The internet can help you a lot when you are travelling, whether it is domestic or international. You need to have apps in your phone that would make it easier for you to travel since you can keep track of your bookings, your itinerary and other things that you are responsible for.

However, to download these apps and for them to work properly, you need to make sure that your internet connection is good enough to do so. Considering the importance of a robust internet connection, it’s crucial to opt for one of the best internet providers available.

Now, you might be wondering which apps you need to have before you start travelling so that you can make sure that your trip is as comfortable as possible. Here are some apps you need to make sure you have on your phone before you start travelling.


Do you feel like you have a hard time when you need to pack your stuff before you leave? Do you still struggle while packing your suitcase? You can download PackPoint which is an app dedicated to helping you with packing your suitcase in the best way possible. You can tell the app where you are going and what you intend on doing so that the app can give you a personalized list of the things that you need to take with you.

The app can give you recommendations based on the weather of your destination and whether you need to pack light clothes or heavy ones. The app even asks you if you would have access to laundry facilities or not so that it could give you further suggestions based on that as well.


Hopper is the kind of app you need to have on your phone before you even get tickets for yourself. That is because this app tracks and tells you about flight prices, when they are expensive and when they are cheap. However, keep in mind that the app only works on mobile and doesn’t work on a computer. The app gives you a notification just as soon as it detects a price drop so that you can see if it fits your budget and if you should go ahead or not.

Another amazing thing about the app is that not only does it give you alerts and notifications about price fluctuations but it can also give you a forecast of when prices might get higher by giving you a specific date for it. You may also choose to buy your tickets through Hopper, you just need to pay a little commission fee for it.


Do you wish you had an app that could set up your itinerary for you? Lucky for you, you can do that through this app called TripIt. It can automatically keep track of all your booking confirmations through your emails and it can compile them so that it could set up an itinerary for you. This makes things a lot easier to manage and makes your trip a lot more smooth and swift.

You can also share the information with your friends and family so that they can keep up to speed with your plan as well. This way no one would have to ask you when your flight is departing or landing and they would know everything beforehand.


You would need a roof over your head while you are travelling and you would preferably want something easy on your budget. This is where Airbnb comes in handy as it allows you to find places to stay at very affordable rates. Mostly, people have their furnished apartments and houses that they give up on Airbnb for people to stay at. Just make sure that you keep the place clean since someone else is trusting you with it.

The best part about Airbnb is that you don’t really have to book the whole place but you can also rent one room in a house if you are travelling solo and don’t need that much space for yourself.

Just like Airbnb, also allows you to find places for you to stay, that too at a very affordable rate. You just need to set the filters for the app to find reasonable places for you depending on what your budget is, how many rooms you want and whether you want breakfast included or not. Be sure to have this app on your phone so that you can have an easier time trying to figure out where you need to stay.

Wrapping Up

The next time you are out travelling and need to make things easier for yourself, make sure you have all of these apps on your phone so that you can manage everything in the best way possible and save yourself the hassle.

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