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8 Tips to Get the Best Photographs at the Taj Mahal

| January 9, 2018 | Travel Tips

This architectural brilliance is known to be the epitome of timeless romance and epic history. Getting good photos at Taj Mahal Tour is a tough task. However, this is not impossible. You simply need to be patient and a little creative while taking pictures.

What are the first expressions while seeing the magnificent creations of the Tajmahal from a history picture book? The simple word is Waoo!

There are obviously other places too see in India, but nothing compares to our white beauty that Shah Jahan, 5th Mughal Emperor for his beloved wife Mumtaz. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect pictures:

8 Best Tips for Photography If You Are on Taj Mahal Tour:

1. Visit the Gates before Sunrise:

taj mahal gates

This is important. The Taj Mahal will make you happier if you reach the place early. The gates at the Taj are open at sunrise. It closes at sunset. Most people aren’t aware but the golden light at sunrise creates a mystical dreamlike setting on the white marble dome.

You get beautiful pictures. Additionally, watching Taj Mahal bathed in a beautifully rosy glow will soothe your eyes. As fantastic as the place is, it is true that you can never have enough of it. So, here are some tips on how you can capture this dream-like place into the album of the most memorable moments.

2. Be the First to Arrive:

For the best photographs, be among the first few visitors of the day. With crowd increasing as the day passes, it won’t be easier for you to get the kind of space you require to compose your pictures. Book a Taj Mahal tour by train and you will reach your destination a night before.

Taj Mahal

3. Try Out Different Perspectives:

One of the major aspects that make the Taj an architectural marvel is its symmetry of structure. It is just perfect for experimenting with varied angles. So it is good to try out varied perspectives when photographing at the Taj Mahal.

4. Black and White:

Taj Mahal black and white

You can try black and white for some Taj Mahal photos. When you shoot in monochrome, it simply enhances the overall appeal of stone monuments and structures. The pristine white marble makes the structure an extravaganza.

As taj mahal is brilliant white and the surrounding is quite colorful, you can actually get it to your advantage and try a different contrast. As there are already many pictures of the taj mahal, getting the same old ones would not make you famous in your peer group. If you want to pull off the show, you need to show them what Taj Mahal can be, not what it already is.

5. Experiment with the Monument’s Reflections:

It isn’t easy to get the kind of photos you wish to get here. It takes a little experiment, creativity, and adventure to come up with something great. So play with reflections of monuments. The landscaping of gardens around this monument is one of the best things to be used to your advantage.

You will get some impressive opportunities through gardens and water canals to experiment with reflections of the monument. Try to observe the reflections that cast in the water. This will let you know what appeals to your eyes the most.

Monument’s Reflections

6. Let the People be a part of it!:

Don’t be afraid to include people in your Taj Mahal photos. Although the crowds keep thronging, they don’t always spoil your photos? You can use people creatively. In fact, they will lend a sense of scale to the frame.

Observe their movements and figure out some way to minimize their interference. Using people to your advantage will really help. For instance, you can take these people in the background and blur them afterward.

7. Get Inspired:

Most people tend to rush to the main monument as soon as they reach the gate. However, this is not the only way to enjoy the Taj and getting the best photographs. Although the Taj is the hero, other elements of this structure also have their own character. It is possible that you might just spot an impressive detail at any corner of the structure or around it.

Sometimes, the greatest details are all you need to make the memories of the Taj Mahal unique for you. Let’s say for example, how many of us really appreciate the intricate designs done on the building? Capturing those in your photography will provide a new angle of Taj Mahal to the audiences.

8. Selfie:

Don’t worry. You can take a selfie here. So if you really wish to, don’t shy away. Some of the places here will come out really well with a selfie. And it is certainly a memory worth posing for. However, posing selfies is one of the common practices today. You can still get a good view out of it.

There are some of the tricks you can really try while you are preparing for the taj mahal tour. It is said that if you look closely through the gate towards Taj, you will see it shrinks perfectly to fit in the view. Might as well capture this architectural marvel in your DSLR or other cameras.


Extra Photography Tips for the Best your Taj Mahal Photos at a Glance:

Shoot really well. Think that it is your only chance to get pictured at the Taj! Agra tour is most famous for Taj Mahal, it is even good if you visit during the early mornings to get most of the sight. Otherwise, it will be filled with visitors. Visit the Taj Mahal gate prior to the sunrise.

Do not forget to exploit the golden hour to its fullest. Focus on the human element at the Taj Mahal. Use canals and water ponds to play around with reflections of the monument. Trying different perspectives is a good idea. You need to focus on exploring the symmetry of the Taj. Trying out monochromes will help.

Taj Mahal Photos

Have a look around at every corner. You will surely get some interesting details and elements. Don’t get annoyed by the people around you. You can use them to your advantage. Change light conditions and enjoy doing it. Do not ignore the vantage points on the outer side of the Taj Mahal complex.


If you really wish to see a different Taj Mahal on your Agra tour. Then there is a secret tip for you. Go on a moonlit night. The view is said to set a whole new charm and I bet you can never forget that sight for your entire life. After all, India is the land of mystics and charmers!

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