The east coast of Florida is the home of our much loved Mickey Mouse, while the west coast boasts beach life, natural wonders, resorts, and traditional fishing villages. With amusement parks, beach resorts, bright sunlight, and cool ocean breeze, you won't run out of things to do in Florida.

When it comes to visiting beaches, tourists have plenty of common things to do on every beach. However, Madeira beach in Florida, while having all the perks of other beaches like- sporting activities, delicious cuisines, heavenly weather– offers a festive mood, unlike any other beach.

Local legend has it– that an anonymous pirate named John LeVique was the first European who settled in Madeira Beach. Madeira Beach is celebrated for the sea-themed John Pass village, and the boardwalk has plenty of fun activities that you can do at Madeira beach.

You can go snorkeling with the dolphins, Visit St. Petersburg, go sightseeing, attend special luxury occasions, enjoy the nightlife and food, and most importantly, attend the Seafood Festival at John's Pass held by the Madeira beach.

See? You don't run out of fun things to do in Miami, Florida. The John's Pass food festival attracts more than 130000 visitors each year. Just talking about Madeira Beach, Florida, makes me want to visit there once more.

10 Fun Things To Do In Florida Madeira:

For visitors planning to go there for the first time and who don't have any idea what to do in Florida Beach, I have made a list of fun things to do there.

1. John's Pass Village & Boardwalk

John's Pass Village & Boardwalk

Florida Madeira beach not only welcomes travelers' feet with the sugar-white sand, but it also presents itself as a hospitable host ready to serve you at John's Pass Village. The waterfront boardwalk that overlooks the pristine intercoastal waterways is a fishing village turned into a travel destination.

Located within a short driving distance from St. Petersburg, John's Pass treasures 130 exotic restaurants and boutiques.

Restaurants on the Madeira beach make dishes that your mouth cannot resist. Watersports and eco-tourisms will overwhelm you. You can rent single or Multi-person Waverunners to have fun in the ocean. Once you are done having fun all day, you can dine at the waterfront restaurants and dinners.

The villages are full of festive occasions like– the John's Pass food event, experiencing the Christmas lighting there, and much much more. If you are out of things to do in Florida, you can just spend a weekend in John's Pass Village and Boardwalk. Don't forget to taste the Madeira wine at Florida Winery if you are at Madeira beach.

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2. Dolphin Snorkeling

Dolphin Snorkeling

You won't return empty-hearted once you visit Florida Madeira beach. There are plenty of fun things to do in Florida Beach; one of them is whale watching and dolphin watching. In addition, you can rent any catamaran cruise and sail out in the ocean to meet the dolphins and the whales.

Whale watching is one fun activity to do on the Florida Madeira beach. Renting a yacht, you can go on a luxury day cruise, sail in the ocean, go on water tours, and experience the sunset during a cruise.

There are many catamaran cruise yachts ready to offer you their service on the beach of Madeira. They offer flexibility in the booking. Most the yacht charges you based on the hours of cruise you go on. They usually charge you around thirty to fifty dollars per adult for two or three hours of dolphin and whale watching cruises. You can also rent a cruise for a group.

Also, you won't have any language problems with a varied number of language options.

German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian. They take all the necessary precautions and offer you free cancellation on demand.

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3. Visit St. Petersburg

Visit St. Petersburg

So you spent a week in Madeira beach and looking for new things to do in Florida? Then you must visit St Petersburg. St. Petersburg is a shining jewel located in between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay and is known for its weather, cultural heritage, shopping locations, and city life.

You went to st. Petersburg, as I told you, now what? Well, you can go to the specialty museums, visit the exotic theaters, ponder upon the architectural buildings, and see the churches and the cathedrals in St. Petersburg.

Here are some places to visit in St. Petersburg: The State Hermitage Museum, Catherine Palace and park, The naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, Dubai Park of Culture and leisure, Faberge Museum, and Grand Peterhof Palace. 

Close to St. Petersburg, you can also visit Tampa bay. You have plenty of fun things to do in Tampa, Florida. For instance– spend an evening in the Tampa theater, go to Tampa Bay Down and watch horse racing.

The Tampa Museum of Arts is another attraction in Tampa that you cannot miss. Besides, I would suggest you make time to see the Hindu temple in Tampa.

4. Water Sports

Water Sports

John' Pass in Madeira Beach is famous for many water sports. You can't resist renting any WaveRunner. John's Pass Boardwalk has plenty of fun watersports ready and waiting. WaveRunner rentals, Jet ski rentals, fishing charters, and parasailing are all available here.

Many beach lovers yearn for parasailing; Madeira beach will indulge in that fantasy of yours. Gators parasailing and Eagle parasailing are ready to offer you the parasailing experience you have dreamed about until now.

If you need any water sports equipment and rentals, you can go to Woody's Watersports for affordable and professional water sports equipment.

You can rent a pirate adventure cruise if you are an adventurer. There are many topical party cruises if you are ready to party on the ocean floor. Last but not least, I must recommend a sunset cruise for the rejuvenation of your tired body and mind.

5. Food, Wine, And Nightlife

Food, Wine, And Nightlife

The food and nightlife in Madeira Beach, Florida, will take a perpetual spot in your mind once you attend the John's Pass seafood festival. This year, in January, the 40th John's Pass welcomed tourists, artists, and food vendors in a four-day-long festival.

