The hipster neighborhood of Roma Norte is a popular foodie hotspot in the center of Mexico City. It has a lot of quaint cafes with adorable outdoor seating areas, along with some top-quality restaurants that have both commercial and critical acclaim. There are various spots to explore and eat in the small area. Keeping that in mind, there is a guide to the best restaurants in Roma Norte that you will come across. 

Best restaurants in Roma Norte 

Every little corner of this picturesque Roma Norte Mexico city is filled with bars, eateries, and art galleries. Even though it is better to just take a walk around the neighborhood and check which eatery catches your fancy, if you want to visit one of the best restaurants in Roma Norte, then check the restaurants mentioned below. 

Toledo Rooftop 

Technically, this restaurant is not in Roma Norte but in Juarez. This is right at the junction of both neighborhoods, so it is not wrong if I include this in the list of best restaurants in Roma Norte. 

Toledo Rooftop

If you are looking for a place to have fun around the weekends but want to have a chic boho ambiance, this is the right pick for you. During the day, you will witness a complete transformation. It turns into a green oasis, and you will find Med-food from Baja, California, along with some amazing craft cocktails. 

Moreover, they have a system of bringing different chefs from various restaurants across the entire city and allowing them to take over the restaurant monthly. You can also consider this among the must-visit places in Mexico. 

Address: Av Chapultepec 461, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “Fun, a trendy spot for drinks. The ambiance was great, and there are multiple areas on the rooftop – for dining, for standing, for lounging, etc. My husband and I enjoyed having some cocktails here, especially given how nice the weather was. Highly recommend!” 

La Zaranda Miravalle 

If you want to try some different kinds of Mexican food, La Zaranda Miravalle is the perfect place for you. You get to try different Mexican food right in front of the La Fuente de Cibeles, which is an important landmark in Roma Norte city.  

La Zaranda Miravalle

Here, you will get to sample different dishes from Nayarit, and they are mostly cooked with the use of a prehispanic technique. Originally, Zarandeado seafood was smoked on a palm-sick stretch of mangrove firewood. 

No matter what dish you choose, the food will take you to the tropics through its flavors, the decorations, and the ambiance they create with the music. 

Address: Avenida Plaza Villa Madrid 17 Frente a la Glorieta de Las Cibeles, Mexico City 06700 Mexico 

Review: “Nice, hip ambiance in the Roma neighborhood. Good to get a couple of drinks or to have a long lunch with friends. 

We ordered the zaranda corn, the octopus, and the tuna carnitas- they were great. 

Servers are quick and well-trained. We would definitely come back!!” 

Casa Prunes 

Keep aside the remarkable Art Nouveau building, the interiors of Casa Prunes, a Roma Norte hotel that will give you the Great Gatsby vibe. The place is spread across different rooms, a few of which are meant for mingling in a bar-like setting, whereas the others are a little more intimate. 

Wherever you want to hang out, indoors or outdoors, this restaurant in Roma Norte is not going to disappoint you. The interiors are enough to give this restaurant a visit. The pink walls, the rotating bar, and the eclectic chandeliers are enough to catch your attention. 

Casa Prunes

They change their menu every few months depending on the seasonal ingredients, but they are a few items, which are an absolute favorite and their specialty, which they never change. They are also popular for their zero-waste menu, meaning they use a lot of left-over products from their bar, which they grow in their in-house orchard. 

Address: Chihuahua 78, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “I didn’t know what to expect coming to a fancy restaurant here in Mexico City. I came with my girlfriend, and we had an incredible time dining here. The food was EXTRA delicious, the drinks were on point, and our waitress Vanessa was fantastic! She was super sweet and asked about our day, and we had a few laughs together. She recommended great drinks and overall gave us a cozy experience. Thank you guys for an incredible night.” 

Madre Café 

If you are looking for that ultimate brunch experience, then you can’t miss this one. Cafe Merde, a gorgeous restaurant today, started as a garden-based establishment. But since then, it has expanded, and now they offer an amazing rooftop experience.  

Whichever setting you choose, they will not disappoint you. Both restaurants are located on the ground of a 20th-century mansion. Most people choose to have breakfast there, but it is a treat to have lunch and dinner in this restaurant. 

Madre Café

They have their specialty in pasta, burgers, pizzas, and steak, and if you are vegan, they have a lot of options for you as well. But you must try their special drink, carajillos. Having a meal there would be incomplete if you don’t try this one. 

Even if you have tried this drink in other parts of Mexico City, this one would give you a completely different experience. They have this in various different unusual flavors. 

Address: Cda. Orizaba 131, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “We came here for brunch. This is a very large place. They have multiple sections, each uniquely decorated, offering a different ambiance, depending on where you’re seated. There are plenty of IG photo opportunities here! Each section feels like a different restaurant. You can dine indoors or outdoors. They even have a nice cocktail bar up in the third floor. We will definitely have to come back for that. Our breakfast was great considering the smaller than normal portions. After placing our coffee order, they came around with a large tray of their signature sweet bread, enticing us to take our piece. All of the pieces we selected were great! You can’t go wrong with what you pick! Our americano coffee was also great!” 

