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Top 10 Unique Experiences to live in India

| June 29, 2019 | Travel Blog

India is an absolutely fascinating country. A trip to India is always incredible, whether we like it or not, it changes us, we do not come back unscathed. If there is anything that I can guarantee you, it is that you will be disoriented! The first time I went to India, it was to see the Taj Mahal! And if the Taj Mahal alone justifies the trip, there is more to it. I discovered a multi-faceted country, an absolutely exciting world that stimulates all the senses. This year, I spent four months in India to discover and deepen my knowledge of Indian culture and Indian passion. Here are 10 incredible and typical experiences that you can only live in India. This article presents tips, not to see India, but to live in India!

Top 10 Unique Experiences to live in India:

See the Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and believes me, it deserves this name. It is without a doubt one of the most magnificent, impressive and majestic monuments I have seen in my life. The Taj Mahal leaves a window open to so much beauty. It is magnificent from afar as close up, it is enough to approach to see the precious stones encrusted in the marble. The sunrise is sublime, the sunset makes turn his pink marble white. And it does not matter if there are many people or that the entrance is expensive; if you go to India, do not miss the visit of Taj Mahal, it alone justifies the trip.

Experiment Bollywood:


Indian films and especially those from Bollywood fascinate the people of the whole country. I love these happy films where the actors sing and dance, the music is catchy and makes you want to dance in your seat. Bollywood is the film industry that produces the most films in the world. So go to a cinema, even if you do not understand the language (movies are not subtitled), it’s a pretty cool experience. Otherwise, watch a DVD with subtitles, Indian movies are really entertaining, even if they last 3 hours. In addition, seeing a Bollywood film helps to understand Indian culture, mentalities, and way of life.

If you are in Bombay, you can also do appearing during a day on the set of a Bollywood movie. With Sarah, the experience pleased us.

Eat a thali or spicy curry:

spicy curry

Indian cuisine is recognized around the world. There are plenty of different dishes, lots of vegetarian choices. Even if you do not like spicy food, you have to try; if you do not taste anything spicy (almost impossible thing), you will not really test the Indian food. Of course, the curry is very famous, chicken or fish, but also paneer a kind of cheese for the vegetarian option. I really like Goa’s curries, they are not spicy; go see my selection of the best restaurants in Goa. Most of the dishes are rice-based, the dals of lentils are good too, and the thalis are a good option to test several things. I recommend Indian bread: my favorite being the naan with garlic and cheese, delicious and not spicy for sensitive mouths. To drink, the lassi is delicious and comes in sweet, salty or with fruits.

Take a rickshaw:

Ah ah, the rickshaw this kind of typically Asian rickshaw! Anyway, you will not be able to go to India without taking a rickshaw! Even organized trips organize a tour I think. It’s the taxi from India, it’s really cheap, but you have to negotiate, except in Bombay where there is a very nice counter.

Take the train:

India train

Taking the train in India is an adventure, it’s a different experience that does not resemble any other country, just for meeting with the Indians. The doors of the trains are always open and the Indians are often bent, see the half out to get some fresh air or because it’s crowded. Even the local Bombay train is fascinating, if you are a woman, get in the wagon for women and admire the beautiful colorful saris.

Photograph the cows:

Cows are sacred in India! So it’s illegal to kill a cow, so you’ll never find it on your plate. If you see beef on the menu, it’s actually buffalo. The cows roam so nonchalantly everywhere: in the street, they can create traffic jams in the middle of the road. In Goa, they like to sunbathe on the beach next to the tourists.

Celebrate a Hindu holiday:

Hindu holiday

Hindu festivals are colorful, it’s nothing to say. Besides the most famous party is Holi, the festival of colors precisely, it takes place in March. I celebrated it as it should be in Bombay, a unique experience. But there are many other festivals like Diwali for example, look at the calendar of Hindu festivals and if you have the opportunity to associate one of these holidays to your trip to India, I strongly advise you, emotions guaranteed

Attend an Indian wedding:

Indian wedding

Ah, Indian marriages are the most fascinating and colorful marriages I’ve ever seen in my life (although I have not seen many, I do not think I’m fooling myself). The colors, the party, the world there is, it’s absolutely incredible. I had the chance to attend two weddings during my stay in Mumbai: one Hindu and the other Muslim, it was absolutely phenomenal. I wore the sari, the traditional Indian dress for the occasion, this gesture was very appreciated by the Indians.

Doing meditation, experiencing spirituality:


India is a very spiritual country, so it is the best place to seek spirituality through different techniques and practices. Many people come to India to know themselves and for the inner journey. Meditation is an activity that comes from India because the Buddhist religion has its roots in India. There are all kinds of meditations and other activities that are similar to yoga and Ayurveda treatments too. All these activities are typical and to practice in India. Sarah explains this in her article: meditation, yoga, Ayurveda. I myself practiced Tantra in Goa, a type of erotic meditation and I loved it, I mention it in my article on the experiences to live in Goa.

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