If we go back in time and think about how people related to Croatia a couple of decades ago, then we would think about the brutal Balkan Wars that ruined the region in 1995. But in the last decade, this country has become a hotspot for tourism

It has been getting a lot of attention from the influencers’ travel magazines and has seen an increase in the number of visitors. Thanks to Game Of Thrones. The gorgeous medieval seaside town with an amazing coastline along with numerous islands makes it a hot destination. 

So, be it just walking around the cobbled streets or just discovering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there are various things to do in Croatia that are going to provide you with the best experience. 

Best things to do in Croatia 


If you love being in the lap of nature, love looking through historical sites, want to know about the country, as well as meet some people also, then this list of the best things to do in Croatia is going to be perfect for you. 


When compared with other European Capitals, Zagreb is underappreciated and underrated. This charming town has narrow cobblestone streets along with Baroque places and Gothic Churches. 

It has a lot of quirky museums along with lots of green space. With its trams and pedestal-only streets, you will get the feel of Amsterdam. Many travelers skip it, but it is suggested to visit the place and spend at least three days there. 


Not many tourists visit Slavonia. This is a rural region but popular for its wine and food. Osijek, the main town, has a large historical center that is filled with a lot of cobblestone streets and gothic buildings.  


Check out the wine-country town known as Zmajevac, which is just a few miles away from the border of Serbia and Hungary. Here, you can try anything that is made with the local Grasevina grape.  

Ensure that you try their fish paprikash. It is a fish stew slow-cooked with paprika on an open flame for several hours. 

Blue Cave (Bisevo Island) 

Just imagine this. You are inside a small cave covered in bright blue light. Yes, you heard it right. This cave has water that shines bright, and the water’s surface shimmers in silver.  

Well, this is what you are going to witness in the Bue Cave. This is one of the best things to do in Croatia, and you cannot miss this gorgeous view. This cave is close to the Vis island, but you can take a day trip from Split or Hvar town. 

Cetina River 

Going rafting on the Cetina River is one of the adventure activities that you can try on your trip to Croatia. Take a day trip from Split and go on a rafting expedition. The river has both third-grade rapids and quiet parts, which makes the whole experience a combination of adventure and relaxation. 


From beginning to end, this rafting expedition covers a distance of 11,000 meters and an altitude of 31 meters. However, because of the dangers involved, it is always safe to go rafting with a guided group. 

If you take the tour from Split, you will get to do white water rafting, along with cliff jumping. You will also get the safety equipment for a very reasonable price. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park 

Another one of the things to do in Croatia is take a tour of the Plitvice National Park. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park consists of 16 turquoise lakes and more than 90 waterfalls, along with beautiful panoramic views and hiking trails. 

If you want a relaxed visit, you can get one managed by the local experts. The tour will give you a boat cruise, along with a guide and return transportation.  

Rent a boat 

Well, getting on the water is one of the best things you can do in Croatia. This is something you are going to regret if you do not do. The thousand miles of coastline are the main attractions of Croatia.  


And the best way to experience them is to get out on a boat, or a yacht, or a dingy, or whichever vessel you prefer. And renting a boat in Croatia is also not very expensive. There are sites you will find online which will help you with this. 

Sail week 

Well, if you are planning a trip to Croatia, you must have heard about their famous Yacht Week. It is popular for all the boozy parties it organizes, and do attend it if you want to have a wild experience. But there is a lot more to it. It is a unique way to explore Croatia, and it does that in a different way. 

With the guidance of a trained skipper, Sail Week will take you to the seas just like Yacht Week, but it has a lot more adventure in store for you. Trade in the hangovers and benders for hiking on islands, kayaking, SUPing, and visiting historical locations. 

Museum of Broken Relationships 

If you want an amazing, unique experience in Croatia, then the Museum of Broken Hearts is the correct place for you. It opened back in 2010. The initial idea was to collect and showcase personal items that would demonstrate failed relationships, whether they are familial, friendly, or romantic. 

The museum was going to be a traveling collection of all the donated items but found a permanent home in Zagreb once the founding members realized that the idea was going to be popular. 

This museum is one of the best things in Croatia, but before you go, you should know what you are signing up for. Prepare yourself for getting into an emotional rollercoaster when you visit the museum, you will find a lot to see there. 

Odysseus Cave 

If you are searching for the best things to do in Croatia, then prepare yourself for an amazing hike to the Odysseus Cave. It is believed that this cave on Milet Island was the inspiration for the epic novel “The Odyssey” by Homer.  

The amazing landscape, the hike, and finally, the cave are something that you are going to love. It takes about one hour to hike to the cave from Babino Polje. But you have to face some steep cliff edges and rocky terrains. 

Once you reach the edge of the cliff, the one and only way to reach the cave is to jump into the water and swim the rest of the way. The salty sea is going to help with the buoyancy, but if you are not quite a strong swimmer, then it is best to wear a life jacket. 

Truffle hunting 

There is a subterranean fungus, truffle, which grows around the oak trees and is one of the main Croatian delicacies. Even though they are found all over the world, Croatia is the hotspot for truffles. They even prepare it in various different ways.  

So, it is a good idea to take a tour to check how these truffles are harvested. This truffle hunting tour is organized in Motovun. They will take you out in the woods and teach you about the truffle aromas. They will tell you how dogs find them and how the hunters dig them up. 

So, when are you planning to go? 

Overall, Croatia is an amazing place to visit. From the sunny, limestone-clad roads of Dubrovnik to the Central European vibe Slavonia provides to Zagreb, there is a lot to see and a lot to do in this country. 

But it is best to pick a region and then completely check that part out. Croatia is such a place that it is going to bring you back to itself time and again with just its sheer beauty. So, dive into the region you picked, as you will have lots of options available. 


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