The small islands in the middle of the sea always have the most beautiful atmosphere, and it has the most beautiful beaches. And when you see the Nantucket beaches, you are also acknowledging these 15 miles long little islands, which are just 30 miles away from Massachusetts’s shore. And it has the biggest number of beaches which are becoming the best holiday destination points for the tourists.Nantucket beaches are the most beautiful ambiance beaches along with the different kinds of adventure sports activity facilities. And Nantukers beaches all have gorgeous sand dunes, the beautiful surfing spots. The neighborhoods are quite unique, and they have all different types of heritage and culture than Massachusetts. The nearest town from the Nantucket beaches is the most picture-like look. The streets are filled with cobblestone, and besides these colorful streets, the small shops are finishing the look of the small beautiful seaside towns. Many people choose among the charming Nantucket houses when they book accommodation to have a more authentic experience and feel like locals.

10 Best Nantucket Beaches For Tourists

Nantucket’s beaches have two distinct categories: the north shore beaches and the south shore beaches are the most popular among all beaches. As Nantucket is a small island and the sea is surrounding the island. There are many beaches, but on the north shore beaches, the sea waves are a little calm, and on the south shore, the strong waves of the sea are making these beaches the perfect spot to do surfing.

North Shore Beaches

Nantucket’s North shore beaches are the appropriate place to enjoy the sunbath with your family’s elders and children. The sea waves are a little calmer than the other Nantucket beaches. The seawater’s calm current is very suitable for children and more senior people to enjoy swimming lessons.Here is the name of the five best Nantucket beaches on the north shore.

1. Children’s Beach

Children’s BeachThe north shore beaches of the Nantucket beaches have the calmest waves, and the water current is also very less. For this reason, these beaches are the best place to learn surfing and rowing. The children’s beach is a specially allocated beach for the minor children and their parents.The soft white sands are making this Nantucket beach the best hanging out sport for all age children. The beach is full of different fun activities and sports for the children and the toddlers. The children’s beach foods are quite suitable for the children and their parents. The restroom facility is frequently available beside the sea.

2. Jetties Beach

Jetties Beach imageJetties Beach is one of the largest beaches among the north shore Nantucket beaches. And this is a very popular beach among the locals. A very large jetty is located near the Beach from this aspect, the name of the beach is getting. And this jetty is creating a channel to the Nantucket harbor.A beach is a crowded place, and the beachside cafes and restaurants are serving delicious snacks and fresh meals. The outdoor activity grounds are also available here, like the tennis courts and the beach volley courts. Plenty of available parking lots are making this beach a charming destination point for the neighboring crowd.

3. Water Tower Beach

water tower beachIf you are enjoying the views of the sunset and the sun rises behind the sand dunes while relaxing on the sands of the beach. Then make a holiday plane to visit this less crowded beach. This beach is less crowded than the jetty beach. And the small tides and the low current make this beach the best holiday destination point for young families. The weather in Nantucket is so beautiful that you can spend your whole day while sitting on the beach.The soft sand and the sand dunes are scattering everywhere. The small seaside hiking trails are letting your children enjoy the trip with adventurous feelings. You can sport the lifeguard everywhere. The parking is easily available.

4. Brant Point

Brant PointBrand point Beach is very near to the lighthouse of Nantucket Island. The lighthouse station was established in 1746 and now becoming a popular tourist destination point. This 250 old lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the United States.This iconic lighthouse is the main attraction of the beach. And the whaling museum and the atheneum is another two popular destinations point of the Brant Point Nantucket beach. The wave is stronger than the other north shore Nantucket beaches.

5. Steps Beach

Steps BeachThe weather of the Steps beach is relatively warmer than the other Nantucket beaches. The sea is calm, and the cliff road is leading the path towards the beach. The popular trails and the view of the grand point light is the most attractive part of the steps beaches.This beach has hiking trails that are leading from the beaches, and these hiking trails are leading the way in the middle of the trees and the beautiful beach weather. Nantucket is the most enjoyable way to travel. The steps beach is the perfect combination of the calm wave and the view of the sand dunes.
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South Shore Beaches

On the South Shore of the Nantucket’s beaches are the best tourist destinations for adventure sports-loving tourists. And the big current and the big waves are making these beaches more suitable to do surfing and the different kinds of adventure sports.Here is the name of the five famous south Shore Nantucket beaches. 

1. Cisco

Cisco beach imageCisco is an attractive tourist destination point for the surfing-loving tourist. The few hours from the main town of Nantucket and Massachusetts’ beaches are relatively different from this Nantucket Beach.The waves are relatively stronger than the north shore beaches 0 to 5 feet waves are the perfect learning spot for the new surfing learners. This Nantucket beach is the most attractive place for the nearest surfing-loving people, and the available beach sports activities are making these the perfect hanging out area for the youths.

2. Madaket Beach

Madaket Beach imageThe big long waves and the white foaming seawater are the attraction of Madaket Beach. And these beaches are well known among professional surfers. The rough sea waves are making this beach a perfect place to enjoy adventure sports.This beach is relatively less crowded, and the dinner and the lunch facility are present there. October and September are the most attractive seasons to visit Madaket Beach. You can spot many lifeguards on the beach.

3. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach imageSurfside beach is the perfect place for young people. The waves are tough, which are supporting the professional surfers. The beach is full of the entertainment units like discs, bars, pubs, and music parties.The different kinds of food restaurants are the attractive parts of this Nantucket beach. The snack bars beside the sea are surviving many delicious foods. The wild water theme park is another attraction of the place.

4. Stone's Beach

Stone's BeachThe Stones beach has all the natural beach attractions like the sand dunes, dunes grass, and the strong waves. This beachside road is the perfect path to exploring the beachside by walking, running, or biking.Unlike the Massachusetts beaches, this Nantucket beach is the place where you can simply enjoy the view of the less crowded beach. And you can simply spend your whole day while reading your favorite books under the sun. Even there is a small free public library beside the beach.
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5. Miacomet Beach

Miacomet BeachMiacomet beach is one of the dangerous surfing beaches for young surfers. The Miacomet road is leading the road towards the Miacomet beach.Among all Nantucket beaches, these beaches have strong waves, and the high tide and very less amount of the lifeguard are making this beach not suitable for young children.But the youths and the professional surfers are enjoying their whole day while practicing the sports.

Bottom Line

The weather in Nantucket is the most pleasant in the month of September and October. The water is not very warm, and the sea tides are quite soft. The Nantucket beaches are all very pleasant and full of different kinds of adventure sports activities. The popular beach food is delicious, and the less crowded beaches have the food truck’s service. The parking of all Nantucket beaches is challenging, especially the crowded ones. If you want to enjoy the whole day, then starting early morning is the wisest decision.
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