Galanga Thai House 

Pad Thai is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you first think of Mexican food. If you want to surprise your taste buds, then do give Galanga Thai House a visit. 

Galanga Thai House

Owned by the couple, chef Somsri Raksamran, who is Thai by birth, and Eleazar Angeles, who is Mexican, they try to offer their guests as much authentic Thai food as they can. They have an amazing range of food, starting from street food and ending with the royal cuisine of Thailand. 

Address: Monterrey 204, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “This was truly a fantastic dining experience. We started with the flower dumplings which are absolutely beautiful. We ordered the shrimp in clay pot and the roasted duck curry. Both were excellent, but the duck curry was a clear favorite. Highly recommended!” 

Pizza Félix 

At first glance, it might not look much, but after you enter the building, you might get the experience of being in a little jungle between the city. By the name itself, it tells you that this place is all about pizza.  

Pizza Félix

You will get authentic Napoli pizza, and they follow all the authentic methods. If you please add a glass of Italian wine with it, you will have an experience with the best ambiance on the rooftop terrace. 

Address: Av. Álvaro Obregón 64, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “Pizza Felix has a vibe feel to it, as you walk down an indoor/outdoor corridor to enter, past neon pizza signs and a wood-burning stove. The marketing & branding are on point, which only adds to the amazing pizza experience. We had the fungi pizza. The dough was perfection, which is something we admire- it had a bit of sweetness, super thin pizza with some nice volume & bubbling on the crust, plus excellent charring. 

Pricing was reasonable, although service was a bit slow, which we didn’t mind. 

Dessert was incredible as well!” 

Blanco Colima 

This is one of the best restaurants in Roma Norte and was built in the Porferian era architecture; Blanco Colima will offer you one of the best experiences you will ever have. 

If you are looking for an Instagram-able spot for having a delightful brunch or for a night out with some low-key music, this is one of the best Roma Norte restaurants. This restaurant is a perfect mixture of art, architecture, and great gastronomy in just one spot. 

Blanco Colima best restaurants in Roma Norte

Here, you can sit by the balcony overlooking the street, or for a more intimate experience, you can book a table inside. 

Both ways, keeping aside the ambiance, you will fall in love with the culinary expertise of chef Gerard Bellver, who makes food with his amazing concept of Mexa-Spanish cuisine. He fuses Mexican ingredients with the refined Mediterranean techniques. 

Address: Colima 168, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “Came back because we enjoyed it so much on a previous visit. Different experience- weekends, the atmosphere is livelier and louder than we remembered of our first meal, a weekday- but I think that’s the point. Great vibe and fun people-watching. The staff are so warm, friendly, and helpful, one feels so welcome. We are far too much but we enjoyed every bite. Especially enjoyed the Fondue de Huitlacoche, blue shrimp, and “Mezcalito Tropical” Cocktail.” 


If you are looking for an amazing brunch spot, then Marmota is a good choice. They use their own farm-raised meat, and most of their source is local as well. To top it off, they cook all their food in a wood-fired oven, which gives their food an amazing smokey flavor. They also have an impressive cocktail menu to choose from. 

Marmota best restaurants in Roma Norte

Address: Plaza Río de Janeiro 53, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “Best food in Mexico City. Open wood furnace, open kitchen and good vibes. Best grilled cheese in town, and the crab pot is amazing. Perfectly situated in the heart in Plaza de Rio de Janeiro.” 

Pollos Poncho 

Chicken is one of the main ingredients in chilaquiles, enchiladas, and moles, so any restaurant that mainly focuses on poultry is an amazing addition to Mexico City. You will get various options here, including a Middle-Eastern grilled tortilla sandwich and tacos al pastor, and you can replace chicken and take pork as a substitute. 

Pollos Poncho best restaurants in Roma Norte

The team that runs this amazing restaurant also runs a churros chain known as El Moro, so it has an amazing menu. 

Address: Av. Álvaro Obregón 118, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico 

Review: “My family liked this charming little spot for roasted chicken and tacos that I’m putting up the first review on Trip Advisor. Incredibly clean spot with a few seats and friendly staff. It fits with the charming neighborhood of Condesa and right across from our hotel (AR 218).” 


This beautiful restaurant is located inside a townhouse, with a menu that is mostly Italian with a little Mexican twist. It is best to visit this restaurant for lunch, and you get to experience an amazing ambiance. If you are traveling with your partner, Rosetta should definitely be on your list. 

Rosetta best restaurants in Roma Norte

Address: Calle Colima 166 Between Orizaba and Cordoba, Mexico City 06700 Mexico 

Review: “Although defined by critics as Mediterranean cuisine, in my humble opinion, would rather say it is a Mexican-Italian fusion. With superb flavors Chef Elena Reygadas manages to create flavors that build in your palate, explode creating an incredible dining experience. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and offered flavors with staff really attentive and warm.” 


Roma Norte could easily be a food lover’s paradise, with an amazing range of food that caters to various taste preferences. The best restaurants in Roma Norte will not fail to surprise you with their diverse cuisines. From authentic Mexican food to various other cuisines, it has it all.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting or a local, these restaurants will satisfy your cravings. Enjoy a hearty meal and have an amazing experience in Roma Norte. 


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