With its laid-back atmosphere, glorious climate and a range of facilities for all ages, finding relaxing things to do and where to visit in Thailand is something you should not miss. Koh Samui is one of the ideal destinations for a family holiday. There are a number of wonderful beaches on the island, each with its own unique charms.

As you plan a getaway for yourself and your kids, you’ve probably found yourself with a number of questions:  When is the best time to visit Koh Samui? Which side of Koh Samui is best? What are some popular Koh Samui attractions? Which beach is best in Koh Samui for families with children? What are the best activities to do in Koh Samui with family? Read on to find out more.

Chaweng Beach:

Chaweng Beach


When you’re thinking about family holidays with your kids in Koh Samui Thailand, Chaweng Beach is well worth considering. It’s the most popular beach on the island — with good reason. People who choose Koh Samui for family holidays often plump for this lively, bustling beach and the nearby town of Chaweng. With seven kilometers of sandy beaches, there’s plenty of space for your kids to enjoy the ocean under the watchful eyes of the ever-vigilant coastguards.

The real can’t-miss activity for families here is Samui’s beachfront aqua park. This is a collection of weird and wonderful floating devices and structures for kids to climb up, slide down, dive from and swim into. Parents will be pleased to discover that the aquapark is just in front of a popular bar and restaurant. Afterward, why not stroll into Chaweng for a family meal at one of the many restaurants, or do a little shopping at the local stores and boutiques?

Lamai Beach:

Lamai Beach


Second, only in popularity to Chaweng, Lamai Beach is one of the best beaches in Koh Samui. Here you’ll find a breathtaking expanse of white sand shaded by graceful palm trees, with clear waters all year round and warm, gentle waves that are perfect for swimming and paddling. Lamai is a popular shopping hub, with the local Night Plaza and markets offering plenty of attractions.

If considering where to eat on Koh Samui, fans of seaside dining will appreciate the beachfront eateries offering delicious local seafood; brunch on the beach is a popular family activity here. One favourite day out for visiting families is the nearby water park, with its water slides, bungee trampoline, and exciting activities for all ages. If you do plump for Lamai Beach, try to make sure you pick a beach hotel — access to the shore can be a little tricky otherwise.




If you’re looking for somewhere secluded to escape to with your family, Maenam may be right up your street. It’s a quiet, low-traffic beach with unforgettable scenery and a tranquil atmosphere. Rambling trails lead to the quaint and cozy bungalows and down to yellow sandy beaches, revealing truly breathtaking views of Koh Phangan. Maenam used to be frequented by the backpacker crowd and lacked family-friendly facilities.

All that’s changed in recent years, with a wider range of options for young and old alike attracting families to this secluded beach. As well as being off the beaten track, Maenam has the advantage of being a much lower-budget option than some of the busier beaches.

There’s a wide range of accommodations to suit every pocket, from high-end luxury hotels to beautifully basic huts and bungalows. Maenam is a great choice if you’re planning a longer stay — although you will need a vehicle to get to many of the activities.

Bophut Beach:

Bophut Beach

For those who want to avoid the crowds but don’t like things too quiet, Bophut Beach offers a happy medium. Three kilometers of white sand curve down to the Thai fishermen’s village in the eastern part of the beach, offering a delightful and authentic Thai experience. There is plenty in the way of shopping and dining, including lots of kid-friendly options

The sand here is perhaps not quite as fine as the more heavily used beaches but the wonderful island views more than make up for that. Browse among the old wooden shop-houses for trinkets and delicious local cuisine or bask on the sands under the warm sun.

For the more adventurous members of your family, you can find inexpensive scuba lessons with local divers. A popular activity for teens and adults is a day dive to sites such as Koh Tao Island, Ang Thong Marine Park or Sail Rock.

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