Whether this the first time you are traveling to Southern California or not, there is a long list of attractions that you can appreciate and take advantage of. Look at the multiple options to get one that matches of even exceeds your expectations and hit them all to make the trip one that you will always recall. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with your children, there is something for everyone in southern California.

Most visitors to Southern California plot to see local beaches, Disneyland, Hollywood, and maybe hop over to Las Vegas on their first visit to the area. What to do with the rest of their days is usually to some extent of a mystery. Here are some of the things to do in southern California to make the stay there more involving and enjoyable.

1. Go hiking


Yucaipa and Runyon Canyon are the best places you can ever think of taking a hike in southern California. They are quite the most enjoyable places you can dream of visiting. The views of Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, the most beautiful shades of flowers, and the surrounding mountains are nothing short of amazing. Take a break from the beaches and spend a perfect summer afternoon enjoying the incredible views, while also getting in an energizing workout as these places offer race training and free yoga.

2. Shoreline Bike Path, surf and enjoy the views in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

Biking is a great way to see what’s going on in town while getting a little exercise. The bike path offers a great chance to get into the more crowded shoreline areas without parking problems. In addition to an 8-mile long bike path, you will find plenty of unique restaurants and shops and exciting events all along. You can also choose to learn surfing in Huntington Beach as you observe other surfers in action.

3. Boat Ride to Catalina

Boat Ride

At Catalina the activities available range from water activities such as boat riding, parasailing, and snorkeling to land adventures such as zip lines and ghost tours. You could be missing a lot if you did not take a one-hour boat trip that crosses to Catalina Island. You can choose to get in on an island adventure by riding a boat from the long beach and have a view of the most beautiful destinations with grace and style. While exploring the island of Catalina, you can also have a glimpse of the beauty and splendor of the land.

4. Go snorkeling off Catalina Island

Catalina Island

It is usually for the warmer seasons. Snorkeling off the back of the casino could be a one experience that brings you the happiness you ever desire during vacation. The kelp forests are enthralling, and you will see your fair share of our state fish, the brightly colored Garibaldi. Also, snorkelling at night could be the best experience. Remember to carry underwater flashlight and be ready to see seal, lobster, and maybe one or two little sharks.

5. Escape to Palm Springs

The Californian desert city of Palm Springs has been one of the hottest getaway destinations surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. If you are looking for a little break from the big cities for over half a century you can try escaping to this springs.it is an ideal vacation destination all year round for its conducive climatic conditions.

6. Search for colorful seashells

colorful seashells

Beachcombing is always a fun activity to add to any beach vacation as you can walk away with a few free knick-knacks to remember your trip. You can choose to engage in this activity to find out more fun as you keep on engaging with others. Visit Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado as it is a hotspot for all different types of seashells.

7. Take a ski lift to the top of Mount Baldy in the summer

In the case you dream of getting to the top of the mountain, ski lifting could be one of the things to do in southern California. You may imagine you cannot hit the slopes in the region if you visited during the warm summer months, but Mount Baldy allows for trips to their summit by way of the ski lift. You can take a hike at the mountain and enjoy yourself as there is a disc golf option where you can watch your favorite movies.

8. Treat yourself to a great meal at an authentic Mexican restaurant

Whoever wishes to have in the same diets all year round? Southern California is home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in the country. When you visit this place, you can try out something different and delicious. For sure, this will give you an experience of other traditional made foods from skilled chefs. At these restaurants, the service, food, and setting are all exceptional.

9. Attend annual celebrations

In southern California, there is no shortage of events. There are all forms of entertainment, firework shows, and parades during the holidays. When you visit this state, you can purpose to attend their festivals as they are just fun. During these festivals, they pamper you a lot, and you can be able to check out at their luxury hotel spas, getting the best services.

10. Visit the Long Beach Museum of Art

Long Beach Museum of Art

After a long day at the marina, you can walk to these museums placed on a bluff overlooking the Pacific to get a little break from crowds of people. The museum also offers beautiful gardens to enjoy. The view of the Pacific, however, is priceless on the right day. Parking is free, and so is an admission on Friday. Only open Thursday-Saturday so plan your trip accordingly. The museum closes early (3 p.m.) but doesn’t take a long time to take in. The museum is a great and inexpensive place for a pit stop away from the crowds of all ages.

Honorable Mentions: Must See Places

We have extensively covered all the things that you can do. However, there were still some activities and places that were left. These might not have made their way to the original list, but they are certainly some of the best sights and sounds of Southern California. Therefore think of this as a bonus section, and let us look at some of the best places in California that you must visit the next time you are in the area. 

La Jolla

It is no mystery that San Diego has some of the best-looking sea beaches. And this small neighborhood in San Diego is the crown jewel. The neighborhood of La Jolla hosts some of the best-looking views of the seaside, where you can see sea lions basking in the sun. Apart from picturesque seashores, the town also boasts an amazing set of boutiques, museums, and art galleries. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Southern California is very famous for its hiking trails and national parks. Joshua Tree National Park is one of many National parks that the state of California boasts. This national is fairly safe for hiking, camping, and solo traveling. Still, carry some sort of defense mechanism with you, as there can be wild animals around. However, if you are camping overnight, be ready to be greeted by a mesmerizing sunrise like you have never seen before. Sources suggest that this place has one of the most unique and diverse avian species out there. So keep your binoculars close for birdwatching and other such activities. 

Los Angeles Country Museum

If you are a fan of visual art and the way the medium is perpetuated, then Los Angeles Country Museum or LACma is the perfect place to visit you. The museum has one of the most diverse array of artworks and visual artistry that can leave a deep mark on you for a significant time afterward. I personally think that visiting LACMA is one of the best things to do in Southern California.


Going on a vacation is an experience within itself. There is no state like California in terms of breath-taking beauty, a vast amount of activities, and famous destinations. Thus, indulging the above things in your trip could bring you more joy and memories.

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