Travel experiences are no longer perceived the same, thanks to the massive expansion of social media, turning them into visual stories. Now, taking pictures and sharing trips is not only for keeping memories but also to motivate others by creating an interesting Instagram account. 

This article will discuss useful methods and guidelines to improve your travel photography skills as well as manage a visually impressive Instagram feed.

Mastering the Art of Light

Light is the base of good photography. You must know how light affects your subject to make an appealing image. Enjoy the charm of “golden hour,” which means the time just after the sun comes up and before it goes down. The soft, diffused light creates a warm glow, perfect for landscapes, portraits, and architecture.

Though the intense sun in the middle of the day can be harsh, it can also provide shadows that add depth and drama. You may try different ways to place yourself and your subject to use shadows with creativity. When there is not much light available, capturing images could be fascinating if done correctly. 

To wrap up the photographs you have taken and reach a broader audience, consider incorporating unique hashtags so your audience can find your IG account more easily. If you can’t think of a hashtag to use, you can rely on a hashtag generator. 

But what is an IG hashtag generator, and how can it help your photos end up on your audience’s feeds? An Instagram hashtag generator will deliver a list of trending hashtags according to the info you provide. Then you can choose the one you like best and post your stunning snaps.

Composition: Leading the Viewer’s Eye

Composition means how things are arranged in the picture. When you use simple composition methods, it helps to direct the viewer’s attention and make visually strong photos. Picture you divide your frame into nine squares with two lines straight up and down, horizontal and vertical. 

The subject should be placed where the intersections or lines are—this will make your composition more balanced and visually appealing, which is also known as the rule of thirds.

Use natural lines in the scene, like roads, fences, or rivers, to guide the viewer’s eye toward your subject. 

These lines give depth and dimension to your photos. Don’t worry if there is empty space in your frame; this can help highlight and draw attention to the main subject of your photo. It can create a feeling of calm and put focus on your subject, especially effective for minimalistic arrangements. 

Think about the layers inside your frame as well. Add things in the front, middle, and all the way to the back to create more depth and give a sense of location. Test various viewpoints by going down to the ground or utilizing a higher vantage spot.

Capturing the Essence of Your Destination

Travel photography is more than just taking pictures of famous places; it’s about capturing the distinct character and ambiance of a location. Pay attention to small details that narrate a story about where you are visiting. 

This might be a classic food stall, an old doorway, or even a child playing with their toy. In addition, include individuals in your photos. A natural picture of a local worker or some kids engaged in play can give a human touch and cultural meaning to the images you take.

Consider experiencing more than just tourist locations. Go into secret alleys, local markets, and less familiar parts of the city or town for an authentic taste of its charm. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and ready to take pictures of unexpected moments. Sometimes, the most captivating photos are those that happen serendipitously.

Building a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

Making sure that your Instagram feed has a consistent look helps build an eye-catching and identifiable brand for your travel photography. You can create a color palette that mirrors the kind of travel you enjoy, such as setting warm hues for desert views or cool blues for coastal trips. 

To plan your feed, think about the general color scheme and composition of your photos. Utilize different photo formats like portraits, landscapes, or close-ups to maintain a visually engaging feed.

Write interesting captions that narrate the story of your photos—they can be about the place, a private experience, or a cultural remark. Try these tips and techniques to make your travel photography more unique and create a visually attractive Instagram feed that shows the heart of your adventures and motivates others to explore.

How to take good Instagram travel photos?

How to take good Instagram travel photos?

There are certain aspects that you have to keep in mind while taking pictures and certain things you have to consider to make your instagram travel photos stand out. Here are some of those things.


Well, it always depends on the photographer which angle he prefers for that particular shot. However, there are various options Instagram provides, like square-oriented photos, vertical, and horizontal, so you can choose which angle you want to choose.

When you are taking travel photos, there is no hard and fast rule that the photo has to be front and center. Try the rule of thirds, and you will have something beautifully captured. Just think of two sets of imaginary lines, horizontally, and physically.

After that, all you have to do is place the most important elements of the subject where the lines meet and you will capture a good picture.


Be bold and try out all the features of your camera to get that perfect click. Experimenting will give you the right quality and angle for the picture. If you are capturing something that is moving, like a person walking or an animal, it is best to try the burst mode. This will allow you to capture that exact moment in time. 

And when you are taking pictures with your phone, take it from the phone’s camera and through Instagram’s camera. This will allow you more flexibility as you get to try different sizes and modes to get the best quality.


After you are done taking the picture, comes the next step which is editing. Editing can make a huge difference to a picture. There are various options available, you can edit the pictures in your phone, or if you want, you can use professional software from your desktop to edit the pictures.


Communicate with your subject or with your photographer if you have something particular in your mind. If there is something unwanted in the frame, do not be scared to remove it. Also communicate with your subject about how you want to edit the picture and how you want to shoot it.


The timing makes a huge difference when it comes to photography. You can be out all day, but take the shot when the lighting is prime, meaning during sunset or sunrise. This is also known as the golden hour. The natural lighting is what works best.

Sunrise is considered one of the best times to click pictures while traveling, not just because of the lighting but also because there are not many people around during this time. Popular tourist spots are always overcrowded, and sunrise is the only time when these places are not packed with tourists.

But you might not be a morning person, so there is another option for you. Taking a shot right before the sun sets will get you some of the best clicks in those beautiful locations. If you are clicking photos of other people, or just the landscape, it will turn out to be amazing because of the soft light.

The Final Take: Elevate Your Travel Photography to a Whole New Height

If you want to improve your travel photography, you should focus on understanding light and composition. Also, work to capture the essence of a place in your photos. Utilize editing tools for enhancing but remember subtlety is important, as are relevant hashtags. 

For illustration purposes, Instagram posts containing a minimum of 1 hashtag achieve 12.6% more engagement than those without a hashtag at all.

Finally, create a consistent Instagram look through color palette and layout, as well as captions that engage others with your storytelling skills. With these tips, you can turn your travel feed into an interesting story that inspires people to see the world from your perspective.

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