In case you are a traveler, the last two years must have been really sad for you. Why? Because of the pandemic, of course.

When the decade began in 2020, all of us thought of it as a fresh chance to do something great. We made resolutions and plans but ended up sitting at our homes for the entire year.

Now that the restrictions are getting over, the travelers have started to pack their bags again. If you are one such traveler who wants to go on a trip but does not know which place to visit, I am here to your rescue.

Why not start with Egypt this time!

10 Things To Do In Egypt

For the ones who have never been to Egypt, it can be challenging to list down all the things that you can do in the country. Of course, the Pyramids and Sphinxes have made it to your list, but that is not all that Egypt has to offer.

There are many more fun things to do in Egypt. Given below are the top 10 things to do in the country:

1. Visit The Pyramids

Visit The Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are famous all over the world. Built more than 5000 years ago, the great pyramid is the last man-made structure that belongs to the ancient world. If it is difficult for you to imagine how long ago that was, it was built at the beginning of recorded history.

Visiting and exploring the pyramids is a must thing to do in Cairo, Egypt. All the pyramids in the city are located along the banks of the Nile River. There are many pyramids in Giza, but among them, three are the most important.

The largest one is also called the Pyramid of Cheops or the Pyramid of Khufu. This is not only the largest but also the oldest. It reaches a height of above 480 ft.

The other two pyramids are the Pyramid of Khafre and the Pyramid of Menkaure. These were the later kings.

2. Go Scuba Diving In Hurghada

Scuba Diving In Hurghada

One of the most popular towns on the coast of the Red Sea is the city of Hurghada. It is one of the main tourist locations in Egypt, with a lot of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. But the most popular thing to do in Hurghada is scuba diving.

Water sports and adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing are some of the most sought-after things on the land.

The world under the red sea is nothing short of a wonder. The coral reefs of the sea are extremely famous around the world. If you are an inexperienced diver, you can opt for intro diving, where professionals will be assisting you. Swim with the dolphins to end your day on a perfect note.

3. Tour The Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

If you are someone who is fond of learning the history of a place, you should head over to the Egyptian Museum. It was founded in the 1800s by Auguste Mariette.

Famous for being the treasure trove of the unknown past, the Egyptian Museum is the door to the world of the Pharaohs. It has the world’s largest collection of all the Egyptian artifacts that you can think of. From the solid gold masks to the statues and jewelries of the time, you will be able to witness everything once you step inside the museum.

The most noted item among the museum’s collection is the actual treasures of gold that have been unearthed from the tomb of King Tut.

This museum will let you have a sneak peek into the social and cultural dynamics of the country.

4. Hike To The Top Of Mount Sinai

Top Of Mount Sinai

If hiking is something that you like to do, reaching the summit of Sinai mountain is something that you will definitely like. St. Catherine’s monastery, one of the oldest in the world, is generally considered the starting point of this marvelous hike.

According to mythology and the Old Testament, Mount Sinai is the point where the Ten Commandments were received by Moses. This is the reason why it is a famous site among pilgrims, being sacred for Jews and Christians.

Catch the brilliant view of both sunrise and sunset from the peak of the mountain for an unforgettable experience in the country.

5. Cruise The Nile

Cruise The Nile

River Nile has rightly been called the life of Egypt. And for many visitors, cruising this giant river is considered to be the most peaceful and relaxing experience.

You can choose a felucca to sail down the river. This traditional and authentic wooden boat will provide you with the real feeling of being in Egypt.

You may also choose to travel by a cruise ship for the same task. Visit places like Edfu and Esna while you are on the boat.

6. Don’t Forget The Sphinx


When you are visiting the pyramids, keep in mind that there are a number of Sphinxes in the country too. The Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the best-known monuments in Egypt.

The Sphinx in Giza is a limestone statue that dates back to the era of King Khafre (2558-2533 BCE). It is based on the mythical creature of the same name.

The head of a Sphinx is that of a human, while the body is of a lion. It also has the wings of the falcon. Even though this weird mix of the three different organisms might sound a bit impossible, the Egyptians have their own mythology where even the impossible is possible!

7. Take A Boat Ride On Lake Qarun

Boat Ride On Lake Qarun

If you are someone who loves to spend some time away from the crowd and soak yourself in the tranquility of nature, this one’s for you.

It is located in the northwestern part of the country in Fayoum. Famous for being a bathing resort by the locals, Lake Qarun is open for visits all year round.

However, it is not much preferred in the colder months (January-April) because of the cold temperature.

Other popular things to do here are bird watching and boat riding. Your trip to Egypt cannot be complete without the scenic view of the lake.

8. Explore What Luxor Has To Offer

Explore Luxor

There is literally nothing that you cannot find in Luxor.

Located in the upper part of Egypt, the city of Luxor is famously known for being the site of Thebes, the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom. This is the reason why there are many important monuments and temples in the city.

The place is famous for the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings. Visit the Luxor Temple, which is dedicated to multiple gods. It is also considered to be the place of coronation of the Kings.

The Temple has been well preserved and contains a lot of structures and statuataries from the bygone days.

9. The Valley Of The Queens

The Valley Of The Queens

You may have heard about the Valley of the Kings. But only a few have heard about the Valley of the Queens. This is the burial site for the Queens or the wives of the pharaohs. It is also the burial site for the many female pharaohs that ruled the country.

The most famous and impressive tomb is the Tomb of Nefertari, who was the favorite wife of pharaoh Ramesses the second.

10. Tour Alexandria

Tour Alexandria

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, Alexandria, which was the home of Queen Cleopatra, is one of the largest cities in Egypt. It is also one of the most famous tourist spots in the country.

There are multiple museums and churches in the city. The Royal Jewelry Museum, for example, is one of the best and most unique places to visit in Egypt.

Founded in 1805 by Muhammad Ali Pasha, the museum displays all the collectibles of the royal family of Egypt.

There are many underwater archaeological facts in the city that you can marvel at. Diving is one of the best things to do in Alexandria Egypt.

Even though the water is not very clear, divers claim that they can still see some of the monuments like pyramids and Sphinxes, most importantly, the ruins of the palace of Cleopatra, underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Should You Not Miss In Egypt?

When you are in Egypt, there are many things that you should have on your to-do list—for example, smoking Shisha, visiting the many temples of the country, the pyramids, and going on a desert safari. These are some of the things to do in Egypt.

2. What Should I Avoid In Egypt?

There are a lot of travel restrictions that should be kept in mind when you are in the country. Avoid going to the Western Desert as it is shared with the borders of Libya. The Black desert and the white desert are the hubs for smuggling and several terrorist activities. That is also a place to be avoided.

3. What Are The Things To Do In Cairo Egypt?

There are many places in Cairo, Egypt, that you can visit. Some of the most well-known places are the Giza Necropolis, the Khan el-Khalili, and the Egyptian museum.

And That’s A Wrap!

If you are planning to start traveling again in 2023, Egypt should definitely be on your list. Mostly known for being the land of pyramids and mummies, there are many more fun and interesting things to do in Egypt.

When you are in the country, make sure to take a boat ride and cruise over the Nile River for the scenic beauty it has to offer. The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are also two of the things that you should keep in mind while traveling across the country.

Egypt is a great place for traveling with friends and family, as well as for traveling solo, although there are a few tips to follow when traveling solo. These are the top 10 things to do in Egypt when you are visiting the country. If there are other things that were missed out and deserved a position in this list, feel free to let us know.

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