Hong Kong and Macau trip are one of the most popular trips savored by families and corporates looking for adventurous and thrilling experience during holidays. The Chinese cities are popular for Disneyland, Ocean Park, Massive Casino, shopping and for skyscrapers.

The newly constructed bridge is gaining popularity with its marvelous design and making the journey between Hong Kong and Macau cheaper and faster.

Follow the complete guide to know:

  • Hong Kong Macau on World Map
  • Distance between Hong Kong Macau
  • How to travel from Hong Kong to Macau
  • Best itinerary to follow on Hong Kong with Macau trip
  • More about these two cities.

It will be great if you select one amazing Hong Kong Macau tour package so that you don’t have to worry about where to go next as everything will be included in your package and you will be free to enjoy and have fun. Now, let’s proceed.

Hong Kong and Macau on the World Map.

World Map

Hong Kong and Macau are two beautiful cities with skyline scrappers, amazing nightlife, adventurous amusement parks, and incredible holiday destinations.

On the world map, both cities stand face to face with the South China Sea in between them.

Distance Between Hong Kong and Macau:

The driving distance between Hong Kong and Macau is 86 Km on road. The pleasant driving experience to Macau can be enjoyed for an Hour in the south-west to Hong Kong.

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Macau:-

There are three options available for tourists to travel from Hong Kong to Macau. The ferries, a short flight or shuttle ride over Hong Kong Macau bridge.

Traveling through Ferry from Hong Kong to Macau is best suited because of low cost and least time taken during commuting.

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Macau in Ferry:

Hong Kong to Macau in Ferry

There is four ferry terminal in Hong Kong which are located in different areas of the city and can be chosen according to your itinerary and stay.

Hong Kong  Macau terminal is the most preferred terminal among tourists as you can get a ferry ride in every 15 minutes to your destination. The terminal is situated near Sheung Wan Station which is easily connected through the subway.

China ferry terminal is ideal for travelers coming from China as it is closest to China mainland.

Skypier terminal is exclusively for tourists, located at International airport of Hong Kong itself carrying tourist directly from the airport to Macau.

Tuen Mun Ferry terminal is located in New territory of Hong Kong and has only 8 ferries running every day. If you are staying in New territory then this is your port.

Terminals in Macau for ferry rides.

With a total area of only 28 km, Macau is a small city so it doesn’t matter which terminal you choose in Macau.

Macau Maritime Terminal is for the northern region of Macau

Taipa terminal is for the southern region of Macau

The cost of one side ferry ride from Hong Kong to Macau is about 170-400HKD.

The time taken by a Ferry ride to travel from Hong Kong to Macau is about an hour.

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Macau by Air:

Hong Kong to Macau by Air

The flight could be a tedious affair to reach from Hong Kong to Macau. Whereas the sky shuttle, helicopter service is operated 5  times in a day in every 15-20 minutes at Macau maritime terminal and Ferry Pier terminal in Hong Kong.

The cost of traveling by helicopter from Hong Kong to Macau is 4300 HKD for one side

The time taken by helicopter to travel from Hong Kong to Macau is for only 15 minutes.

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Macau by Road:

Hong Kong to Macau by Road

The new and comfortable way to travel from Hong Kong and Macau is through 55 km bridge that connects both cities with cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and four artificial islands. The journey itself is astounding and is becoming popular among travelers.

The total time taken to complete the journey through car or shuttle buses is only around 40 minutes.

The cost of traveling through a bus shuttle from Hong Kong to Macau is from 65HKD -75HKD.

Best Itinerary to Follow your Hong Kong Macau Trip.

The different moods have a different itinerary to follow. There are travelers coming in a small group, big group, either with family or are solo travelers, looking for some honeymoon destination or seeking adventure in Disneyland, this trip serves everyone. The spiritual lust or the shopping obsession also find their solace in this trip.

The itinerary also depends whether you want to spend a single day or 2 days, 5 days or 7 days to this trip.

According to us, spending 5 days on Hong Kong Macau trip is ideal and should follow this particular itinerary to cover all the major attraction during your trip.

Day 1:

After arriving in Hong Kong city, the remaining day can be spent in sightseeing and shopping through local markets and relaxing your muscles with some good rest. Hong Kong doesn’t have street benches hence needs lots of walking to explore the city.

Day 2:

Disneyland cannot be missed so spend the entire day enjoying the wonderful rides and can even plan a luxurious stay there.

Day 3:

Book ferry or cab and set the steering towards Macau. Enjoy the exotic resort and indulge in the sweet sin of and enjoy the glamorous nightlife.

Day 4:

Wake up and book a ferry or the cab to return to Hong Kong. Spend the remaining day in Ocean Park for yet another day of adventure.

Day 5:

Visit malls, shop and take the flight back to home.

