Madagascar is such a place that has no shortage of breathtaking views, and it will fill your trip with amazing experiences. This paradise island has a lot of things to do in Madagascar for adventure seekers and nature lovers. 

From exploring hiking trails to hopping islands to watching whales, every experience here is authentic and fun-filled. This is the fourth-largest island, and the experience you will have here is going to be with you for a lifetime. 

Top 15 Things To Do In Madagascar 

If you are preparing an itinerary and thinking about what to do in Madagascar, here are a few things that you can strike off. These are going to give you a fulfilling experience on Paradise Island.  

Here are the top 15 most fun things you can do in Madagascar, which you should definitely not miss. 

Nosy Be – Go Swimming With Sharks 

If you think of yourself as a daredevil, then you should definitely try diving into the deep blue waters of Nosy Be with the whale sharks. Madagascan reefs fall under those rare places on earth where you can swim with stingrays, whale sharks, and manta rays. 

You will find a lot of colorful species of fish in the depths of the Indian Ocean. You will get to witness a lot of coral reefs of various shapes. This is one of the most amazing things you can try in Madagascar, and you should definitely not miss it. 

Location: Nosy Be, Madagascar 
Cost: INR 7500/Person (includes all equipment) 
Best time to visit: Mid May-October 
How to reach: You will get speed boats from Ankify to Hell Ville, and from there, you will have to take another boat to Nosy Be. 

La Corniche  

La Corniche is all about the picturesque landscapes. You get to the promenade along the beautiful beach by the street food carts and the lined-up pine trees. Taking a walk under the shade of the palm trees when the sun is going down is one of the best things to do in Madagascar. 

Feel the fresh breeze on your face, brushing your skin while you enjoy some of the local delicacies from those food trucks. This is something everyone is going to enjoy, irrespective of age. 

Location: Northern Coast of Madagascar 
Best time to visit: Evening is the best time to visit La Corniche. 

How to reach: La Corniche is actually in Mahajanga. There are flights from Antananarivo to Mahajanga that operate regularly. 

Crocodile Farm  

This is something that you should never miss when you are in Madagascar. This is a little gem in Antananarivo that is going to get you surprised. It is also one of the most visited places. 

Apart from crocodiles, you will also spot chameleons, toucans, and lemurs. This private park breeds crocodiles, and they also sell goods made out of crocodile skin. If you have a knack for tasting bizarre foods, then you can try their crocodile meat burger. 

Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar 
Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM 
How to reach: This place is located in a bumpy valley. It is just 10 minutes away from the Ivato Airport. Then, you can take a cab or rent a taxi from the airport. 

Ile Sainte Marie 

If this is the first time you see a whale sprouting in the sea, then you are going to enjoy this sight. This is something wonderful that would add to your memory book. This is one of the best things that you can do in Madagascar.  

Take a boat and watch the humpback whales. They migrate all the way from the south pole to Sainte Marie channels for calving and breeding. Witnessing these giant magnificent creatures is a magnificent sight and no doubt amazing. 

Location: It is located in the Ile Sainte Marie, around the East Coast of Madagascar 
Best time to visit: April to December is the best time to visit this place. And if you want to avoid cyclones, then avoid visiting from January to March. 
How to reach: You can take a direct flight to Ile Sainte Marie, or you can also take a bus ride to Tamatave. From there, you have to take another bus and reach Soanierana Ivongo, followed by a ferry ride to Ile Sainte Marie. 

Andanoka – Paragliding 

If you have not planned it yet, then add this to your itinerary positively. When in Madagascar, you should definitely try out paragliding. It is something you cannot miss. You get an amazing view of the Malagasy landscapes. 

You get to see the granite cliffs of Tsaranoro near the Andonaka Village, which is an amazing site for trying out paragliding. The moment you check out the gorgeous view, you will know that jumping off the cliff was one of the best decisions you took in your entire life. 

Location: Camp Catta, Andanoka, Madagascar 

Island Hopping 

Because of Madagaascar’s long coastline, there are numerous drop-dead mesmerizing islands under the belt. If you want to experience one of the best things this tropical paradise has to offer, then go for this island hopping. 

Not only do you get pristine views, but you also get to see Malagasy culture closely. You can take a catamaran and explore the Virgin Islands of Madagascar, where you can indulge in a lot of water sports, like diving and snorkeling, or take a walk on the serene white beaches.  

Go Hiking At Tsingy National Park  

Tsingy Nation Park is popular for its eerie limestone spikes, but it also has a lot of exquisite hiking trails. This is an amazing site for adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts. 

Explore the captivating campsites, lush green forests, deep canyons, and gorges here. You get to spot indigenous and rare wildlife here, like wild-eyed lemurs. They are the prime inhabitants of this park. You are going to miss out on something really amazing if you don’t visit Tsingy National Park. 

