To say that Canada offers a lot of spectacular scenery would be an understatement. From the lakes, rivers, and coastal regions to the rolling hills, valleys, and mountains, it’s all right there in the Great White North. It offers everything from pristine rainforests to plains and deserts. Of course, one of the coolest and most peaceful ways to experience the diverse range of vistas is to do it on horseback. If you are into exploring the Canadian landscape with an equine companion, then we have a few great suggestions. It doesn’t matter if you want to get away for a couple of hours, a few days, or longer, you can’t go wrong checking out these top destinations.


Vancouver There is a lot to do in Vancouver. For instance, you can visit, choose a reliable bookmaker, place a wager on the Vancouver Canucks, and see them play live at Rogers Arena. You can enjoy fine dining, stroll along the seawall, and take in Stanley Park. However, horseback riders would likely prefer to take a short trip outside of the city to a place like Leghorn Ranch in Pitt Meadows. Leghorn Ranch is open every day of the week and offers trail rides along the Alouette River. Riders can expect to see majestic redwoods, rolling hills, and an abundance of wildlife including bears, eagles, and plenty more. Those who have children can enroll them in summer and spring camps where they will receive lessons as well as other helpful stable management lessons.


Banff is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It offers the Rocky Mountains, hot springs, glacial lakes, and all sorts of wildlife like bears, moose, bighorn sheep, and wolves. It is ideal for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a premier horse riding experience. You can take a short trip or go deep into the wilderness on a week-long trek that includes accommodation in a backcountry lodge and cowboy cookouts. You are guaranteed to get a taste of how Canadian settlers explored the rugged landscape over 200 years ago except the amenities are a lot more luxurious and the guides are friendlier.


Ontario’s Muskoka District is an expansive region that is often referred to as Cottage Country. It is famous for its diverse landscape which features dense forests, sparkling lakes, and historical sites. The area is also home to several riding stables that offer everything from riding lessons and short tours to extended trips that take riders deep into the Ontario wilderness. You will quickly see why so many people flock to Muskoka throughout the year. While many people visit during the summer, this is one of the most peaceful and scenic places to be during the fall. Not only have the mosquitos thinned out by then, but leaves have changed colors, the loons are calling, and it is the best time of the year to experience the Northern Lights.


Niagara Located a short drive from the Greater Toronto Area, the town of Niagara offers much more than the incredible views of Niagara Falls. It also happens to serve up some of the best horse riding facilities in the country. Riders can tour the Trans Canada Trail, the beaches of Lake Erie, and quiet trails that run deep into the surrounding forests. There are over a dozen riding stables in the vicinity that offer everything from lessons and pony rides to summer camps and expert-guided extended excursions. Many of these stables offer their services throughout the year including the winter although you should be warned that the region is prone to getting quite cold.

Saddle Up And Discover The Beauty Of Canada

Whether you want to explore a rugged coastline, wander through the Canadian Rockies, or immerse yourself in the wilds of Ontario or the Maritimes, doing it on horseback gives riders a unique perspective of it all. It connects riders with the land and Canadian history leaving lifelong memories. Don’t forget about the special bond that develops between the riders and their horses. If you are in Canada, or you plan to visit, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a riding stable nearby.

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