All of us might agree with the statement that “vacations should be fun.” After all, we aren’t taking precious time off work to simply waste it. Many people look forward to the summer and spend the months prior, researching and reading up on the best travel destinations. 

However, it isn’t uncommon to come back from a vacation feeling drained and exhausted instead of happy and content. Many factors contribute to this. 

Sometimes, we try our best to squeeze in too much out of too little time. Other times, our planning may have been lacking, and we ended up spending more time than we expected, traveling or in hotels. 

However, there is one factor that can ruin even the most well-researched vacation plans. This refers to the perils of packing too much luggage. Packing light is one of the best ways to make even simple vacation plans fulfilling.

Let’s explore how. 

1. It Helps You Avoid Fatigue 

Avoid Fatigue 

When you are packing multiple suitcases, it is unsurprising that things get tiresome. You will end up dragging your luggage through airports, climbing stairs, and rushing after public transport. Moreover, spots that aren’t specifically designed for tourists tend to have poor access options. 

If you are trying to make your way through old, narrow streets of certain European cities, traveling heavily can be a nightmare. Ideally, you want to limit luggage to something you can carry on your person. This might be a simple travel sling bag or even a sturdy backpack. They can make your experience far more manageable. 

According to Tortuga, sling bags are perfect for taking your keys, documents, phone, and snacks. If there’s more that you want to carry, put them in your backpack. More importantly, carrying less weight allows you to travel longer distances before you get tired and need rest. 

2. It Unlocks More Destinations

Traveling light also allows you to pick out destinations that you might not be able to drag around luggage. Your itinerary becomes much more flexible, and you also have the freedom to make spontaneous decisions. Often, the beauty of travel and vacations comes from small, unplanned moments. 

You decide to stay on a train all the way to the last stop or take a detour through a mysterious alley. Traveling light allows such adventures. You also don’t announce yourself as a blatant tourist and are able to fit in more naturally with the local culture.

3. It Saves You Lots of Money

benefits of traveling light

The benefits of traveling light extend financially as well. Carrying tons of luggage will hit you with hard baggage fees the second you hit any airport. When you travel light, you also don’t need to spend a lot of money on taxis and other transport options. You can rely on public transportation or even take a walk. 

Remember, a lot of touristy areas make it so that taxis and similar services are expensive. If you check into a hotel, you also save a little bit of money, considering the bellhop isn’t helping you with your baggage.

4. You Gain Security and Peace of Mind

Traveling light also makes things all that simpler when talking about security. The more bags and luggage you carry around, the more you are worrying about their safety. When you carry less baggage, you also become less of a target to thieves and pickpockets. 

Traveling light ensures that you are able to keep your valuables close and at hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to constantly stop and dig deep into a large suitcase or bag. If you end up needing to do this in a crowded area, you can imagine how messy it can get.

Moreover, if there is ever an emergency of any sort, traveling light can literally save your life. If there are natural disasters in the form of floods or earthquakes, you don’t want to be stuck making the decision to either abandon your belongings or take them with you. 


Unless you are royalty and absolutely need to bring along several pieces of luggage, traveling light can be done easily. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you compromise on your travel by not bringing enough. Most of the items you lug around with you can be found easily for purchase or even rent on a vacation. 

Be it clothes, toiletries, and more, you can find them everywhere. It makes no sense to bog yourself down when you are taking a vacation for the sole purpose of relaxing and unwinding. 

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