All know the name of Denmark. But very few people are aware of this Scandinavian country's cultural heritage and glorious past. The scenic beauty is fantastic. And not only this, along with the scenic beauty, you can enjoy the lovely weather of the country. Summer is the perfect time to visit this country. And what about the tourist places in Denmark? Charge up your mood battery and explore the country. Hence there are many things to do in Denmark. Only you require a good travel plan and schedule.

Do you have any travel plans for this summer? Then you can put Denmark’s name on your travel bucket list. Let’s see what the exciting things to do in Denmark are.

11 Best Fun Things To Do In Denmark

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. This is not only the capital. This is the royal home of the king's family. The Tivoli amusement park and the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue are the best attractions. You can see how the modern lifestyle matches up with the cobbled streets and half-timbered houses.

Here are some of the fun things to do in Denmark.

1. Little Mermaid Statue In Copenhagen

Mermaid Statue In Copenhagen

This iconic sculpture is not only beautiful. This is a heritage sculpture. This little mermaid sculpture is around 100 years old. The main construction material of this sculpture is bronze. This little mermaid sculpture is built by taking inspiration from the little mermaid story of Hans Christian Andersen.

If you are searching for things to do in Copenhagen Denmark. This is the right place where you can spend your entire day and enjoy the sunset. There are many stories associated with the mermaid statue.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

The distance between Copenhagen Central Station and the Little Mermaid statue is only 18 minutes by train and 36 minutes by bus travel.

2. Enjoy The View Of Wild Horses Of Langeland

Wild Horses Of Langeland

Who does not love the view of the wilderness? And this park is the perfect destination for animal and nature lovers. Are you a nature lover and want to enjoy the great views of the wild horses?

Then you can add many more things to do in Denmark. This island is the perfect destination for all wildlife lovers. Langeland is an isolated island. Where still now the wild horses are coming near the shore from drinking the water.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

You can pick a bus or train from Copenhagen. And Your travel time will be only 2.30 hours by the driveway.

3. Thy National Park

Thy National Park

Thy national park is the official natural park of Denmark. This park covers more than 12 km. The national park is on the western coastline of Jutland is the place of the national park. What can you do here? Do you like to enjoy the views of the natural green country? Then this is the right place to do so.

Want to find the options for hiking and adventurous top things to do in Copenhagen Denmark? Then this national park presents you with multiple options like bird watching and exploring the local flora and fauna of the area. Some historical caves are dated from the bronze age.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

This distance is a little bit far from Copenhagen. The distance is 292 Km. And you will get multiple vehicle options to cover this distance.

4. Historical Egeskov Castle In Funen

Historical Egeskov Castle In Funen

Egeskov Castle is counted as the name of the most famous buildings in Europe. The construction of this building is the perfect example of Renaissance-style construction. The whole castle area is pretty famous for its beautiful constructions and scenic beauty.

The areas are famous for the beautiful trails and buildings. The area around the castles is popular for its natural greenery. For the cultural beauty, you must add this place’s name to your things to do in Denmark list.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

The distance is 166.3 k.m. If you are traveling by bus or car, it will require 2 hours to reach your destination.

5. Sea Views From Northernmost

Sea Views From Northernmost

What are the best things to do in Denmark? The Sea views of the Northmost sites are pretty attractive. Do you know which is the northmost point of Denmark? The Skagen point. The attractive part of the place is you can visualize the two different colors of Ocean water. These two seas are Skagerrak and Kattegat. These two seas are meeting and breaking over the Skaw Reef.

This place belongs under the European mainland. You can enjoy the sea views along with the resident seals which are playing on the beach. This northmost part is the most beautiful part of the coastline.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

The driving distance is 212.6 km. Driving via E45 and E39 will require around two and a half an hour to reach your destination point.

6. Viking Burial Grounds

Viking Burial Grounds

The Viking burial ground is a place where you can experience the glorious past of the Vikings. For a very long time, these gravesites were undercover. But now you can see the ground and explore the whole place.  You can find more than 682 graved stones carved out of stone.

Not only these Viking burial grounds. Along with the Viking burial ground, you also can explore the whole place and enjoy the stone wells and circles views. Exploring the place is one of the best things to do in Denmark list.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

You can catch the train from Copenhagen, and you have to spend around 25 minutes to reach your destination. And your destination point is Lindholm Høje.

7. Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Visiting the Andersen museum is also on the list of top things to do in Denmark. You can visit the museum and enjoy the place of historical famous children's writer Hans Christian Andersen. This museum was established in 1908. And before converting the place, this was the home of the writer.

You can see many unique drawings and paintings on the wall. All houses hold various types of hand paintings of the writer. You can also hear many of the famous stories associated with this house. Before leaving the place, you also can buy a small souvenir for your family members. There is a little shop for mementos in the museum.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

There you get multiple options to reach your destinations. You can take the bus or train, and you only require one h 14m to match your exact goals.

8. Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge

The Oresund bridge of Denmarks is the connecting point with Sweden. This place stretches for 5 miles along the coastal area. This is the longest bridge in Europe. Driving on this bridge is a great experience for everyone. And while driving the bridge, you can take a glimpse of Denmark and Sweden.

Five miles drive is not a very small drive. If you also plan to visit Sweden, you can use this bridge. You can add this bridge to your things to do in Denmark list for the attractive scenic beauty.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

You can drive to reach your destinations. Or you can take the train to Malmö Hyllie station. Then take the taxi to Øresund Bridge.

9. Grab A Beer At Carlsberg In Brewery

Beer At Carlsberg In Brewery

You are in Denmark but do not try the Carlsberg? This is the place where Carlsberg beer is made. The Carlsberg In Brewery is a few minutes drive from Copenhagen. You can develop a fine tour plan to explore the city and then grab an authentic beer rightly produced from the factory.

For enjoying the whole trip, you must add the Carlsberg brewery visit to your things to do in Denmark list. The distance from Copenhagen central station is not far.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

You only require 4 minutes to reach the Carlsberg station from Copenhagen central station.

10. Open Air Lyngby Museum

Open Air Lyngby Museum

The Lyngby Open-Air Museum is another place that is adding a different experience to your things to do in Denmark list. This museum sits on 35 hectares. You will find multiple traditional buildings and farmhouses surrounding the place.

This museum building is pretty old. And in every area of the building, you can find some ancient breeds of wild horses and carriages. The garden of the museum is so beautiful, hence you can take a carriage and explore the whole place.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

You will require only 21 minutes to take the train from Vesterport St. and then require only 21 min to reach the destination.

11. Fossils Hunting At Stevns Klint

Fossils Hunting At Stevns Klint

Want to know more fun things to do in Denmark? Then start to collect fossils from the Stevns Klint sits. These slits are in the South Zealand region of Denmark. And these slits are the perfect spot for fossil hunting.

These cliffs are 65 million years old. When you are starting to take a short walk along the coastline, you will see the slices and the different build-ups. And among these build-ups, you can find many follicles. You also can learn more about geography from the Geomuseum of Denmark.

Travel Time From Copenhagen:

The Copenhagen to Stevns Klint travel time is only 1 hour. You will reach your destination by train or bus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What To Speak In Denmark?

Danish is Denmark's official language. This is the North Germanic language which is spoken by six million people. More than 86% of the population can speak English. So if you do not know Danish, then it is also ok.

2. What Is Denmark’s Week Tour Plan?

When you have one week to explore Denmark, then the surroundings of Copenhagen are the best areas you can add to your travel list.

The one-week travel plan to explore Denmark

Day 1: Louisiana Museum

Day 2: Cathedral City of Roskilde.

Day 3: Odense & H. C. Andersen.

Day 4: Svendborg

Day 5: The Beautiful Ærø Island.

3. What Is Denmark's Well-Known Food?

Crispy pork is the most well-known food in Denmark. The national dish of Denmark is the Stegt flæsk. This plate is served with boiled potatoes and a sauce of parsley.

Wrapping Up:

If you like to spend your summer in a Scandinavian country, then Denmark is going to be your best traveling place. The country has a vibrant culture. You will find many options for things to do in Denmark. You can enjoy the beautiful ambiance and weather and experience the historical atmosphere of the place.

What is your travel plan for this summer? Let us know through the comment sections. If you want to share any suggestions, then use the comment sections. To see this type of content, keep visiting our blog.

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