The rise of Podcasts has been phenomenal since it came into existence in in the early 2000s. Today, you will easily find podcasts related to any niche. One of the reasons behind this meteoric rise is that one can easily start it. 

Travel podcasts have cropped up as one of the most sought-after choices for adventurers and travelers alike. Undoubtedly, they are special among the multiple genres that you look after for entertainment.

This article revolves around the world of travel podcasts and their prominent role in the entire travel experience at present.

The rise of travel podcasts

The rise of travel podcasts

In recent years, travel podcasts have attained enormous popularity among different age groups. Travel enthusiasts are turning to their audio adventures for entertainment value as well as guidance. 

The podcaster’s Alpian success is attributed to its ability to transport listeners to distant landscapes through immersive and engaging soundscapes coupled with storytelling and interviews.

Let’s give you some figures to help you understand the rising popularity of podcasts globally. According to projections, the number of podcast listeners has crossed 464 million worldwide. These are massive figures. Not only that but they are projected to reach 504.9 million by the year 2024. 

The report further states that the average listener spends around seven hours a week glued to their favorite podcast applications. Women listeners have edged past the men slightly in terms of podcast listenership( 48% vs. 43%). 

If you simply want to satisfy your wanderlust or plan for your next gateway from the comfort of your home, few things would be as friendly as the podcasts. Indeed they are a treasure trove of information on your cell phone or other device, as per your preference.

So, what role do these podcasts play? Let’s find out. 


A good travel podcast has everything to inspire you to get out and wander. It serves as the antidote of inspiration for travelers. 

At the same time, it unfolds the treasures of captivating stories, personal anecdotes, and lively descriptions of destinations from different corners of the world. 

It could be anything from solo backpacking through an area to a family cross-country road trip. Whatever it is, the podcasts can help you imagine what visiting would be like.

Some can leverage interviews with seasoned travelers, destination experts, and residents to give you firsthand information and experiences from the place you want to visit. 

Given podcasters tend to take a less formal approach to presenting content, it resonates with listeners and encourages them to check out new places.


Podcasts are not just limited to inspiring you to get out and have an adventure; they can also help you prepare. It can be used for trip planning, as it offers practical advice and insider information. Moreover, they provide the best expert recommendations on the best way to embark on a journey to a place.

Hosts often share information that includes how to choose the best destination, where to get accommodation, and planning an itinerary.

Besides, you also get the know what happened during their travel experiences. These useful insights into logistics, transportation options, visa requirements, and local customs keep you well informed.

In addition to these useful tips, you may also get podcasts that feature interviews with travel experts to help you make the most informed planning decisions and avoid last-minute hiccups or problems down the line that you could not have foreseen.

Useful advice

Besides inspiration and guidance during planning, podcasts are also a major source of useful advice. Yes, they go beyond the practicality of planning itineraries or packing your bags to fit everything you will need.

You can get guidance on issues such as how to travel solo and still be safe. However, the best ways to navigate foreign places as if you were local, are the guides. In podcast interviews, they offer tidbits on the places.

For instance, nothing quite prepares you for the smell of rotten eggs around some volcanically heated springs (FYI, the smell comes from sulfuric emissions) or an unexpectedly more grueling hike than the pictures show. 

Knowing beforehand the little bits people forget can give you an edge and allow you to explore your destination more for a fuller and more rewarding experience.

You can get advice on language tips, budget travel hacks, cultural etiquette, and sustainable tourism practices.

Niche and specialized content

If you have spent any time on the internet and gotten to know the many sub-cultures and niches that exist, then you know that travel podcasts can do more than just tell a vivid story with some cool sound effects to go along with it.

Hosts can explore niche topics that appeal to many different tastes, including providing in-depth analysis, expert interviews, and insider insights that appeal to unique listeners. 

A good example of niche content would be experiencing immersive travel with the Slaycation Podcast, which sees hosts combine true crime and travel.

Listeners benefit from not just listening to a podcast about an incident that intrigues them but also exploring where it happened, gaining a richer experience.

Virtual travel experiences

Virtual travel experiences

Sometimes, it goes beyond one’s periphery of possibilities to visit the destinations. Yes, constraints can be many.

However, the podcasts, through their immersive virtual experiences, transport you to distant lands. And yes, you do not have to leave your home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this need to experience the world from home was magnified as travel restrictions kicked into high gear. That period saw the world of entertainment, including podcasts, undergo a shift.

A podcast can provide you with the sensation of being in another place with the help of the most lively storytelling, ambient sounds, and the most evocative descriptions.

It lets you get a taste of the places that are the most distant from your home. 

These immersive episodes, with their magical wand, transport you to the different guided tours of historic cities. Also, they can satisfy your heart with the most craving culinary sojourn through exotic cuisines or a virtual hike along the scenic trails.

Community and connection

Travel podcasts foster a sense of community and connection among like-minded travelers, creating a virtual space where listeners can get passionate about their travel, tips, explorations, and friendships.

Podcasts facilitate meaningful connections and friendships among travelers through engaging with listeners, social media interaction, and live events.

What does the future hold for travel podcasts?

As we innovate more, podcasts will only become more immersive and richer in content. Some changes we expect include AI integration for smarter content delivery (clearer audio, translations, transcriptions, etc.). Others include video podcasting (a trend showing a shift to visual augmentation for podcasts), content diversity, branded podcasts, and more.

A Travel enthusiasts can expect their podcasts to not just get better in quality, but offer more to the listener.

So, whether planning your next adventure or simply looking to scratch the travel itch, travel podcasts offer a wealth of information, entertainment, and community, all within your reach.

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