Are you planning a trip in January but cannot bear the cold? Well, there are some warm states in January, when most of the world freezes from the cold. January is mainly the middle of the winter season, so most places are covered in a white blanket of snow, receive a lot of rainfall, or are simply as cold as it gets.

But winter is not just about the snow, and sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace and making snow angels. And along with that, you get the urge to travel to someplace warm. But January is the time to travel. So here are some warm states in January that you can choose for your travel plans.

Warm State In January

During winters, and specifically January, the average low temperature is somewhere around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite warm for the winter weather. Let’s check which are the places that seaves moderate warm weather in January.


Mississippi is one of the warmest states in January, and the winters are mild here. The state experiences extreme summer conditions, thus making it one of the hottest regions. Mississippi gets about 50 to 65 inches of rainfall in a year and gets only 1 inch of snowfall on average throughout the year.


Alabama is one of the warmest places during the month of January. Snowfall is extremely rare in Alabama because of its mild winters. Even though there is very little rainfall, it receives an average rainfall of 56 inches in a year.

Marshlands, forests, prairies, and woodlands are common in Alabama. There are almost 93 species of reptiles, 62 native mammals, and 73 amphibians, making it a diverse state. 70% of this state is forest which makes it a home to diverse wildlife.


Louisiana receives about only 0.2 inches of snowfall in a year. This is one of the warmest in January. Winters can have freezing temperatures, but heavy snowfall is rare. During the winter, the temperature ranges from 48 degrees Fahrenheit to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall is abundant in this state, and it is also considered one of the wettest states.

Prairies, woodlands, and marshes are common habitats of the state. You will get to see a lot of wildlife in Louisiana, like bears, otters, deer, foxes, coyotes, and ringtails. The climate here is subtropical and is popular for its amazing food, culture, and the diverse group of people who live here.


Texas is one of the largest states in the United States. Even though January is their coldest month, the temperature is relatively mild and is a lot warmer than in the other parts of the U.S. McAllen is believed to be the warmest city in Texas and is very close to the border of Mexico. Oklahoma Panhandle and the northern Texas Panhandle receive the snowfall for the state. On average, the state gets just about 0.1 inches of snow throughout the state.

Texas is a diverse state with almost 10 natural ecoregions. Grasslands, savannas, wetlands, forests, and coastal prairies are just a few habitats in this state. It is home to various wildlife like rattlesnakes, alligators, cougars, armadillos, bats, and deer.


Arizona is one of the United States’ deserts, with almost one-third of the region being arid. The average temperature in Arizona in January ranges from 69 degrees to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is mainly because of the large landscape of the state that allows the vast range of temperatures.

Yuma is the warmest city during the winter, whereas Hawley Lake is one of Arizona’s coldest regions. You can witness snow all across Arizona during the winters, but it is more common in the high-altitude areas. You will get to see a lot of wildlife like javelina, coyotes, black bears and deer.


California has a diverse wildlife and landscape. This is among those few places that have forests, beaches, deserts, and snow, and everything within just a few hours from one another. The Californian winter is different in every area; some areas get snowfall while others remain sunny throughout the year. Throughout the winter, the average temperature of California stays from mid to low 70s.

California is one of the most populated states in the US, and it has more than 482 towns and cities. Even though the state is home to more than 39 million people, you will get to see a lot of wildlife during the winters.


Florida is one of the warmest states in the Continental US during January. It gets cool and crisp temperatures during winters, but the weather is mostly warm and sunny, and it makes it pleasant to travel. This time, Florida is quite windy.

On average, Florida gets 54 inches of rainfall yearly, and 69% of the year, there is no rainfall in the state. If you visit this state in January, you might hear the sound of male cardinals, and you could also get to see the Roseate spoonbill, owls, hawks, ospreys, and sandhill cranes and their nesting activities.


Hawaii has a lot of islands, but six main islands which people mostly visit. These islands are O’ahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i, Hawai’i, Maui, and Lana’i. All these islands experience an average of 75 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in the month of January. 

The weather in Hawaii is mostly sunny and warm. But this is just after the rainiest month in Hawaii, which is December, so you might witness some rainfall during this time as well. Islands like Oahu and Maui do not receive a lot of rainfall and are mostly sunny during winter. Even though it is winter, you might even get to see some wildlife. 

As winter unfolds, these warm states in January call the tourists with sunny vibes and balmy temperatures. Hope this list helps you in making an informed decision.


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