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Traveling in India – Some General Guidelines for Foreign Tourists

| September 18, 2018 | Travel Guides

India is a beautiful country and visiting it will give you many memories to cherish forever. Just like any other country that you visit there are dos and don’ts and a few other things that you must keep in mind to ensure that your visit to India is as enjoyable as it can be. Here a few things that will help you make the most out of your trip.

Come with an Open Mind:

You must be aware of the several stereotypes that surround India. Before you start planning your trip and while you are in India make sure that you have put aside all of these stereotypes and come with a mind that is receptive of the things that you are going to experience. You might have heard a lot of opinions about India such as its too dirty, crowded or polluted. Don’t form a preconceived image of this country before you come here. That will help you live in the moment and enjoy everything that India has to give you.

Respect is Key:

India is a country that lives in tradition. People here have high regard for their culture and their beliefs. You have opinions different from that of the locals but make sure that you give respect to the way you do things. Read up a bit about India and its culture to make sure that you have some. Simple things like taking off your shoes before entering a temple or someone’s house can make a difference. Embrace the culture and try to understand it in order to understand this country better!

Watch What You Eat:

It’s easy to agree on the fact that the food in India is mouth watering but not all places are safe to eat. Avoid eating from the stalls on the street if you happen to have a weak stomach, it’s also advisable to avoid street food because in a lot of places the source of the water used for cooking is unknown and can become a cause of several diseases. It is safer to eat at well-established restaurants as opposed to the streets. Don’t worry about missing out on the delicious street food as most restaurants offer the same dishes!

Be mindful of the spice in your food. If you are intolerant to spices and cannot handle them at all, make sure to ask for less spicy food while you order. Indian cooks can be quite generous when it comes to adding heat to the dish, so inform them well in advance. If eating Indian food is not something that you prefer, India has a lot of western and continental cuisine to offer.

Dress to the Occasion:

Watch What You EatBeing a foreigner traveling in India, you are sure to attract a lot of attention from everyone around. People are going to stare at you and there is no way around it. Make the choice of what you’ll wear carefully. India is quite a conservative place so dressing modestly without exposing a lot of skin would be ideal. Clothes that are too revealing will draw even more attention towards you.

Try on some Indian clothes while you are there. Again, seeing a foreigner dressed up in an Indian outfit will attract people’s attention, so decide if you are okay with that before you decide to go out wearing in a traditional attire.

Don’t Forget your Sunscreen and your Mosquito repellant:

India is a tropical country and while travelling here you are bound to be in the sun for quite a long time. No matter where you go in India, the sun and the heat will follow you. So get yourself a good sunscreen to protect your skin from a sunburn. If you would like to use some local transportation to get around, remember that you will be exposed to the sun quite a bit while you do so. Also get an umbrella to ensure extra protection from the harsh sun.

Mosquitos are bound to cause trouble here in India especially at night. If you are places that are humid as well, mosquitos will trouble you even more. Make sure you have some good mosquito repellent with you and remember to use it regularly.

When in India, remember that it is a country with a lot of diversity, accept the diversities, enjoy the rich culture and have a great time!

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