Want to know which is the most dangerous place in Europe? Well, you are in luck. Today, we will look at some of the most dangerous cities in order to truly and objectively answer the question. Which is the most dangerous city in Europe? Without further ado, let us dive right in.

Looking At The Crime rate  

Looking At The Crime rate

Ever since humanity has faced a harrowing pandemic in the shape of COVID-19, crime rates have been on the absolute rise. Whenever you push human beings to the brink of desperation and misery, they generally tend to act out in deviant ways. Hence, it is no wonder that the crime rates are at an all-time high across the whole globe.

There have been several crime rate indexes that are being followed to monitor the overall peace of a country, neighborhood, or city. One of the most common indexes that you can use to monitor overall crime rates is known as the Global Peace Index or GPI. This ranks place according to several markers and provides some idea about the overall crime rates of the respective location for reference.  

Even though these markers do provide us with a clear picture on most accounts, they should, however, not be taken as the words of the Bible. The crime rate of a respective location depends on several factors, such as the majority of the population, socio-economic dynamics, etc.  Therefore, you must navigate the following list keeping that in mind.

The No-go Zones Of Europe.   

Before we start this list, we want to clarify that this list is not meant to throw shade on any of the city that is listed here. We are just exploring some of the cities with the highest crime rates in Europe and not the worst places in Europe. So if you are planning to visit these cities, you just need to be a little careful. Other than that, you are all set to proceed. So, let us look at which city is the most dangerous city in Europe. Let's go.

London, England.  

London, England

London, the most iconic city in the world, is definitely not a place you want to stroll into a sketchy neighborhood. And London is full of them. It is still a wonder how a city that is home to one of the most important families in the UK is also a place that is infamed for its underworld activity. This is a city that comes with a lot of promises and some sharp knives, so do watch out before you consider going on a nightly stroll across the banks of the River Thames. London is infamous for gangs that use knives as their choice of weapon. In fact, knife crime constitutes around 40% of all violent crimes committed in London. What is more shocking is that most of these violent crimes are committed by gangs of teenage boys. Apart from mugging and robbing, there has been a steady rise in violent hate crimes towards minorities. So do keep an eye out for trouble if you are exploring the fringes of the city.

Kyiv, Ukraine.  

Kyiv, Ukraine

The capital of the Ukrainian state, Kyiv, is one of the most populated cities in Ukraine. Apart from being the political capital of the country,  The city of Kyiv is the cultural and industrial capital of the country as well. The city also houses some of the most prominent educational centers in the country. But it is also considered to be a socially unstable part of the country. In fact, a study conducted back in the year 2010 showed that this city has a GPI index of around 45.70. Subsequently, the murder rate in the city of Kyiv can reach around 3.2 per 100,000. Mind you, these numbers are from before the pandemic. Therefore, they are bound to rise. It's a fairly high number when you compare it with other places. Most of the city is a safe bet, but if you want to travel the suburban part of the city via train, then you need to be wary of questionable characters.

Dublin, Ireland.  

Dublin, Ireland

The capital of Ireland is not just the capital of the country but is also the second-largest city in the country of Ireland. It is a modern-day metropolis that remembers its old charm. Due to the dichotomous historical significance of the city, it is understandable why it has become the tourist capital of the country. Each year close to a million people travel to the country as tourists and find their way into the city of Dublin. But along with tourists, crime has also found its way into the city of Dublin. If you are a traveler, you need to worry mostly about petty crimes that are committed along areas like Grafton Street, Pearse Street, or Connolly Railway Station. Now Dublin might not be the murder capital of Europe, but there has been a rise in violent mugging since 2020. So do not go strolling into the gentle moonlight.

Paris, France.  

Paris, France

The City Of Love, Paris, is a beautiful picture by a painter that turns more macabre the more you look. The city is popularised by movies and books as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But what they rarely talk about is that the city of Paris is one of the ‘worst cities in Europe’ when masking its true nature. Not many people know that the city stands on one of the world's most complex and sophisticated crypt systems. Therefore, this has already gone too dark too fast. Still, people are only concentrated more on the surface of how Paris is actually. While London has a crime rate of around 53,36%, Paris, on the other hand, boasts around a number like 55.13%.  Hence, Paris is definitely the most dangerous city in Europe according to us.

End Note.   

In summation, we have reached our quest to find the most dangerous city in Europe. From the criminal underbelly of England to the dark history of Paris, we have covered it all. But if you still want some more cities or have your own suggestions, do let us know in the comments.


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