Music concerts, exciting activities, and delicious foods are part of the John's Pass Seafood Festival. Talking about food--there are hundreds of exotic restaurants lined up and waiting for you. During the seafood festival, John's Pass Broadway becomes a food venue for delicious gulf seafood.

If you are looking for places to eat in Madeira Beach, Florida, then here are a few recommendations.

  • Gators Johns Pass
  • Salt Rock Grill
  • Slyce Pizza Madeira Beach
  • Mangos Restaurant And Tiki Bar
  • Boardwalk Grill
  • Friendly Fisherman Restaurant
  • Locked Up Escape Room
  • Mad Beach Brewing
  • Seabreeze Island Grill &Amp
  • Mad Beach Fish House
  • Sweet Sage Cafe

All of these places have delicious treats waiting for your mouth.

Looking for things to do in Florida at night? I am happy to tell you that night in Florida is just as young as glorifying days on Florida beaches. There are numerous bars, cafes, and clubs to keep you awake at night.

Daiquiri Shak Raw Bar & Grille, Mad Pub, and Mad Beach Dive Bar are great places if you are looking for bars to hang out at night. You can go to various clubs and dine at the cafes at night while looking at the ocean.

John's Pass Boardwalk decorates itself with beautiful nocturnal splendor. Shopping in the local stores or attested to the various musical events held at night on the Madeira beach.

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6. Cultural Themed Tours

Cultural Themed Tours

The beautiful landscape of the Madeira gulf coast is indeed the main reason to visit there. However, if you run out of things to do in Florida, then why not visit the islands of Madeira on a cultural tour?

The Portuguese islands are rich in history. You can go out on a cultural walk around the old town with a guide and explore the history of the island. On a history tour here, you can experience the history of Funchal. You must only walk to see and feel all the wonders the town holds for you.

You can discover the beautiful eastern landscapes on a small tour from Funchal. I will suggest climbing the third highest peak of Madeira, Pico De Arriero. A full-day safari in the east is a much-recommended thing to do when you are in Funchal. A visit to the valley of the nuns will overwhelm you. There are plenty of things to do in Funchal if you are bored of the sea.

7. Wedding And Honeymoon

Wedding And Honeymoon

Not all tourists go to Madeira Beach for a fun-filled weekend. Some also want to make their wedding memorable in the temperate weather of the beach. There are some of the most beautiful wedding venues on Madeira beach.

Here, I have mentioned some of those locations if you are planning to get married in Florida Madeira beach.

Cambria hotel: It is a good recommendation for an expensive luxurious wedding on Madeira beach.

The West Events: The west events is another fantastic wedding location on Madeira beach.

Bilmar Beach Resort: If you are planning to get married on the white sandy Madeira beach, then you can check out the Bilmar Beach Resort.

The fun-filled locations are full of watersports, beach life, and exotic restaurants. If you are planning a family tour or a honeymoon, you picked the right place. There are lots of romantic things to do on Florida's Madeira beach. With its natural wonders, fun activities, and beautiful weather, Madeira beach is a perfect place for couples.

8. Fishing


Fishing Is a hobby of many people. As a fishing hobbyist, you cannot deny the awesome fishing spots there are in Madeira Beach, Florida. Fishing is among the most amazing things to do in Florida.

You can rent fishing charters or go on fishing tours in Madeira beach. As one of many exciting outdoor activities, fishing will add another thrill to your experience at Madeira beach. You can rent fishing charters for a lower price.

They usually charge you around eighty dollars to a hundred and fifty dollars for a trip per adult. The fishing tours usually last five to six hours. The fishing charters provide all the necessary safety precautions. You can expect to catch black seabasses, gray snappers, porgies, and hogfish during these trips.

9. Private Tours

Private Tours

Many families and groups of friends often visit Madeira beach in search of a serious weekend. Aside from all the fun things to do at Florida Madeira beach, I suggest you go on a private tour if you have a small group of people or a family with you.

As a small family, you can rent a small private yacht and go cruising in the ocean. Plenty of small yachts is there to offer you booking as per your need with free cancellation option on demand. You can take your small group or your family and go on a two to four-hour-long cruise in the ocean.

The small yachts will cost you around seven hundred to a thousand dollars for a group. However, you can opt for the small Tiki boat, which will be a much cheaper and more affordable option. These boats charge you as low as a hundred dollars, and they have plenty of room for more people to fit in and have fun.

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10. Go For A Family Picnic

Go For A Family Picnic

With all the fun, entertainment, thrill, and enjoyment, you will never run out of things to do in Florida. You can visit many places in Florida and have fun to your heart's content. You can go to Devil's Den, visit the Ringling Museum, see the Bok Tower and even leave your footprints at Disney.

But, if you run out of beach activity, why not go to Madeira Beach for a family picnic? You can pack the food and take your family out on the Madeira beach for a family picnic.

Bottom Line

Florida is a place of youth, vigor, passion, love, and enjoyment. With plenty of tourist-attracting locations, Florida has been welcoming people from around the world for years.

There are many beaches and other beautiful locations where you can have fun, enjoy, and see the natural beauty of the coast of Florida. If by any chance you end up in Madeira, you can indulge yourself in all of these fun activities that I mentioned here.

However, if you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

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