When you are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, traveling should always be near the top of your list. It is simply a no-brainer. The very act of embarking on a journey boosts our mood and recaptures the sense of wonder that is so often missed from our adult lives. Going to previously unvisited locations pushes you out of your comfort zone and getting acquainted with new cultures broadens your mind. If you play your cards right, a particular trip can change your life forever! However, if you feel trapped in your temporary circumstances, especially if you are buried in endless mundane obligations and work, don’t lose your spirit. Simply read on to learn about the 5 ways you can travel more in 2023.

Put yourself in the right mindset :

First of all, sit down and think when was the last time you left your country and went for an unadulterated adventure? Was it years ago? If the answer is positive, you’ve almost certainly fallen into a trap of your daily routine – you always feel obligations come first and once you’ve cleared them all, you feel too exhausted to plan anything interesting over the weekend. By this point, your mindset usually perceives traveling as something that happens to other people and you need to pull yourself out of it! In order to do this, there are several factors that come into play.

Start saving :

calculatingTo begin your next adventure, you need to create a separate travel fund. Set aside some money for journeys that you’ll put on the schedule in the immediate future, and – here's the important part – you have to make sure there is a name of the location "tagged" to the fund. This way, the idea of traveling will not only be some formless notion hanging in mid-air, but you will give it a sense of palpability. One great option to consider for this purpose is to choose the best bank for savings that offers convenient features like dedicated sub-accounts or customizable labels, allowing you to easily allocate funds for specific travel destinations. You can even go a step further and automate your holiday savings, making it effortless to build up your travel fund and embark on your dream adventures.

Set the priorities :

photographyTraveling has the power to reinvigorate you, so it’s important not to skip on the possible opportunity to travel to distant locales if they intrigue you, but you have to be realistic. Set your priorities based on the number of vacation days you have and based on the time window you have to prepare for the journey. If an impromptu holiday is what you desperately need in order to decompress from daily woes, you can start off by traveling somewhere accessible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be within a day’s ride, but it should definitely accommodate the amount of time you have.In other words, traveling on a hiking adventure across the Himalayas or going on a two-week long road trip through Australian desert wilderness are not your average vacations. Even though the idea of these might excite you, one should start smaller. It is perfectly reasonable to visit the tourist traps of your own country if you haven’t visited them before. Going for a big and long adventure half-a-world away is something one needs to prepare for at least eight months in advance.

Use your rewards wisely :

airportEven if you are within your financial means to travel in style, you should never be sniffy about using certain rewards and discounts wisely. It’s all about using economical assets at your disposal to score the best possible deals. For example, did you know that your credit cards can earn rewards for travel expenses, including the bills for flights, rides and hotels? Or that such rewards can also accumulate over time? Of course, there is a time-window for everything, so it’s important to keep track of deals and how much time you have until they are nullified, even if you are eligible or you’ve already earned them. Additionally, the internet is brimming with countless success stories on how to collect frequent flyer points and travel the world using only their points from rewards cards. This is why it is so important to hit that browser on your portable device or your computer and do extensive and thorough research. Such tips and tricks can be used and applied by travelers of all stripes and backgrounds. Still, you just have to be very careful not to fall into a trap of opening several credit cards at once because you can end up weighed down by debt. Remember the golden rule: first you need to pay off balances, and then go after the rewards.  

Don’t fear the red-eye :

airplane wingDo you fear flying? In case you do, you are far from alone, and the feeling can truly impede your traveling arrangements. Long and crazy cruises are an incredible vacationing format, but one needs diversity every once in a while – and in order to savor the best out of all possible arrangements, you have to be prepared to board the plane with the snap of your fingers – and usually the infamous red eye flights. Truth be told, if you want to squeeze every precious minute out of your vacation, you’ll have to get used to these overnight flights. They are far from the most comfortable or convenient flights, but if you are ready to go through them, you’ll save a lot of transit time. With a few tricks up your sleeve and a bit of experience, these red eye flights can truly become a breeze. The fear of late plane flights is baseless because it is statistically still the safest way to travel. In the end, it’s all about being light on your feet and ready to go when an opportunity strikes. If you want to go on holiday more in 2023, you simply have to be a go-getter, just like with anything in life.

Tap into the “do it or regret it” motivational mantra :

TravelerBy constantly repeating that old mantra “do it or regret it”, you’re bound to travel more. As it has been mentioned before, it is easy to drown yourself in relentless mundane activities that are required of you every day and console yourself with that terrible excuse – I’ll do it next year. Don’t let your life take control of you and go out into the world to learn as much as you can about it, simply prepare well and go on your merry way without regrets! Don’t wait for the old age – when you’ll have time but no motivation or strength – to acquaint yourself with countless beauties of the world. To summarize, the world is full of awe-inspiring wonders – and it is waiting just for you.Often our daily obligations seem to prevent us from exploring. However, with these 5 ways to travel more in 2023, you’ll strike that perfect balance between exciting trips and obligations.Read Also :

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