Car rental in Dubai is structured in line with international standards of this service, taking into account the preferences of visitors and business people. After arriving and going through the formalities, the offices of rental companies will be waiting for you at the exit of any of the Dubai airport terminals. The same holds true for other airports in the entire UAE. If you have booked a vehicle in advance online, you may visit the firm listed on the voucher.

You can go to any of them if you have not made reservations in advance, but the chances of finding a suitable automobile are slim, especially during peak season, therefore we advise you to hire a car beforehand via the Internet.

You will have to present the rental company staff with your passport, driving license (national and foreign), credit card, and voucher at the counter. Fill out the paperwork, sign the contract, and head to the airport parking area where sport cars in Dubai are kept to pick up your own one. A deposit (stipulated by the agreement) is blocked on your credit card, but you may purchase additional protection by making the deductible zero – you have to be sure car rental business staff will undoubtedly remind you of this.

It is also recommended to pay great attention to scratches, dents, and abrasions when checking the automobile. All of that should be included in the acceptance certificate of the car, with one copy from each side. It is not unnecessary to take pictures or videos of anything, even the gasoline level.

An employee of the rental firm will provide you with emergency contact information and explain how and where to return the automobile – including how to travel to this specific parking lot rather than the location of passenger pick-up and drop-off. If this has not been conveyed to you and you have not been provided contact information, please remind them. In addition to that, one shall have to be aware of how to return a vehicle, create a flowchart or place a dot on the map so that the navigator can direct you back to your starting point later.

Returning The Rented Vehicle

The automobile shall be returned to the airport parking lot using a pre-marked spot on the map and directions from the employee upon reception of the car. Alternatively, if you took the automobile in the city, it should be delivered back to the place of issuance.

After parking the car, you must locate a rental company employee. It could be in the parking lot or in the office where you filled out the paperwork when you got the car. Together, you must assess the rented Mercedes Benz G-Class for damage and repair conforming to those present at the time of delivery. Following that, a corporate representative will examine the number of passages on toll roads and fines. Money will be deducted from the card later, and you may verify their availability on the Dubai Police website.

The money, fines deducted, will be repaid within a month at most but might be reimbursed sooner. You may also be required to pay an airport tax (this should be indicated in the rental terms).

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Parking In Dubai

Parking in Dubai

Parking in Dubai is both paid and free. The simplest approach to avoid paying for parking is to park in shopping centers: with few exceptions, parking is free or there are a significant number of free hours, such as at the Mall of Emirates, where you can park for four hours for free.

Parking machines are widely available in the streets, with rates ranging from two to four dirhams per hour. Also, payment is allowed by bank cards or coins; have these on hand as bills are not accepted. The machine has an English instructions and the cost of an hour of parking is also shown on the machine. You must estimate the amount of time you will need to spend in this parking lot, enter the proper amount of dirhams (in the event of card payment, pick the number of hours), and click OK. The machine will then issue a ticket with a printed time limit for you to stay in the parking lot.

This ticket must be put beneath the car’s windscreen so that the inspector can observe the amount of time permitted for parking.

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