Are you looking to experience inspiring and chaotic emotions in your next exciting vacation? Then, Nepal is a place unlike any other country offering an incredible contrast of sights, cultures, traditions, and tastes for travelers. Here one can find a plethora of things to do to make beautiful memories of their vacations.Moreover, Nepal will undoubtedly get under your skin with its jaw-dropping mountain scenery or multicultural background. Henceforth you are bound to have a splendid time in Nepal.Nepal has everything to offer discerning travelers, from spiritual to the adventurous and even to the most extreme activities. Listing the crazy and fun adventures Nepal offers, here are the top 5 best things to do in Nepal.

Trekking the majestic Nepal Himalayas

Trekking the majestic Nepal HimalayasThe need to reconnect with nature becomes high when you are too busy with work and life. In such cases, anyone with a love for the outdoors with the addition of thrill and adventure will undoubtedly love what Nepal has to offer them.Nepal houses eight world's highest mountains and hundreds of small peaks. With that, Nepal is a landlocked country. Thus, there are plenty of sights and destinations beholding sheer natural beauty and views. Therefore, when it comes to trekking trails in Nepal, options are plenty.Travelers can admire the massive cliffs of Everest massif while Everest Base Camp Trek. Similarly, they also have a choice to step into the pristine Annapurna Base Camp– the foot of the world's 10th highest mountain. From easy trails to challenges, there is plenty to walk on and immerse in its regal beauty.

Explore the historical landmarks of Nepal

For arts and culture enthusiasts, Nepal's historic cities are like open museums. Nepal flaunts a plethora of outstanding historical monuments that depict intricate arts and architecture. These cultural heritage sites are declared as world heritage sites by UNESCO for their incredible history. Moreover, these landmarks represent extravagant pieces of art and symbolize ancestral history.Likewise, many cities embellish tumbling forts that once fought bravely against the invaders. Also, while strolling the streets of Kathmandu, observe details carved on the temples, palaces, and houses of Nepal. This fine work of arts creates Newar artisans who have passed the skillset from generation to generation. Overall, do explore intriguing artworks displayed on the cultural heritage sites of Nepal.

Partake on fun and adventurous jungle safari in Nepal

Partake on fun and adventurous jungle safari in NepalOne of Nepal, popular things to do is jungle safari. The country houses several national parks and wildlife reserve centers, yet for a better experience of seeing wild animals, Chitwan and Bardiya are undoubtedly the best destinations for jungle safari.These national parks house a wide range of wild vegetation, including endangered and common species. One can enjoy the park's marvelous features by taking a jungle walk or going on a jeep safari. For a more thrilling experience, go on a canoe ride on the river's homes to several species of crocodiles. Canoe ride beyond offering an exhilarating experience is also the best way to watch the sunset over the horizon.

Experience the exuberant outdoor sports

Nepal offers tons of exhilarating activities for thrill-seekers. From jumping off a suspension bridge to rippling through slippery waterfalls. There is just so much one could do while in Nepal for spine chilling experience. One could attempt exciting paragliding or ultra-light flight and fly like a bird while admiring the magical scenery in front and below you.Similarly, one could also go for adrenaline-rushing white water rafting or mountain bike trip in Nepal's rugged and rough Himalayan trails. Additionally, one may continue their adventure by signing up for majestic and breathtaking helicopter tours around the Nepal Himalayas.

Take part in unique festivals and celebrations

Take part in unique festivals and celebrationsNepal is a concoction of various ethnic cultures, thus encompassing diverse languages, customs, traditions, and rituals. With distinct ethnical features in different aspects, festivals and celebrations are some other factors significant to various groups of Nepalese.Newars, with their large and crazy Jatras, bring people of every ethnic group together to observe and have a cheerful time. Similarly, Tamang, Gurung, Sherpas, etc., have their own festivals that they celebrate grandly. Besides ethnic festivals, there are common celebratory festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, and Holi observed together by all Nepalese despite different ethnic backgrounds.

Last words,

Come to Nepal on a revitalizing journey and witness the timeless beauty and enlivening spirit of this land, both intoxicating and mesmerizing. Kathmandu-based Nepal Hiking Team, a professional and reliable travel operator, organizes an unforgettable trip for anyone wishing to explore Nepal. They shall assist you with your queries as well as help you in building a fantastic journey. Lastly, the magic of this landlocked country will genuinely win your hearts and compel you to visit it again and again.Read Also:

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