5 Things To Do At Hitachi Seaside Park

Experience The Fireworks Festival at Hitachinaka

The fireworks festival at Hitachinaka highlights the two-day enjoyment taking place during the summer season. The event consists of 3,000 fireworks.

Rejuvenate at the Glass House Sea Side Cafe

Try the Strawberry & Yuzu Cream Dango, which is a rice dumpling produced with fruit sauce. Visit the cafe and rejuvenate amidst the forest.

Picnic at Hoshiimo Shrine

Also known as the Horide Shrine, Hoshiimo Shrine is located on a hill facing Ajigaura Beach. Take your family along and spend all day in this shrine

Embrace Beauty while Cycling

Plan an early morning itinerary and make it through a dedicated cycle path that stretches for 11 kms inside the Park.