First of all, Portugal is a highly safe place for every person, no matter what gender or orientation it is. It is an excellent destination for solo travelers worldwide because of its affordability and convenience. Besides, English is a widely used language, so you will quickly feel like a fish in the water.

The air is soaked with freedom and positive energy. Thus it would be the perfect choice for the first solo travel destination. This article contains detailed information and special tips necessary for planning, making it much easier.

Find out the reasons why Portugal is a popular destination and get ready for a fantastic journey.

Low Prices For Everything

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Western Europe. Everything has reasonable prices for all budgets. Lots of economical places around have full food options for €10. As for accommodation, there are many affordable options and no shortage of services.

A day will cost you lower than €50. However, it may be even lower, going through other ways to see the country—free admission days in museums, historical places, free walk tours – different activities for every city.

Accessible Areas

Accessible Areas

When coming to a new country, even an experienced traveler can have difficulties navigating and using public transportation. But Portugal’s public transportation system works without messes, and trains and buses are pretty simple to get around. In big cities, the choice is wider with the metro and trams, so you won’t get in trouble.

But on the other side, faster transportation is carried out with car hire services. No dependence on schedules, time of day, and other circumstances – complete freedom in actions. One day in Lisbon, the following one – near the mountains.

Hire car Portugal and get all the facilities – flexibility, tougher protection from COVID-19, and the ability to explore the wonders Portugal offers. Just imagine scenic drives through the coastline – it is worth trying!

Easy-Going Locals

Communication with a Portuguese person is a separate art form. You will fall in love with their easy-going temperament, quite friendly to travelers. Portuguese are always glad to interact. When help is needed, they don’t even bat an eyelid. Kindness and generosity are the real treasure and the best treat of people there.

Leave your fears at home without hesitation and go into a new environment bravely, meet new people, and get smiles, a bit of humor, and respect. In rural areas, it is also possible to chat if your language level allows, but if not, learn some basic phrases and continue exploring.

Cars for hire are still good for day trips to villages, camping, and spending time in nature.

English Is A Commonly Spoken Language

The number of people who speak English in Portugal is a quarter and a third of the population. The younger the generation is, the more frequently the lingua franca is used in conversations. Nevertheless, check a few words in the vocabulary just in case. It all depends on the place.

For example, residents of rural areas are usually older and don’t know the language properly. But you obviously don’t need someone to translate anyway but be prepared at least to say hello – Bom dia.

Nice Climate Year Round

Nice Climate Year Round

Portugal’s climate is relatively stable – mild autumn and spring, warm summer, and moderate winter. Trippers aren’t bound by weather at all, but there are some differences in regions that should be taken into account. However, rain or something like that can’t spoil the fun.

Rent a car to avoid getting soaked and stressed and save plans and time smoothly. Relax and enjoy the rainy views also; they are bewitching! Perhaps, now you need more details for the future journey. Read the lists below for more inspiration.

Mini-Guide For The First Solo Trip In Portugal

While traveling solo to Portugal is extremely safe, there are some things you need to keep in mind. We have narrowed down a list of the best destinations in Portugal that also comes with the necessary tips. These will make your stay comfortable and the most memorable one.

Best Portuguese Destinations

  • A perfect choice to recharge a battery because exploring the tiny details alone helps to distract from bothering factors such as work or anxious thoughts. Swim with dolphins on volcanic beaches and observe tea plantations; you can even try a cup.
  • It is a pocket-friendly option with many attractions, the city is packed with them, but perhaps the main special thing is the beautiful architecture – you’ll spend hours adoring all the lovely buildings.
  • Fashionable North City attracts tourists with vibrant life day and night, saturated with joy and the spirit of truly partying. Therefore, if you decide to come off, pay attention to Ribeira, Cais de Gaia, and Boavista.
  • When visiting the city, don’t forget to head over to the Serra da Estrela. The country’s highest mountain range divides the north from its south. This crowd-free region offers supreme beauty with plenty of flowers and wildlife sightings. 
  • Portugal’s Douro is the best mountain range offering the most assorted wines. It has terraced vineyards where the locals grow port grapes. You can best admire it from the river by boarding a Rabelo.

 Top Five Tips For Solo Travel In Portugal

  • Staring in Portugal is a cultural thing, be ready to receive glances. It applies to men and women equally.
  • Be careful, and don’t fall for scams. They exist here but in a low number.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in rented cars.
  • Keep someone informed about your travel plans. Give a copy of the route, share Insta stories, etc.
  • Write the hotel’s address in a notebook or a piece of paper, or simply take a business card and keep it handy.
  • Make sure to research the destinations you wish to visit before commencing the trip to avoid unnecessary attention.
  • No matter where you go, always try to stay connected. Ensure you have a working phone, a local SIM card, and proper internet access. 
  • Apart from hotels, refrain from staying elsewhere. It is the safest option you have in your control. 
  • Always be confident, even if you have to fake it a little. Since you are moving out of your comfort zone, things might get a little uncomfortable. 
  • Don’t forget to take benefit of public transportation as the country has got a fully accessible network of trains and buses.


Portugal attracts people of various ages because of a unique trait – it makes everyone feel comfortable and warm in the new place immediately. Try it yourself and take a piece of pure happiness seeing the country, meeting charismatic locals, and doing some unique activities. Wish you good luck!

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