Europe is a continent with great cultural richness, with incredible cities and countries as well as places with a lot of history. If you still have any area to visit but you can’t think of any and you don’t want to go to the typical cities, these are ten destinations in Europe that you can’t miss.

Here are 10 Destinations In Europe You Can’t-Miss In 2023:

1. Salzburg (Austria)

Salzburg (Austria)

Salzburg is known worldwide for being the cradle of one of the most recognized figures in music: Mozart. Next year the Salzburg Festival turns 100 years old and will be held at the top. Moreover use Ice cleats for your safety while in the mountains. For this reason, the Austrian city has climbed the rankings and has become one of the destinations in Europe that you cannot miss in 2023.

The annual music feast will incorporate a greater number of concerts, opera shows, and plays as well as morning exhibitions and concerts located in the historic center. If you are fans of the sector, this is an event that you can not miss. We recommend you to take your tickets in advance as a large crowd is expected. Henceforth considered the best destination in Europe.

2. Galway (Ireland)

Galway (Ireland)

Ireland has many attractions apart from the well-known Dublin, so we recommend you to know Galway. Located on the west coast, this city will be declared the European Capital of Culture in 2023, meaning it will be more lively than ever.

Filled with colorful facades and pubs, it also features remnants of medieval walls and a museum dedicated to the city’s history. It is recommended to stroll along Shop Street or the traditional Galway Market. Next year an extensive program of festivals and events such as the Galway International Art Festival or the International Oyster Festival will be held. Don’t forget to book a day to go to the stunning cliffs of Moher.

3. Bonn (Germany)

Bonn (Germany)

Bonn was the capital of Germany before Berlin was and is Beethoven’s hometown. 2023 will celebrate the 252th anniversary of the birth of the great musician so the city is expected to have plenty of tourism. Henceforth considered the best destination in Europe.

In addition to visiting the Bonn must-sees such as Beethoven’s museum house, the University’s rectory building (known as Hofgarten), the cathedral, or popperlsdorf Palace visitors can enjoy multiple activities. Some of the concerts or the performance of the opera Fidelio (the only one composed by the German musician) at the Theater Bonn.

4. England (United Kingdom)

England (United Kingdom)

Although the UK is always in fashion and is one of the most visited destinations, by 2023 it will offer its tourists the opening of a project that has been going on since 2014: the England Coast Path. The main objective is to publicize the coast of the country and for this purpose this itinerary will be inaugurated. It has almost 5,000 kilometers of a route linking different roads.

There will be the option to start the tour from Berwick upon Tweed, to the north-east, to Bowness on Solway to the northwest including a detour to Wales Coast Path. Another possibility is to go along Coast to Coast Walk, which crosses the north of England departing from the Lake District. This area is the most famous, known for its charming villages, the city of York or the breadth of Robin Hood’s Bay. Any path you choose will be a great way to get to know the coast of England.

5. Trademark Region (Italy)

Trademark Region (Italy)

The Marche region is located in central Italy and is very similar to Tuscany in terms of landscapes, gastronomy, and beaches. The reason why this area will be one of the destinations for 2023 that will take on great prominence is found in Urbino.

This 15th-century city, declared a World Heritage Site, will host the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the death of the illustrious Renaissance painter Raphael. It is a good excuse to know the charms of this region surrounded by hills where splendid cities rise. Fabriano, the beaches of Sirolo and Fano are also worth a visit. It is also advisable to explore the old Via Flaminia and the incredible Sibilino Mountains National Park.

6. Zagreb (Croatia)

Zagreb (Croatia)

Croatia is another of the destinations in Europe that you cannot miss as it is becoming more and more fashionable especially in the summer season thanks to its fantastic beaches and coasts. Zagreb is the capital of the country and the most populated. In this city stands out the Church of San Marco, the cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, The Plaza Ban Jelacic, the National Theatre, and the Opatovina Park. Find the best family-friendly accommodation in Zagreb here.

As Zagreb is a small town, this is seen in a short time so we recommend going to Dubrovnik. Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, it was declared a World Heritage Site. It is worth knowing its walls and gates of the entrance, the Lovrijenac Fort, the Franciscan monastery, the Plaza de la Loggia, the Church of San Salvador, and the Great Fountain of Onofrio, and finally the cathedral.

7. Iceland


Iceland is one of the destinations that has seen its visitor number so Asquith. Since 2010 its tourism has increased by 450%. Great film directors and producers have used the country as a natural setting for their films and their landscapes are spectacular. It combines glaciers and icebergs with lava fields and geothermal and geothermal rarities.

If you are planning a trip to this country you can not miss some of its essential enclaves. The most visited sites are the glacial lagoons of Jakulsárlón and Fjallsárlón, Cape Dyrhólaey, the basalt waterfall Svartifoss and skófagoss, the glacial language Svínafellsj.kull and the geysers Strokkur and Geysir.

8. Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe and one of the least known. This city integrates an urban landscape with incredible nature, a fortress, and cobblestone streets. Although it is not very large, it has many things to discover so we recommend investing several days to enjoy it well. The Clock Tower is one of Tbilisi’s emblems as well as Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue, and the National Opera and Theatre. The Holy Trinity Cathedral is a modern church of the late twentieth century and is worth a visit as well as the Zionist Cathedral. It is advisable to take the cable car and climb to the Narikala Fortress, one of the most emblematic places. Other places of interest are Mtatsminda Park and the Peace Bridge.

9. San Marino

San Marino

San Marino is one of Europe’s least-known destinations despite being in central Italy. Located on a group of mountain peaks, it is the oldest republic in the world. If you visit the Area of Tuscany it is totally advisable to book a few days and get to know this peculiar enclave.

Mount Titano is the most iconic image of San Marino and has three castles: the Guaita, the Cesta, and the Montale tower. Freedom Square is the center of the city and in it is the Public Palace where it is advisable to see the changing of the guard. The 19th-century Basilica of San Marino and the 18th-century Titan Theatre are two must-sees. If you like museums, in the State you will see collections related to the history of the city. Henceforth considered the best destination in Europe.

10. Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The capital of Slovenia is a very attractive city that has several elements that make it special. It has overcome two earthquakes and the passage of World War II and still retains its architecture in good condition. In addition, it brings together a wide variety of styles that still remind medieval cities.

Some of its essentials are its 15th-century castle, Preseren Square, the Dragon Bridge, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas dating from the eighteenth century, the Central Park, the Town Hall, and Tivoli Park. One of the most visited museums in Ljubljana is the National Gallery.

If you dare to go with your child to one of these cities, you have to take a number of precautions, because they will be very crowded places this year. Henceforth considered the best destination in Europe.

Maybe at some point, and especially in the most touristic and crowded places, the child will say goodbye. For those cases, video-recording sunglasses with Bluetooth speakers can be the perfect solution. This device allows you to be connected with your child at all times, know where he or she is in real-time, and communicate with him directly without the need for Bluetooth or Wifi connection.

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In this way you can all enjoy the trip and, above all, be calm.

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