Travelers, tourists, and adventurers love Turkey as a destination.

The culture mosaic and its rich history generate numerous winter and summer resorts.

Check out our Turkey Travel Guide to learn everything you need to know before your trip.

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is primarily recognized as a 3S location for sun, sand, and sea. This combination is ideal for hosting summer travelers. This kind is first seen in Antalya, Izmir, and Muğla, whose picturesque coastlines offer chances for yachting, diving, and other water activities. In the summer, there are direct flights to Dalaman.

The “peribacaları, in Turkish” also known as “fairy chimneys” in English, in Cappadocia, Central Anatolia, will leave you wondering how they have endured for thousands of years without deforming. You can travel back in time to the region’s early Christian era and the Roman period by visiting an underground dwelling.

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Tracking a route towards the Black Sea coast will relieve you of all tiresome habits as green hills and forests will let you observe tea and hazelnut harvesting while trying mouthwatering dishes. Check the best date for your flight to Trabzon by Pegasus Airlines.

Istanbul is the most inspiring metropolitan for all business travelers with its recreation, shopping, and sightseeing options. The Bosphorus, Grand Bazaar, and Beyoğlu are only a few examples of a wide variety of spots in Istanbul. Book flight tickets to Istanbul on Pegasus Airlines and start to explore Turkey!


Turkey has highly developed land and air transportation services. From Europe, there are direct and connecting flights to many cities in Anatolia. Another option is to travel in supreme comfort to your destination using commuter buses that run between cities.

Several railway routes depart from Istanbul; however, trains are uncommon in Turkey. The most well-known big cities, including Istanbul, Eskişehir, Konya, and Ankara, are connected mainly by YHT. With a high-speed train called the YHT, you may travel across these cities relatively quickly and pleasantly.

In addition, public transportation is available in all bigger towns and cities. Municipalities provide reasonably priced bus, minibus, tram, and metro services (in Istanbul and Ankara).



Accommodation is offered by hotels, b&b type houses, and resort villages in turkey. There is a five-star scaling system for hotels escalating the service and infrastructure quality. You can find many luxury hotels in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and other metropolitans and resorts. You can search for Pegasus Airlines’ hotel offers with premium options.


Cheap Flights to Turkey

Direct flights are available to Turkey from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Istanbul has two major airports, and they are on opposite sides of the city. Selecting Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) will make locating inexpensive flights to Istanbul simple.

Pegasus Airlines landed at the same airport to give its transfer passengers the simplest and quickest way. With its professional cabin crew and staff, Pegasus Airlines, a well-known leading airline in Turkey, provides safe flights of the highest caliber.

Cheap Flights to Turkey

Things to Know Before Traveling to Turkey

1. Currency and Credit Cards

In Turkey, the currency is “The Turkish lira”, abbreviated as TRY in the international zone and TL in the local market. It is easy to exchange lira if you have Euros or US dollars. You can find many exchange offices in every city.

Visa and MasterCard type credit and debit cards are widely used in Turkey. You are not required to keep vast amounts of cash with you as most shops, cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets accept credit cards. It is better to exchange Turkish liras if you plan to get in a taxi.

2. Country of Four Seasons

Turkey is known as a country with four seasons. That means you can find places to travel, snowing in September and shining in February. You can plan your travel to Turkey every season by keeping Pegasus’ early booking offers.

As a result of the Mediterranean climatic features, summer is hot and humid in southern regions, including Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, and Adana. You can check our pages about the climate in Turkey to decide what to wear during season transitions.

3. Hospitality of Turkish People

Turkish people are well known for their hospitality and helpfulness. You can find locals who would like to serve more food or who will guide you to the spot if you get lost in the busy streets of Istanbul.

4. Language

The official language is Turkish, and you will hear many Turkish words uttered repeatedly around you. Travelers are not required to know Turkish words though it will help you to communicate better in a small shop, in the bazaar, or at a bus station in a smaller town. There is no need to worry as most young people can speak English and German in southern tourist spots.

5. Essential Numbers

  • International Country Code: +90
  • Emergency Number: 112
  • Police: 155


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