So, you’re finally striking off ‘California’ from your travel bucket list and starting to make another exclusive list of the things to do in California.


Visiting one of the biggest states of the country with diverse landscapes, and most importantly, a trip to Hollywood?

Excitement would be an understatement!

But don’t let this excitement be a nuisance. Save this excitement for the trip. Meanwhile, you need the golden plan. You will have transport, travel insurance, and a budget, but once you are done with that, comes the fun part.

The destinations!

In this travel expert below, you will be getting a list of some of the best places which you can visit. An ultimate list of “things to do in California” for all our travel enthusiasts.

Bon Voyage!

10 Things To Do In California

Here are the ten things which you can do in California. Start your Exploration.

1. Hollywood!

Hollywood in california

Visiting California! What could be more ecstatic than visiting the Hollywood hills? The Hollywood sign stands at the Mt. Lee hills in Los Angeles, and it is one of the best attractions which you absolutely cannot miss.

If you are asking about some other things to do in Los Angeles, California, to get that Hollywood, then pamper your eyes with the amazing sets of Universal Studios.

From action masterpieces from Jurassic Park, Transformers, and King Kong, to fantasies like Harry Potter and ‘feel goods’ like Home Alone. Enjoy all the beautifully crafted sets of your favorite movies.

It is like being in one!

2. Explore Spring Like Nothing Else!

Explore Spring in california

From the ‘City OF Stars’ to the idyllic beauty of nature, our list of things to do in California will always have all the travel desires covered.

No matter what the season is, you will never be disappointed with the picturesque views of Yosemite National Park. From fresh, lush green landscapes to mesmerizing waterfalls, you might take days to cover this national park in the heart of everything Californian nature has to offer.

But, the real beauty lies in the changing reasons. Wherever you visit this national park, you will find the season’s best feature covering the park, whether it is the warm red and orange leaves of the fall or the freshly bloomed beauties of the spring.

Some of its major attractions are Half Dome, Tunnel view outlook, Mist Trail, etc.

3. The Golden Gate!

Golden Gate california

Any Californian travel plan is incomplete without San Francisco. I mean, how will you show any Calforianian pictures without the mighty golden gate?

It is not just about exploring the trendy attractions of the city, something which you would do when you are making a list of the things to do in Los Angeles, California. If you are someone who is fond of the city-cum-town life or streets with vibrant colors and hills bordering the outskirts, then San Francisco is the first place which you should visit.

You will have a scenic bayfront, and the idyllic beauties of the Victorians’ homes ornamenting the place are best for a lazy day out.

Plus, a drive through the Golden Gate, and you get the feeling of being in a Hollywood movie yourself. Without that drive, your things to do in California are incomplete.

4. Desert Drives!

Desert Drives in california

Desserts are one of the best that California has to offer you!

Cruising through the sand dunes, the wild desert flowers, and the scenic mountain ornamenting the landscape from the background, for photography lovers, is paradise.

Just don’t forget to carry your water bottle and sunscreen along with your list of things to do in southern California!

If you are in for an adventure, you can visit The Death Valley National Park. It has crossed all records as the driest place in North America. It has a long hiking trail, and you wouldn’t get to a civilized transport system until you drive to Las Vegas airport, two hours away.

However, if you decide to trek through the unhinged roads of these desert trails, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking view. With its pastel-colored hills, it will look out of the world.

5. Cruise The Coast!

Cruise The Coast california

Yes, yes, we know you have been waiting for it! No list of things to do in California is worth the hype if they do not have the famous braces.

California is incomplete without its mind-blowing coastal life. So, pack your swimming gear and your best bikini because you are in for a swim in the Pacific.

So, among the things to do in Los Angeles, California, driving to the Sandiego beaches should be at the top of your list. Once you are there, you can take your best pick among the best beaches in the world.

These will include La Jolla Shores and even Pacific Beach. This is a very tourist-heavy place, and you will have all the best hotels to spend your resting hours in.

6. The Taste Of Wine!

The Taste Of Wine in california

Yes, the Napa Valley!

If you have time, after all the beaches and the mountain, you should definitely go to Napa Valley if you are looking for things to do in southern California and have the taste of some of the delicate and delicious wines in the country.

But, wine tasting is the only thing you are getting in this beautiful destination. You are getting picturesque vineyard tours and a taste of Californian country life. A few hours of the drive south, you can explore Sonoma Coast State Park in a true African safari style.

7. If You Like The Lakes More!

Like The Lakes More in california

Whenever we speak of California, beaches are the first thing that comes to your mind, but California presents us with mind-blowing diversity.

For all the camping and serene lake lovers, California has something to store for you as well. So, if your definition of fun things to do in California includes something like staying in a resort near a beautiful grand lake, plan on visiting Lake Tahoe In California.

You will be mesmerized by the clear blue waters and the snow-covered mountain tops for the winter delights. However, if you are visiting in the summers, the subtle sun-soaked day outings will also be nothing short of perfect.

The hiking trails enveloping the lakes around are also some good attractions of this place.

8. Wildflowers!

Wildflowers in california

Wildflowers seem a very underrated attraction of California, but nevertheless can be added as one of the fun things to do in California.

Spring is the best time to enjoy the idyllic view of some of the best California wildflowers and poppies. This state clearly doesn’t lack nature’s vibrant beauties. Imagine hills with a yellow and orange tint, all bright and colorful.

Some of the best attractions if you want to enjoy the wildflowers in spring are Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, Chino Hills State Park, and the Point Mugu State Park.

Bath in the pretty flowers!

9. Backpacker’s Delight!

Backpacker’s Delight in california

Some travelers got the food, and some just went for the adventure. They just wish to carry a backpack and explore all the un-walked roads on their own.

If you are one of them, then we might be able to also get you some fun things to do in California. Yes, we are talking about the famous ‘Lost beach.’ The best part about this trip is-

It is a complete adventure!

The Lost Coast is the only place that is yet left untouched by the constant hustle and bustle of the city. It has uneven roads and a 25-mile hiking trail.

You should be an ardent backpacker with an obsessive zeal for adventure; you can venture into this place. But with absolute preparation. 

10. Seaside Village

Seaside Village in california

Whenever we talk about the Californian seaside experiences, a big city and crowd chaos are what you get. Although it might be something most travelers desire on a California trip, some might like to experience the slow village life.

How about among the things to do in southern California, we will give you the best seaside village. Hiking and dining with the best wines are some of the best attractions of this seaside Californian village called Fort Bragg. You can also enjoy some of the mild water sports like kayaking and just normal sunbathing for the days of serenity and peace.

It is also the home to one of the world-famous skunk trains, real country-style horseback riding, and sea cave tours along the Fort Bragg Coastal Trail.

Among the things to do in California, if you wish to do something more peaceful and countryside-like, you can look for the things to do in redding California. Redding in northern California along the Sacramento River is peace redefined for all travelers who search for tranquility and wildlife.

The Queen Of Diversity!

If you look through the best tourist spots in the United States, after five games, you will find a Californian destination. This is one of the reasons why it is called the Queen of diversity.

From Snowy Mountain tops!

Seaside campings!

Disneyland, and

Hollywood Walk Of Fame in things to do in Los Angeles, California!

Among the Fun things to do in California, you can get every type of fun that you are looking for as a traveler.

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