If you are going to travel from Las Vegas to Reno, then you need to know How far is Reno from Las Vegas. And whether it is possible to make rest stops in the middle somewhere. 

Known as “The biggest little city in the World.” It is famous for its casinos and tourist activities. So while traveling, it is important to know how far the destination is and how to reach there.

So scroll down to know the answer to those exact questions.

Reno: The Biggest Little City In The World

Reno The Biggest Little City In The World

Reno is a small city located in the northwest section of the state of Nevada. It is lying along the Nevada-California border. It is about 22 miles from Lake Tahoe. If you are looking for a few great casinos, maybe Las Vegas is too crowded for you, with a lot of glitz and glamour. Then Reno is the One for you.

It is a city filled with bustling pubs, exciting casinos, and great baseball games for you to enjoy. You can say that it is a mini version of Las Vegas. But the city is way more than just gambling.

Why Do People Love Reno So Much?

Why Do People Love Reno So Much

Did you know that Reno has been nicknamed the ‘Biggest Little City’ in the whole world? Historically, well-known for it’s tourism and gaming industry, Reno is so much more than just a city you go because Vegas was way too crowded. 

The last decade witnessed the food, culture, and arts scene in Reno has simply boomed, thereby transforming the city into a popular hub of so much to see, explore, and actually experience. Plus, Summer’s here - this is the time when Reno becomes a hub for non-stop events like The Great Reno Balloon Race or the West Nuggest Rib Cook Off. 

Moreover, the close proximity of Reno to Lake Tahoe also makes things so much better for anyone planning a trip here. Lake Tahoe, FYI, has the most number of ski resorts on planet Earth with plenty of beautiful hiking trails, offering so much for adventurers. There’s so much to do in Reno - it is pretty difficult to get bored in this desert city.

How To Reach: How Far Is Reno From Las Vegas?

How to Reach Reno From Las Vegas

Well, the quick gist is that if you drive non-stop, then you can make the journey easier.

For non-stop driving, it is about 438 miles or about 705km. And the drive time is about 6 to 7 hours, depending on your speed.

If you drive non-stop, then you can make it easier, but in a realistic world, making a few pit stops for gas and food is made.

Now it depends on you, whether you wanna fly or drive, which mode of transportation suits you the best. 

Fly From Las Vegas To Reno

Fly From Las Vegas To Reno

Now, if I assume you have a private jet, then you can reach Reno in no time in the fastest way possible. Then you would even realize how far is Reno Nevada from Las Vegas, Nevada.

But in reality, the flight distance from Las Vegas to Reno is 345 miles or 555km. And the time that it takes is about 1 hour.

Since a plane is much faster than a car (Obviously, Duh!), it will take you 1.3x times more to drive than flying. 

It takes less time on a private plane, but on the off chance that you don’t have a private plane! Then you can easily fly commercial from your nearest local airport. But it will take time to clear all the security processes, and it can be tiresome.

Commercial Flight Time-  1 hour, 13 minutes.

And total travel time from reaching the airport, going through security, and flight time is about 4 hours.

Road Trip From Las Vegas To Reno

Road Trip From Las Vegas To Reno

Now let’s say you are great at driving and want to drive to Reno. And you have seen how far is reno from Las Vegas on Google Maps. Then you have two clear options in front of you.

Option 1: You can drive to Reno from Las Vegas non-stop, and it will take 6-7 hours to reach. And you will be tired the whole time after.

Option 2: You can take the scenic route while driving and make it a 2-day trip to Reno.

If you pick option 2, then I can make an itinerary for your trip.


  • Start from Las Vegas.
  • Drive for 43 mins and stop at Indian Springs (Nevada). Stay there for 1 hour.
  • Drive till Death Valley for 1.5 hours and stop for 1 hour as well. 
  • Drive for 2 hours till Tonopah and stay the night there. 

Next Morning:

  • Drive for 1 hour till Luning(Nevada) and stop for 1 hour.
  • From there, drive for 2 hours till Fernley and stop for 1 hour.
  • Lastly, drive for about 40 mins to reach Reno.

Now that we know how far is Las Vegas from reno, what is the distance the other way round? It is the same?

How Far Is It The Other Way Around?

Of course, it is the same distance the other way around as well. There are no such special shortcuts from Reno to Las Vegas. So the answer is the same as how far is reno Nevada from Las Vegas.

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Things To Do In Reno

Things To Do In Reno

Hidden under the glamorous shadow of Las Vegas, Reno is often overlooked by tourists. But it would be wrong to ignore Reno as there are a lot of great places here. Now that you know how far is reno from Las Vegas spend a day or two in here.

  • For car lovers, check out the best car collections in the National Automobile Museum, also known as the Harrah collection.
  • Gaze upon the wonderful wildlife in the Animal Ark, a wildlife sanctuary.
  • Stroll along the Truckee Riverwalk and Art district here in Reno. The parks here are ideal for a romantic walk in the evening.
  • If you are in love with the performing arts, then visit the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts to enjoy the variety of entertainment options.
  • The Reno Arch is the “icing on the cake” in this city of Reno. A part of the entertainment district, it lits up the night sky.
welcome to reno

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Now that you know everything there is to know about Reno, if you have any other questions, then here are what people ask often.

1. What Is There To Do In Reno, Nevada, Besides Gambling?

Reno is more than just gambling.

• Visit the National Automobile Museum.
• Go skiing at Mount Rose.
• Visit the Animal Arch.
• Take your picture under the Reno Arch.
• Walk along the Truckee River Walk.

2. Is Reno Nicer Than Vegas?

Las Vegas is by far the better option out of the two. But if you are looking for a chill trip near Nevada, then Reno is the one for you.

3. Is It Cheaper To Stay In Las Vegas Or Reno?

According to statistics, Las is more expensive than Reno by 4.0%. But Las Vegas housing is 26.3% cheaper than Reno housing.

Dream And Travel To Reno ASAP!

Now that you know all the possible ways to reach Reno from Las Vegas visit here for your next trip. Hopefully, this article helped you with your question about how far is Reno from Las Vegas.

Now you can make an informed decision about how to reach Reno and to avail which mode of transport to travel.

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