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Looking To Swim With The Dolphins: Here Is Why You Should Visit Puerto Vallarta

| September 26, 2020 | Destinations


  • Are you looking for the best adventure resort for a fun-filled family vacation on your next holidays?
  • Do you want to give your kids an experience of swimming with the sea’s most magical creatures- dolphins?
  • Have you ever been to the tropical paradise that is Puerto Vallarta and explored the cobbled streets and the picturesque natural beauty?

The year 2020 has been very stressful for everyone. From working parents to young kids, the pandemic has created too many negativities in our daily lives. With holidays around the corner, not would be a perfect time to plan your next family vacation.

Whenever we choose any family destination, we always start thinking about the following-

  1. Will the kids be happy and stay entertained?
  2. Does the location offer a break from the busy and polluted city lives?
  3. Can adults have a good time in the vacation resort in terms of pleasure?
  4. Will the climate be just perfect- not too cold and not too hot?
  5. Is the vacation going to be affordable in nature?

In this article, we will introduce individuals and families to the idyllic paradise that is Puerto Vallarta. We will discuss some of its major attractions as well as look at why families all over the world are planning their next vacations at the adventure resort.

Dolphin Discovery Puerto Vallarta: A Brief Introduction

Swim With The Dolphins

Puerto Vallarta’s world-famous Dolphin Discovery is located inside the world-famous adventure resort, Aquaventuras Park Vallarta. It is one of the world’s most famous water parks, which promises slides, dolphins, and many other attractions.

The region of Puerto Vallarta has always been rated highly by international travel platforms because of its scenic beauty. The tropical climate ensures moderate temperatures, sunny skies, and long days filled with amusement and excitement.

Puerto Vallarta’s real beauty lies in its colonial influence and heritage. You will see some remnants in the form of Instagrammable cobbled streets and roads, old buildings, and the warmth of its local population.

Activities in Puerto Vallarta can be a mix of visiting some fun water parks as well as taking quiet walks along its quaint streets. Families or even couples planning their next vacation can consider this tropical jewel.

Why the Aquaventuras Puerto Vallarta is one of the World’s Best Water Parks?

Puerto Vallarta

There are very few waterparks around the world, which can truly match up to the scale of Aquaventuras. In fact, in all of Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, you will not come across as big, as diverse, and as exciting a spot as Aquaventuras.

In this section, we are going to list three main reasons, why you should consider Puerto Vallarta and Aquaventuras for your next vacation.

1. The Aquaventuras Water Slides-

If you are someone who loves zipping down water slides at a fast speed then you will surely love Aquaventuras. There are numerous water slides, which can be enjoyed by the entire family. If you are scared that the children might be too young for some, fret not, there are also plenty of child-friendly slides to keep the little ones entertained to their heart’s content.

2. Dolphin Swimming-

If you have ever seen dolphins in their natural habitats, you will understand how they are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta should be on your bucket list. You do not have to worry about the animals’ suffering. Aquaventuras is certified to the highest standards of animal well-being and quality- AMHMAR and ALLIANCE.

3. Sea Lion Discoveries-

Along with dolphins, people visiting the park can also interact and get to know sea lions! Sea lions have a great personality, are well natured and trained by the staff and experts at the park. You can feed them, play catch with them as well as swim with them in the clear waters and rivers of the Aquaventuras Park.

Adventures on the Land at Puerto Vallarta

However, when we are on vacation we would like to enjoy and soak up other attractions apart from the water park. If you are thinking on these lines, you do not have to worry. Adventures in Puerto Vallarta and the Aquaventuras Park goes much beyond just slides and dolphins.

If you are someone who wants to get their heart racing, you can try the adrenaline-pumping zip lines. These zip lines have been created at two distinct points of the resort. When you go on one, you will see the entire resort beneath your feet. You can also soak up the natural and tropical beauty in the form of trees on the zip line.

Other attractions at the park include a test of strength and stamina through the ‘Wall Climb’. There are different wall heights for adults and kids. This is a fun-filled family activity, which everyone will love.

The Slow River ride is also perfect for adults to spend some quiet romantic time with their partners. You can take a long and relaxing cruise and watch the stars on the slow river. If you are looking to pop the question to someone, might suggest you do the same on the river cruise to make it truly unforgettable.

What can you expect from a Vacation at Aquaventuras Puerto Vallarta?

All of us crave for some time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday city lives. However, we also want to escape to a place, which is naturally beautiful, fun for the entire family, but most importantly, easy on our budgets.

When you visit Puerto Vallarta, you will understand exactly what you had been missing out on. The region is not only safe but very light on the pocket. The numerous attractions mean that everyone from the wife to the kids will have an experience that they are very likely to forget anytime soon.

The colonial heritage, the natural landscape, the fun-filled water parks, and the adorable dolphins and sea lions will make you come back for more. If you are planning your next getaway with your family, you should definitely consider Puerto Vallarta.

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