There are numerous necessary things that you bring with you when you travel, and some of them are your electronic gadgets. They are very useful to you because how can you go on a travel without your cell phone and your camera/s?! There are also other things that you have to work on while you’re on your travel, like business affairs, work duties and even a vlog you just made there. With that comes a huge need to take care of your electronic gadgets to keep them secure and protected while you are in foreign destination and while you’re having a good time.

Here are 7 ways by which you can assure yourself that your gadgets are well-kept and away from harm:


You bring lots of luggages when you travel, especially when you’re not spending only a night but a few more days. Sometimes, you’re already overwhelmed enough to fix things when you’re having fun and already exhausted enough to organize things when you’re tired after a long day of adventure.

For you to keep your electronic gadgets organized even when you only have a short time, bring a carry-on bag so that you can separate them from your other stuff. If you put them with your clothes, your clothes might get crumpled. If you put them with heavy stuff, your gadgets might get damaged and crushed. A carry-on bag makes it easier for you to take in and out your gadgets and to assemble them well.

Bringing a carry-on bag also makes you assured that they aren’t lost since they’re just close to you or on you.


If you have a specific luggage where you’re planning to put your gadgets altogether, make sure that they your gadgets are stacked properly or arranged properly inside. If your cameras have little accessories, ensure that those accessories are not placed at the very under, the portion which is hard to reach. You must secure them in a small pouch or a bubble wrap.

For your laptop, make sure you wear on its laptop case/bag before putting it inside your luggage so you prevent it from getting scratched. Don’t put heavier gadgets on top of small or lighter ones. You don’t want to see them smashed or scraped. Organize them well so you’ll easily see them when you need them.


When you travel to a foreign land, be alert for deceivers and thieves. Because you are a tourist, you might be taken advantage of, so be fully aware and attentive. Keep your eyes on your electronic gadgets and their cases especially when you travel to crowded places. If you talk with locals and/or strangers, be mindful of your belongings always. If possible, wear their straps. You might be surprised to not see your camera inside your bag if you’re not being careful enough to seal them and watch on them.


Sometimes, the biggest challenge to you is remembering where you place this and that. If you travel, keep in mind that it isn’t your own place. Everywhere you go, you’re just a visitor, a tourist, and forgetting your things offer you small chances of getting them back, unless there really are good-hearted people around. Don’t just put your gadgets on top of somewhere or something; don’t forget that you did, and don’t forget to pick them up before you leave. 

On another note, be not forgetful about where you place or to whom you hand your gadgets. Did you gave it to your sister, to your friend, to your helper? Thinking and overthinking will make you paranoid! Be watchful and have a clear state of mind when you keep your gadgets. Don’t forget which bag has what, so you won’t be stressed while recalling and so you’ll avoid losing them too. Know where you gather them so you’ll easily have an idea of how to find your stuff when they seem lost.


Hotels value security and safety, but none of them in the world is perfect. Sometimes, thefts also happen. Never leave your important things such as your gadgets inside your hotel room when you go out. Sometimes, gadgets are left plugged that’s why people forget to take them as they leave the room; also sometimes, electronics left unplugged cause mishaps that affect the hotel and the guests.

Don’t leave gadgets inside the hotel room because you might forget to lock the door and someone might attempt to go inside. Even when the door is surely locked, don’t leave any of them. Unless your mother or your husband or someone else close and trustworthy to you is/are left in your room, never do that.  


If you travel and go to beaches and resorts to swim and to experience great adventure, you can’t just go into the sea with your cell phone inside your pocket or on your bare hands. To keep it safe and dry, put it in a waterproof pouch which you can hang on your nape. In that way, you can have fun without worrying about your gadget getting soaked in water!

Also, action cameras have waterproof cases, so don’t forget to bring them when you travel and visit the beach! You’ll be able to capture great travel moments with you using it since it’s importantly made for such underwater, wet adventures and travel purposes.


One of the saddest things that could happen when you travel is to get your files corrupted — your travel photos, videos and just everything about your trip! That just happens unexpectedly or when your gadget gets dropped and malfunctioning. To be sure, prepare backup data before the trip or during the early and unbusy moments during your travel! It’s better to be ready than regretful.  


When you travel, there are many unexpected happenings awaiting you and your stuff, so make sure that the most valuable things that you bring are kept secure, away from damage and itchy hands! Keep them in mind for a more enjoyable travel experience! 

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