Location: Melaky Region, in the northwest region of Madagascar 
Best time to visit: June-August 
How to reach: You can reach this place only by car. You have to hire a private car or join a group tour. 

Ankarana National Park – Caving 

This is one of the best things to do in Madagascar. If you were under the impression that Madagascar has nothing to do with adventure, then you are highly mistaken. The million-year-old limestone caves are a storehouse of fossils. 

They even have an underground river network, where you will find some of the wild predators swimming. The stalactites and stalagmites that have formed on the ceiling over the years look magnificent. Walking through these caves is going to offer you an amazing experience. 

Location: Ankarana National Park 
Best time to visit: April-November(This is the dry season, making it suitable for you to visit) 
How to reach: The nearest city to the park is Diego Suarez. You can either take a direct flight and land here or take a car to reach the park. 

Wildlife Tour In Madagascar 

Madagascar has an amazing fauna and flora. In fact, you will find various species of birds and animals here, which you will not find anywhere else. This is why there are various wildlife reserves and parks on this island, revealing the most rare ad unique wildlife on earth.  

All of this adds up and makes taking a tour of the wildlife in Madagascar one of the best things to do in Madagascar. Trek through the green forests, take a canoe, and paddle through the river, and you will cross paths with a howling mongoose or a dancing lemur. 

Road Trip To Fort Dauphin 

Imagine that you are driving past the blue sea and feeling that cold breeze in your face and hair while an amazing song is playing in the background. Well, this can turn into a reality if you take a road trip to Fort Dauphin.  

This is also the view that you are going to see on the back of the 5000 Malagasy Ariary note. It would feel like a dream or as if Mother Nature has cast a spell over you.  

You can soak all the sun in at Libanona Beach and visit the Fort Flacourt ruins. These are just just a few things that you can do in Fort Dauphin. This is something you should definitely try, and enjoy an amazing ride as you reach the spot. 

Location: Fort Dauphin is located on the southeast coast of Madagascar 
Best time to visit: April-November 
How to reach: The nearest airport is Antananarivo if you have to reach Fort Dauphin. From there, you would have to get a cab or hire a car. 

Amber Mountain National Park 

This national park is at the extreme northern tip of Madagascar. It is at a distance of 20 miles from Diego Suarez. The park is huge and covers almost an area of 18,500 hectares.  

You will find lakes, waterfalls, and a wide range of wildlife here. This is one of the most diverse national parks you will see in your entire life. You can hire a guide or explore on your own. 

Location: Joffreville, Madagascar 
Best time to visit: September to November 

Analamazoatra Special Reserve 

The Analamazoatra Special Reserve is actually a part of the Adasibe-Mantadia National Park. You will get to see a lot of birds and wild animals, which add to the exotic wildlife Madagascar actually has.  

You will have to spend 2 to 6 hours to cover the entire reserve if you walk. This is something that every person who has been to Madagascar is going to recommend you.  

The perfect time to visit this place is around 11 AM, or you can visit during the twilight or early in the morning as well.  

Location: This reserve is located in the northeastern part of Madagascar 
Best time to visit: September to October 
How to reach: Get off at Andasibe from a taxi-brousse. It is just 2km from the bus stop. 

Take A Tour Of Ambohimanga 

Situated in the northern part of Madagascar, in the Antananarivo province, Ambohimango Hill is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This used to be a royal city once, and now the site has turned out to be a burial.  

If we think about preservation, this is among the most significant monuments from the precolonial Merina Kingdom. If you want to explore the cultural side of Madagascar, this is the perfect place for you. 

Location: Ambohimanga 
Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM 

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park 

Andasibe-Mantadia is located in the eastern part of Madagascar and is protected by a rainforest. Analamazaotra Reserve is a part of the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.  

This is the home to the infamous indri lemur. Apart from that, it has a variety of flora and fauna that you will see here. The park is also home to a lot of ferns and some of the rarest orchids. 

There are trails that take you through scenic waterfalls, dense forests, and beautiful lakes.  

Location: Madagascar 

Go Trekking At Isalo National Park  

Located in the Ihorombe region, this national park features picturesque sandstone landscapes. This park has a lot of natural swimming pools and is quite famous among tourists. 

If you are entering the national park, it is best to take a guide with you. You will find them in Ranohira. This is known for trekking, and there are numerous trails here that can either take you just a few hours or take days to reach. 

Location: Madagascar 
Best time to visit: April to October 
How to reach: Get a taxi-brousse and reach Ranohira, which is the gateway to this park. It is going to take you around 22 hours to complete the journey by road. 

So, when are you planning the trip? 

Madagascar has a lot to offer; here are some of the best things to do in Madagascar. These are the things that you should definitely not miss. But there are certainly other things that can make your trip worth it. You can adjust that to your convenience. 


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