade on a clear day.

7. Indulge In Shopping

Indulge In Shopping

When you are in Yerevan, do not forget to take some time out and shop. As the environment in Armenia whispers a lot about history, you can get a lot of old shops. These old shops can be the best for purchasing goodies. You can also shop for the curios and other antique items.
You should always keep in mind to buy antique products that you can use at the end of the day.

8. Explore The Tatev Monastery

Explore The Tatev Monastery

The Tatev Monastery is one of the most beautiful places in Armenia that you can visit. To get to this location, you need to travel to the city of Goris. You can get a lot of cabs to the place as there are regular day tour sessions.

However, for the best experience, you can complete this journey in two days rather than one. Always remember that the later can be too hectic.

9. Take A Drive Through The Vardenyats Pass

Take A Drive Through The Vardenyats Pass

The Vardentyats Pass (Formally known as the Selim Pass) can be another location where you can carry out some fun activities. It would be best if you cut sleet through the highways at this place. Well, again, remember to take your driving licence with you then.

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10. Taste Some Armenian Dishes

Taste Some Armenian Dishes

As per the last activity, you can consider it as one of the fun things to do in Armenia. When you are in Armenia, do not forget to taste the best Armenian dishes. However, make sure to visit the affordable hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Do I Need To Know Before Going To Armenia?

Before going to Armenia, you need to learn about the people and culture of the country.

Q2. What Is The Best Month To Visit Armenia?

The months of May to September are the best months to visit Armenia.

Q3. Do And Don’ts In Armenia?

When you are in Armenia, you can get to see people smoking in public places. So, you can do that too. On the other hand, you should not dress openly in the country.

Q4. How Many Days Do I Need To Visit Armenia?

A standard tour in Armenia can be of three to five days.

Final Words

A trip to Armenia this year can be a kick-start to your touring spree after the pandemic. So, you should start planning for it. The best you can do is consult with an experienced and genuine travel agent. Expect him to tell you about more things to do in Armenia.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to maintain all the Covid rules thoroughly. If you are travelling from the US or any other leading country, make sure you are allowed to visit Armenia.

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