Beach vacations, hill station holidays, cultural tours, and adventures, are some well-known travel ideas, but have you heard of riverside vacations? India is a land of many rivers and has many ideal options for a new kind of vacation. Choose adventure, relaxation, life lessons or new experiences, rivers in India offer it all, and also plenty of destinations to choose from. If you are thinking of where to go for a riverside holiday, we have some exciting options.

Here are the 10 Best Ideal Destinations for Riverside Vacations in India:

1. Manali – Beas River, Himachal Pradesh:

River raftingManali is known among tourists for many things, but we would like to introduce you to the real blessing of the hill station, the Beas River. Flowing from glacial origins, the gurgle of the river echoes in the mountains. The river banks are truly a scenic destination for ideal riverside vacations in India. Opt for a stay in one of the resorts or go for nature camps to enjoy a pleasant time. Enjoy thrilling river rafting, as there are a number of high on adrenalin rapids that both amateurs and experts can try.

2. Tirthan Valley – Tirthan River, Himachal Pradesh:

Tirthan Valley The Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a pretty vacation spot. The Tirthan River flows through the valley at an altitude of 1600 meters. Why we list is among the best riverside spots in India is, you can easily forget the world and relax. Nature walks or trout fishing, camping or treks ranging from 4-15 days, Tirthan has it all. In all, it’s an ideal place to reconnect with nature. Camping, bonfires, playing music, etc. and the list goes on to make it a complete holiday destination. It is a gateway to the Great Himalayan National Park, perfect for further experiences.

3. Rishikesh – River Ganga Uttarakhand:

Rishikesh is one of the most popular destinations of riverside vacations in north India. The town is snuggled along the River Ganga flowing from its glacial origin to the foothills of Shivaliks. Known for exhilarating river rafting, the hill town is mandatory for the adventure enthusiast. Tourists will go for camping, jungle walks or cliff jumping. If adventure does not lure you, spend time in yoga ashrams or resorts overlooking the waters, where you can learn yoga and meditation or try Ayurveda therapies.

4. Varanasi- River Ganga, Uttar Pradesh:

Varanasi- River GangaLast but not least, we come to Varanasi. In simple words, it is the best destination for riverside vacation in India. Here, one also comes across several ghats, which serve as venues for religious ceremonies and rituals. India is a land of fascinating cultures, much of which can be discovered by booking an India tour of your choice. River Ganga, the salvation of humankind in the country flows through the city which is one of the oldest cities of civilization. The banks of Ganga are flooded by people from all walks of life. Go for a holy dip or enjoy a boat ride at sunrise. Do not miss the divine Ganga aarti in the evening. Thousands of lamps, aromas, and chants create an experience one never forgets.

5. Chadar – River Zanskar, Ladakh:

Truly a breathtaking riverside destination in India, Chadar along River Zanskar in Ladakh is out of the world. Imagine trekking on a frozen river in the peak of winter or rafting through canyons, Zanskar is known for both. It is one of best offbeat destination for riverside vacations in India. The lifeline of the rugged region of Ladakh, Chadar is one of the thrilling adventure sports in India. The frozen trek on the river is organized in January when the ice is the thickest. Rafting adventures start from June till September when the frozen layers have melted into swift-flowing waters.

6. Sindhu Ghat – Ladakh:

Sindhu Ghat A lesser-known but no lesser spectacular, we come to our next destination, Sindhu Ghat in Ladakh is truly remarkable. The beautiful riverbank, situated near the Shey village is known for its religious significance, as well as a cultural entity and symbol of communal harmony.  Why we suggest riverside vacations in India during the summer season is, it’s the venue of the famous cultural events of Ladakh. Celebrated annually, this three-day festival takes place in the month of June, on the occasion of Guru Purnima. Enjoy the cultural extravaganza as well as river rafting or camping in the serene location.

7. Kolad – River Kundalika, Maharashtra:

A great weekend escape in Maharashtra, Kolad along the Kundalika River is a scenic getaway. The scenic hamlet is an ultimate destination for river rafting, eco-camping and peaceful walks along the riverbanks. Forget the world and enjoy the blessing of nature. Wake up to the call of birds and the soothing melody of flowing water. Either raft on the thrilling rapids or go for relaxing fishing or a boat ride. Stay in camps or go for resorts, the site is pleasant for vacations with families or outing with friends. The serene location has a way to soothe your senses.

8. Dandeli – River Kali, Karnataka:

Dandeli – River KaliRiverside locations inspire nature-friendly vacations, so we come to one of the best eco-tourism sites in India, Dandeli settled on the shores of River Kali in Karnataka. Rafting in Dandeli is an adventure you never forget. Enjoy the thrill of class 4 rapids on either a full day expedition or half day. Camp or book a stay in one of the resorts. Experience nature at its best. You can also go bird-watching as avians flutter around in the area. The rare Black Panther is also an easy sight here. A lesser-known fact of a vacation here is that you may also learn about many unique tribes.

9. Kabini – River Kabini, Karnataka:

The enchanting Kabini forests, nourished by the river Kabini is next on our list of best riverside vacation destinations in India. Blessed by nature, the eco-tourism site offers cherished experiences. Escape the cities and return to the heart of nature. Spend vacations with a safari in Bandipur National Park. It is home to elephants, deer gaur, and other animals. The best way to enjoy the beauty of this location is to set up a camp along the serene riverbanks. There are also 5-star jungle resorts. Go on boat cruises, learn about the tribal population or indulge in revitalizing Ayurvedic therapies.

10. Darjeeling – River Teesta, West Bengal:

Darjeeling is well-known for the charming Toy Train and the tea gardens, but what few people know is it a great place for riverside vacations in summers in India. River Teesta flowing through the hill town offers exhilarating river rafting. You can also choose the tumultuous river Rangeet which is recommended only for the experts of the sport. The fun does not end with rafting but enhances with camping, cliff jumping, rock climbing, etc. The dense forests along the banks are blessed with a rich variety of migratory birds. Go on nature walks and savor time away from cities.

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