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Things to Do in Sacramento – Places to Go in Sacramento, California

| March 4, 2020 | Travel Blog

The capital city of California, Sacramento welcomes innumerable guests every year. People from all over the world visit Sacramento at least once in life. I am one of those who visited Sacramento last year and I thought of writing this blog for you guys. After coming back from Sacramento I made a list of things to do in Sacramento. 

As we already know that Sacramento is an important place in California, so one will never miss a chance to make a visit.  Sacramento, California is one of the best locations one must make a visit. I would like to mention that this is one of the best places in the USA that I visited. Before visiting California, I have already visited Maryland in New York. There is some different kind of charm in New york


Are You Planning to Go to Sacramento, CA? 

If you are planning to visit the USA? I am sure you must be looking for a list of things to do in Sacramento Ca. you have rightly come here. I went to Sacramento, CA last week and I will tell you about the things to do in Sacramento. There are many things to see in Sacramento, California but I will bring to you the ones which you should know. 

Things to Do in Sacramento, California

People say that “California begins here”, I got to know why do they call so. There are many things to do in the US but the real beauty of the US begins with California. I have covered everything possible in Sacramento and found out things to do in Sacramento, CA. I believe this city has not forgotten its past plus it continues to remember the Gold Rush. 

Sacramento fun

The best way to see Sacramento is to jump into the heart of the city and do everything that a local does for California. More than 230 days of sunshine each year make outdoor activities a must, especially the outdoor concert series and music festivals. It is a huge place to do a lot of things but I would suggest you do only what is required or which is worth visiting.  

Let’s just categorize them into dining, family fun, art and culture, sports, wineries. 

Things to Eat in Sacramento

The Fram to Fork Capital of America which caters to its visitors some fantastic food. Sacramento in Northern California has the most variety of food than any other place in California, USA. There are numerous fine dining restaurants in the bookshops, art galleries, historic buildings. But that is not all about high-end eating habits or fine dining.  I had asked five different locals about the best pizzas, and burgers, they gave me different answers each. 

Things to Do in Sacramento Museums

There are about 28 museums in Sacramento, which cover the medical history of Sacramento and also about the Gold Rush in California. The best museum in North Ameria is the California State Rail Museum. Art lovers can see the Crocker Art Museum which is the collection of the Croker Family. Whereas the California  State Capitol is a living Museum which represents the political scenario of 150 years ago. 

Things to do in Sacramento with Family

Things to do in Sacramento with Family

Sacramento is usually loved by families because it is very affordable, affordable hotels and restaurants give a top-quality experience. A trip to the Capitol is fun and gorgeous. A beach day at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers is relaxing with barbeque dishes. Old Sacramento is a land of imagination for the children, it is like the old west and no one can deny loving it. 

Things to Do in Sacramento, Old Sacramento State

The old Sacramento historic park covers, the entire business district. I think this place is a must-visit place, there are many things to do in Sacramento, ca. But the old Sacramento is a state whose beauty is just jaw-dropping, nothing can compete for that beauty.  The buildings in Sacramento were built-in the beginning of the Gold Rush which also includes the Eagle Theatre. 

Activities that you can do in Old Sacramento State:

  •  River City Queen 
  • California Automobile Museum 
  • California State Rail Museum
  • Gol Fever Tour
  • Old Sacramento Underground Tour
  • Things to Do in Sacramento Culture

The art and culture of Sacramento are very vibrant and rich. The Broadway series musicals are shown along with the murals painted all over the city. The Midtown is full of Galleries, studios, and artists performing in them. 

Open Walls Mural Festival

Wide Open Walls Mural Festival

The beautiful Sacramento, California is home to more than 650 murals. This event is held every year and people love seeing the artists painting the Murals. 


Sacramento has a number of theatres, which showcases a lot of things right from indie shows to the theatre in the round. Heading a few blocks east to Midtown, visitors will find smaller theaters with locally written and produced shows featuring acting talent from the city and beyond

Things to Do in Sacramento Wineries

Sacramento Wineries

The wineries of Sacramento are gradually becoming one of the most visited sights. It is also the widely populated sightseeing in Sacramento. This city is surrounded by all sides by the fantastic wineries. The wineries of this place are so famous that it has become the center of attraction of this city. Most of the wine tastings in Sacramento is for free. The visitors have the closest access to winemaking. Many of the winemakers in the wineries greet their visitors personally. 

I think these are enough good things in Sacramento that one should visit. That does not mean you are not supposed to visit anything else. I believe out everything that I had visited in Sacramento, I loved these places. I think before you choose to do anything else, you must do all of these. You must visit these places in California after which you can take a turn towards New York. If you are planning to visit the USA then make it a point that you visit the whole of the USA or at least cover the great places in the US.

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