Know your Places:-

Know your Places

Hong Kong

It is on the south border of China and is an independent country owned by Britishers. The metropolitan urban city is economically and geographically flourished and is a financial hub with much corporate head offices.

Attraction in Hong Kong:

While in Hong Kong, you can spend the entire single day gawking the skyscrapers. There is also a long-winded list of adventurous activities that can even take your entire week in Disneyland, water parks, zoos and many more to go.

Victoria Peak

A massive Wok-shaped Peak Tower is not just the place to get stunning views of the city, but also is one stop venue to indulge in shopping, fine dining. The Victoria Peak also has a  museum making this particular destination unmissable.

3D Museum

The Korean 3d Museum attracts tourists for its magnificent 3d collection. The perfect place to blend your creativity with their three-dimensional figures creating an optical illusion and click some breathtaking pictures to boost social media profile.


There are some depleting churches in the city still surviving with ecclesiastical history.

Theme Parks

The world-renowned Disneyland was a big hit among kids and family vacationers. The amusement park needs at least an entire day or two to enjoy it to the fullest.

Ocean Park

This is another popular attraction with roller coaster rides and a large aquarium altogether. The submarine diving and much more heart-pumping ride make it a hit among all groups.

Heritage Property

There are several temples, monastery Trails in The New Territory, Kowloon, Lantau areas of Hong Kong, enticing the spiritual feel of the senior citizen, and wanders seeking serenity in the city of skyscrapers.

Things to Do in Hong Kong:

There are an endless number of things that can be done in Hong Kong

Celebrating English and Chinese festival at the same land is the reason for the entire year of celebration.

Adventure lovers can spend their holidays in hiking Gambling, camping, exploring the city in their own way.

The beaches,  Dramatic swimming pool at a luxurious stay, sailing will keep affluent visitors amused on their entire trip.

Where to stay in Hong Kong:

There are many comfortable and luxurious hotels in Hong Kong to choose from during your stay. The hospitality is extended in giving world-class infrastructure, multi-cuisine dining, pick up by helicopters, extravagant spas, and many other facilities.

Some of the best hotels to stay in Hong Kong are:

  • Regal Kowloon Hotel
  • Kimberley
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • The upper house

The cost of staying in such hotels ranges from HK$ 1000-HK$2000.

Another City on this trip in Macau.

The dream destination of every gambler. One of the earliest European countries in Asia, Macau is still dominated by European architecture. Another Chinese city Zhuhai share borders with Macau and the frequent movement across both cities make the two feel like twin cities.

Attraction of Macau:-

Attraction of Macau

Macau is famous for its illustrious ambiance amidst the twinkling lights. The city is well known for the endless number of Casino running in hotels with cheap stay.

Apart from gambling, Macau is also famous for the unique amalgamation of European and Chinese architecture in their monuments. The well-maintained museum is an open book for a glorious history.

Some of the places to mention are

Statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara near Sand casino and MGM grand is famous for its astonishing architectural carvings.

Rua da Tercena shopping paradise is flea market to shop for some antique pieces for your home furnishing.

Macau Tower is famous among adventure lovers for its amazing views and amazing and safe adventure sports.

Fisherman’s Wharf is an amusement park an ideal spot to spend some quality time with your family.

The City of Dreams is another popular attraction with a massive casino, upscale shops, three hotels, and the world’s most expensive theatre show.

Several beautifully cultivated gardens are the best spot to have some pouncing memories to capture.

Things to do in Macau:-

Gambling is thrust for attracting millions of visitors every year to Macau.

Macau beaches are also popular among tourists.

Adventurous activities like swimming, hiking, Greyhounds racing can also be enjoyed during your visit to Macau.

Where to Stay in Macau.

Staying in Macau is a mesmerizing experience because of its narrative ambiance in mind-boggling cheap dirt prices.

Some of the Best Hotels in Macau are:-

  • Venetian Hotel
  • Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central
  • Hotel Metropole
  • Grand Coloane Resort
  • Hotel Okura

The cost of the stay in Macau will range up to  Chinese Yuan 300-1200

Things to Remember During Hong Kong to Macau Trip:

  • Avoid traveling at night as the fare and rates are expensive during the night.
  • Use Google translators as your help in translating the local language.
  • Book tickets through good tour operators to save cost and time making your trip worthwhile.
  • If possible take foldable chairs along to assist you in resting while you wander Honk kong streets.

Best Packages for Hong Kong Macau Trip:

  • Roaming routes legendary Hong Kong with  Macau trip
  • Goway Hong Kong vacations
  • Spectacular Hong Kong and Macau by Make my trip
  • Hong Kong Macau tour by flamingo.

Hope that this complete guide might have helped you in making your tour an entertaining trip one. Enjoy your Hong Kong Macau Tour package with your loved one and do share fantastic pictures on your social media.

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